Domination 07 Instructions

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                             |  * Outfit Instructions *  |

Welcome for the first time to a small advisory on
using the Domination outfit till your full advantage.
Using joystick or mouse drive the pointer onto and
chapter name and press fire to load.
Once in the text display you can use the pointer, now
located on the bottom screen.
<< = backward one chapter
< = backward one page
>> = forward one chapter
> = forward one page
By using pressing on the "+" and "-" signs you can
toggle through any of the eight musics.
Similar in the chapter select screen you can press the
F7 key to toggle forward (only) with the musics
The magazine works 100% on both NTSC and PAL, if
problems occur on any format, the file "AA.xxxx"
can be loaded to skip the intro.
                                  Happy Reading
                                Domination Staff
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