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                                       * USA SCENE *
A concentrated observation and report is made on
the land of ntsc; United States of America.
Here we discuss the latest bbs updates and legal
activities within this older portion of the scene.
As always, thanks for the great support and quality
of the American 'Driven' magazine.
Over the past few months there has been verious
activities in the demo scene but a lack of support on
the ntsc/pal fixing and importing of first release
games from the european groups.
This issue however we will take a small glimpse at the
'Galaxy' bbs by Galactus/Ex-HARDCORE.
As it happened Hardcore took on the 'Galaxy' as their
world hq, but lacking callers and it's hosts support
the bbs is needing a new group behind it.
D = Domination
G = Galactus
Your bbs, 'Galaxy' has had little support, has Hardcore
seen removed as host and are you seeking a new
group to take on the board?
Galaxy has been around ever since Commodore first
came to be.. first we started out with an ascii board
called Protolink 128, got rid of it, then we switched to
Color 64.
got rid of that since i was introduced to c/base back
in 1991/92, been running it ever since.
Only now i am running a different version of c/base
and it is running very well.
Just don't have the members to support it..
As far as Hardcore is concerned, i personally
dropped them due to lack of support on calls, etc..
So as of now Galaxy has regained its rightful original
name 'GALAXY'.
Until a new group arrives it will stay that way..
the user makes the bbs, not the sysop or sysops.. and
presently i only have 12 members on Galaxy due to
losing the board awile back.. and had to re-create
the board.. now everything is running much better,
just need the users etc..
What do you think the best solution for inactive
boards these days in the American scene?
A new group for the bbs? better advertising?
The best thing for an INACTIVE board, is to do a lot of
advertising, send new members on other boards mail
telling them of your system etc.
But some sysops of other boards don't like the
constant ad postings in the sub area.. so you just
stand by for awile and wait, just like i am doing..
Could you give us some historial information on the
bbs and what inspired you to run one..

The 'Galaxy' bbs has been running since the beginning
of Commodore, and thats a long time.
We first started with Protolink 128 then we changed to
Color 64, this got boring after a while, but this
changed when i was introduced to c*base in 1991.
I liked what i seen, and till this date i am still using
Galaxy is a long time relative to modeming, and is
always online 24/7 and is a friendly place to visit.
We are presently looking for a new group since
Hardcore doesn't bother in the Usa anymore.
Galaxy offers 10 message subs, and i believe 6 or 7
transfer sections, so when anyone gets the chance,
please come and check us out at Galaxy.
                                    Galaxy runs off:
                       (3) 1581 drives for transfers.
                         (1) 1541 for the main system.
                              8 main system disk/files.
                        9 messages - mail - transfers.
                       10 mods - libraries - transfers.
                                  Main frame system:
                                    (1) Commodore 64.
                          (1) Warp speed fastload cart.
                  (1) Aprotek 300/1200/2400 bps modem.
                               Additional capabilities:
                           Monitoring system = Amiga.
             Permenant records = Star nx 1020 printer.
                                   Software support:
                 Using DL 3.0+d cursor menu/auto drive.
                      All mods created by Deathlok/Pcp.
                       *  The Galaxy 1-609/XXXXXXXXX   *
News from the land of the free..
Since last issue quite a few things occurred in the
Usa scene, its a pity that ntsc/pal fixing of releases
is not very supportive from their side these days,
but never the less..
# Final Genocide became the Chromance Canadian Hq.
     Chromance also gained a Texas scener whose been
     calling out to most bbs'es Statewide and is known
     as Zeyex.
# The Dungeon is down again, apparently due to the
    sysop not paying his latest phone bill.
    According to him the board is going under a mod
    change to avoid formatting.
    But as SwanSong/Demonix posted that The Alchemist
    will not be putting the bbs back online for a very long
    Even more bizarre is that Spectator/Scs*Trc says
    the bbs should be online at the end of month.
# Stablizer was kicked from F4cg for being according
to them, incompetent with his work.
He later quitted the scene for the Ibm.
# Tristan/Empire and KickBack/Demonix started
calling out again, Tristan later joined the Success &
The Ruling company.
His work towards the cooperation at this stage is very
# According to Thor/Glory, Natas/Motiv8 has now
officially quit the scene.
# Neverending Wares has changed number, give it a
call on 1-810/XXXXXXXX.
# Later, Final Genocide changed its number to:
1-403/XXXXXXXX, ofcourse not blacklisted over ant
long distance company as of yet.
# The Unholy/Demonix joined Onslaught and still
remains in Dmx as second group.
# Fusion joined Chromance to help sysop their
Canadian bbs, Final Genocide.
# The digital dungeon moved its address because the
got kicked due to illegal releases, the new address
a cool ftp worth a look.
Blacklisting of bbs'es seems to be a pain these days
with The Dungeon still remaining blacklisted over both
Mci and at&t companies.
Also recently The Escapade was added to the list of
being blacklisted.
For those interested, here is a list of the Commodore
boards in the United States..
Down By Law XXXXXXXX Onslaught + Domination Whq
Dream Park XXXXXXXX Avt+F4cg + Propaganda whq
The Dungeon XXXXXXXX Scs*Trc*Dmx*Hitmen Whq
Holiday Inn Cambodia XXXXXXXX Afl + Relax whq
The Evil Island XXXXXXXX Afl Ushq
The Deadzone XXXXXXXX Onslaught + Vandalism hq
Fortress of Doom XXXXXXXX Atlantis Whq
Final Genocide XXXXXXXX Chromance Chq
Neverending Wares XXXXXXXX
The Galaxy XXXXXXXX Hardcore Whq
Corrosion of Conformity XXXXXXXX dmx+stm Whq
Iron Fang Keep XXXXXXXX Rpg Whq
For Ntsc fixing results, consult 'The List' for the
latest on wares fixing.
See you all in next issue..
                                                                              General Editor
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