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                                   *   Game Scene   *
Welcome once again dear reader to a journey into the
legal productive side of the Commodore 64.
Here you will find Company Adverts, Informal news
and other informations such as addresses which may
help the productive scener in their legal endeavours.
It takes quite a lot these days to fill this chapter to
at least some content, so YOUR help in keeping this
very important chapter is needed.
Any news, advertisments and the like of a legal basis
are quite welcome.
In this so called dying scene (?) i find it important to
try cure the problem, to try reverse back to better
times of great releases, successful teams and making
this machine once again a great money maker for the
business enthusiast.
Now enjoy what the future holds..
* The Game developing lable of REFLEX and CHALICE
called 'Cyance' made their first real game debut.
Called 'Centric' it employs classic game style with
the usual assortment of addictiveness and quality
you would expect from the creators.
Appearing as a full price release the game has been
programmed by Quiss/Reflex, featuring graphics
from Timo Buschmann/Phuture (RRR/Oxyron) and
music from Pvcf/Reflex.
Read more about this further within the chapter.
* FIRST BLOOD's big title 'Godflesh' has come to a
halt for a short while, as the programmer is busy
with other projects. The preview version will
definately be available for advertising purposes.
Bolo 2 however is still in the pipeline with most graphics
and musical adaptions of the game being fully
* Commodore Fever is launched.
The official paper/disk magazine of Everlasting Style
makes it's journey to first customers for free.
The magazine supplies cover disk with games and other
commerical software in similar fashion to Cp Verlag or
Golden Disk.
The actual impression i first got was better than of
Loadstar as all software runs perfectly on both PAL
and NTSC.
But more importantly they have other large projects
on the verge of completion. More information is
conatined later in this chapter.
* Swedish company 'Cherry Soft' seem to be moving
swiftly with several projects (as advertised last
issue) at a complete or near complete stage.
Projects such as the long awaited game Bouncy Balls,
Future World, Magic Formula and a few more.
Several of their games are in testing stage and are
due for release soon.
* No further news on Taboo Productions 'Zone of
Darkness. One of the most promising games yet.
As seen recently in an interview the project may even
lie unfinished.
But its believed that Cherry Software will be taking
the game under their lable. Whatever happens
hopefully it will still be released.
For further informations contact Cherry Software
in the advertisment section.
* Threshold Productions have gained an FTP site on
the Internet, which is shared with the Usa magazine,
Driven, connect to it at:
* The official sales version of "Alioth" should also
be released soon.
The programmers are just waiting on a suitable
company to distribute through.
(C) 1996 Cyance.
After almost two years of development time, the
arcade game CENTRIC is about to be finished by
Since 1994, Quiss has been involved with coding,
Pvcf with the soundtrack and Rrr with the graphics
in order to stun the community of CBM 64 users with
another full price game. A game worth wearing the
status, as the team created themselves an excellent
reputation in the demo scene all over the previous
The game itself fills two complete disk sides, it's
status is an arcade game containing 1 or 2 player
Other features:
-It contains around 7 high quality multispeed musics
-powerful gameplay
-high fun factor
-incredible copy protection
-full price game
Make cheques/money draft payable to:
Timo Buschmann. Orders can be placed right now,
delivery will be executed starting May 3rd, 1996.
                             Cyance Game Production
                                        - Centric -
                                       Moewestr. 41
                                    81827 Muenchen
Commodore Fever
(C) Everlasting Style
To subscribe to 'Commodore Fever', and receive your
three monthly magazine with 2 sides of NEW software
on cover disk.
One year subscription enclose an cheque/int.order
for $18.00 (AU$). $18.00 (US$). Europeans use
appropriate US$ exchange rates.
One edition send $5.00 (AU$), $5.00 (US$). Europeans use
appropriate US$ exchange rates.
Please make money orders payable 'CASH' and forward
it to Everlasting Style PO Box 1151, Glenorchy, Tasmania
7010. Australia.
No seperate postage is charged for the delivery of
the magazine.
Threshold Productions
17730 15th Avenue, NE suite #229
Seattle, WA. 98155, United States of America.
First Blood Entertainment
Po Box 146, St Marys, 7215, Tasmania, Australia.
Cosmos Designs
TalentBank, theaterplaz 1,
A-9020 Klagenfurt, Austria.
Eagleware International
Peter Starks,
De Fazant 42, 7905 HD, Hoogeveen, The Netherlands.
Turbo Tiger Soft
12 Starella Grove, Dairycoates Avenue,
Hull, Hu3 5dj, England, United Kingdom.
Twice Effect
Soeren Kress,
Schmiedestr.18, 21698 Issendorf, Germany.
Electric Boys Entertainment Software
C/O Russel Michaels,
2a Woollaston Road, Hallingay, London. 74n41se.
New Entry
C/O Vladimir Kalny
Bulharska 37, Unibox Po Box 74, 36001 Karlovy Vary,
Czech Republic.
FAX: +42-173222447
Grapevine Group
3 Chestnut Street, Suffern, NY, 10901. USA.
Cmd Direct Sales
Postfach 58, 6410 Telfs, Austria.
Everlasting Style
Po Box 1151, Glenorchy, 7010, Tasmania, Australia.
Cyance Productions
Matthias Kramm
Mowistr.41, 81827 Muenchen, Germany.
Cherry Software
Att: Marketing & Public Relations,
Rullagergatan 9, 41526 Goteborg, Sweden.
Creative Micro Designs
P o Box 646, East Longmeadow, MA 01028, USA.
Ph: (413)525-0023
Fax: (413)525-0147
Yanney Software
P.o.Box 224, Lebanon, PA 17042-0224
The Underground (magazine)
4574 Via Santa Maria, Santa Maria, CA, 93455, USA.
Softdisk Publishing
P.o.Box 30008, Shreveport LA 71130-0008.
Ph: 1800-594-3370
Email: LOADSTAR(at)
Question: (318)-221-8718

Clip Sound NL (music cd)
(Jeroen Tel) 261
8500 Agvenray, The Netherlands.
cat no.#ccd 10493
X-Ample Architectures
Michael Strelecki,
Tannenstr.21, 44225 Dortmund, Germany.
Cp Verlag Gmbh
2 hd herrn Walker Konrad,
Bahstrasse 59, 64625 Bensheim, Germany.
Thats all for this issue in Game Scene, if you have
a contribution, if your a reprensative or spokes
person for a lable, feel free to send to:
Rutger Bielak
Tasmania, Australia.
This address serves for legal purposes and falls
into quite reliable hands. So any feed back also can
be made with some simple phone calls, call..
                                                                                Best Wishes
                                                                           General Editor
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