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                            *  The Pulse No More  *
Vengeance here once again in the pages of Domination
with just a small chapter, this time.
Respected and leading magazine 'The Pulse' has
recently had it's second death and to pass on the
words of the editor and help spread the reasoning
behind this occurance is my duty here.
To whom it may concern,
Today i regret having to inform the members of staff,
aswell as those of the Commodore 64 scene society
that the days of The Pulse magazine are numbered.
In other words, i hereby push the red button, stopping
the production of The Pulse Magazine completely.
This will mark the second death of the Pulse magazine
throughout it's history. I think some of you may
remember the first which was triggered by my desire
to leave.
But it has built up over a period of several months,
only being pushed away by the support of a wonderful
and hardworking staff.
But eventually the thoughts and desire of pulling
the plug overcome my struggle to be forced into
making this difficult decision.
I stand by this decision, and feel it is the only
appropriate one in my situation.
It is very hard for me to explain the exact nature of
the reason i decided to stop the magazine.
But as i owe one to the staff and all our loyal readers
throughout the past years, i will attempt to serve you
I have worked on The Pulse Magazine for roughly about
3 years now, and the fruits of our labor resulted in
23 editions spread worldwide.
Many of these editions represented a good period for
me, with a lot of inspiration to write and desire to work
on the c64.
The last couple of editions did however not, they were
infact somewhat of a pain to complete.
I began to hate writing, and love the moment when i
could turn off my c64 and attend to other business.
I would like to thank the great many people who have
supported us over the years.
Always happy to help out with serving us material,
and reading the magazine in it's monthly format.
But most of all, i owe a great deal of gratitude to the
current members of the staff, aswell as those in the
past, who have shown me the value and true meaning of
I will never be able to repay their enthusiasm, i just
hope they will look back upon their work for the Pulse
magazine as one of enjoyment.
My trusty sidekick, since almost the very beginning,
Crossfire, has earned my most humble & wholehearted
He has pushed me, and the magazine, to greater
lengths that i had ever hoped possible. I am sure he will
regret the death of The Pulse Magazine as much as me,
and i hope he will remain a good friend of mine. Despite
the end of our shared project.
I will also miss the relationship i had with our
competitors, the past years have proved, that the
magazine industry is in a league of it's own, boasting
some of the best computer journalists on this planet.
Worth mentioning are a small and select group which
comprises of energetic and talented profiles, that
has made this industry as flourishing and powerful as
it is today.
This group boasts these fine sceners:
Rrr/Relax Magazine, Vengeance/Vandalism News,
Jazzcat/Domination and last, but certainly not least,
The relationship with the last person, Newscopy, has
proved the most positive of all.
I have learned a lot from my competition with
Propaganda and Newscopy, and it has taught me the
values of true sportmanship. It is certainly a rare
quality in this day and age.
This will conclude the final words written in the
service of the Pulse magazine.
Now it is time for me to do something new, something
different. I will not leave the scene, but remain a
passive fixture for a while, i have no desire to
become a member of a group at this present time, as i
feel i have nothing to contribute with.
I will therefore hand Shape my resignation. Hoping they
have enjoyed the few months of releasing The Pulse
I have no future plans at the moment, with that the
c64 is concerned. But i do see myself as a future part
of the scene.
As i have learned it is impossible to leave it completely.
I hope to return in an active state as a c64 journalist
but only as that, and not as a magazine manager.
I have learned managing The Pulse magazine that
required too much of my time and energy.
I find myself in a position today, where i am not able
nor willing to give such effort, as it is just too
I hope everyone will remember The Pulse magazine
as a successful production.
It had had its share of good and bad but overall i
would hope people see it as part of the best
magazines ever released.
I will remember it in such a way, but then again, we do
tend to love our own children the most - don't we?
One thing is certain though, has it been a positive
experience in the eyes of the readers, my work
would have been complete.
I will see you again.
General Editor of the Pulse Magazine.
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