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                                        The Awards
Similar to last issues segment, this issue we put all
focus on a 'yearly award'.
Judgement is given to either group, scener or
production on an overall view of the year.
Awards are given on what we in Domination believe
to be those who are deservant or gain our respect
through particular efforts or on hard work that
impressed us.
A small thank you from us to those gaining each
award for the work they do, which makes this scene
a better one.
In fashion other magazines are now taking up on the
idea of a magazine award, and idea of which i think is
a good one.
General Editor.
                        Top Demo Programmer of 1995
                                 Quiss of Reflex 
After the releases of 'Radio Napalm' and 'Access
Denied' he shocked us once more with the winning
demonstration at Denmark, 'Mathematica'.
Being the main coder of 'Reflex' he really did help
them get to the number one over the year, thus being
fully deservant of this award.
Secondly Mr Sex/Byterapers for his excellent work
on 'World of Code 3' and more recently, 'Extremes'
Returning Byterapers into the top three and for
having the original style for what it takes to impress
the scene.
Thirdly Graham/Oxyron for his brilliant work in 'Parts'
and also in their Denmark release of 'Dawnfall'.
Taking over as main coder and keeping the Oxyron flag
flying high in the demo industry.
                                Top Graphician of 1995
                            Joe of Wrath Designs 
His stunning work in 'Courtesy of Soviet', a double
sided bonanza of multi-screened artwork.
Also featuring in this issue is more graphics from him,
lets hope we don't have to wait too long for the next
'Wrath' production.
Secondly Cruise/Taboo for his efforts earlier in the
year. Proving himself to be the true master of Ifli
graphics format and full screen wonder in legal game
productions such as 'Zone of Darkness'.
Thirdly Alien Prophet/Excess & Acrise for his
graphical support to one of the leading magazines,
Of recent his graphics collection, proving that 16 color
still can provide some beautiful paintings on this little
                                Top Musician of 1995
                                 Pvcf of Reflex 
Much congratulations for his atmospheric sound
tracks to the great 'Reflex' productions and his own
style which can be witnessed in the 'Brain Beat'
music collections in which he is featured.
Secondly awarded will be Fanta/Oxyron, who of late
has really surprised quite a few people with his
impressive style. You can listen to some of his music
in the collection from Bass called 'Bassline V2'.
Thirdly is an oldtimer of the scene being Arne/Afl.
His support for magazines such as 'Relax' and his
large music collections allows him to compose in a
field of his own.
                            Top Disk Magazine of 1995
                                Relax by Phuture 
A very consistant year of quality issues and objective
text, the Relax staff have certainly deserved this
Its great to have this magazine once again back in the
ranks of superior journalism, and i'm sure it will be
for many more issues to come.
Secondly is Vandalism News, an Australian & German
edited magazine that always has that unique style that
keeps board based and mail based sceners alike, quite
happy indeed.
Thirdly is Propaganda, which has really picked up in
it's activity level since the past issues and has became
more professional.
                          Most Popular Group of 1995
                                  Success * Trc 
The ruling cooperation has became one of the best
and well known in c64 history.
Rival to the Ikari & Talent coop, Scs*Trc have
provided a flood of releases and pioneered our
scene on the super highway.
Secondly, Byterapers, who have taken the scene by
surprise with the famous 'World Of Code' series,
graphics collection and lately with 'Extremes'.
The Finnish based group has risen quickly since their
Thirdly, Avantgarde, for a continued effort and
providing the illegal scene with a bit more competition.
Providing come backs also with old scene legends and
showing the scene what persistance of quality really
does mean.
                               *  Top BBs Worldwide  *
                               #1   The Dungeon - 49 Pts
                               #2    Dream Park - 40 Pts
                               #3  Dead Zone - 32 Pts
                               #3  Wares Aquarium - 30 Pts
                               #4  Holiday Inn Cambodia - 29 Pts
                               #5  Down By Law - 21 Pts
                               #6  Mystical Paradise - 16 Pts
                               #7  The Evil Island - 14 Pts
Surpisingly 'The Dungeon' takes the number one, even
though it's many set backs with formatting and unpaid
phone bills have put off a few regular callers.
'Dream Park' should again become number one by next
issue, but close behind is the ever growing 'DeadZone'
which has become more popular over the last year.
Older boards sucg as Hic and Dbl still holding in there,
lets hope phreaking becomes more easier over the
next few months to get the board scene active again.
                                *  Top Board Caller  *
                           #1  Nightshade/Scs*Trc - 28 Pts
                           #2  Peacemaker/Hitmen - 25 Pts
                           #3  Cba/Trc*Scs - 24 Pts
                           #4  Ultimate Hacker - 19 Pts
                           #5  Deff/Avantgarde - 15 Pts
                           #6  Burglar/Scs*Trc - 13 Pts
                           #7  Coolhand/Scs*Trc - 10 Pts
NightShade appears to have stolen the show with his
fancy posts, following closely would be sysop of 'TMP',
Peacemaker who has achieved his highest place so far.
It is also good to see some Americans in this chart
also, Coolhand has excellent overall support to the
board scene with his uploads from the Internet.
On the other hand Ultimate Hacker serves the scene
greatly with his testing of ntsc/pal fixed software.
Next issues version of 'The Awards' will return to
its normal bi-monthly judgement instead of on a
yearly view.
To give votes for Top Board and Top Board caller,
simply leave an email on any major bbs, or on the
super highway at:
General Editor
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