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                                      * Reactions *
Welcome to your opinions,critism and reactions to
the last issue of Domination.
Thank you to all those who still believe in constructive
comments, you are the ones who mould this magazine.
Reactions are taken from boards located world-wide
and from the back of votesheets spread through
the mail.
Please try to give critism to any bad points in this
magazine as it helps us in the Domination staff better
understand the needs of the public.
Same to the good points, as we will try and excell in
these areas to produce a better magazine with each
                                                                              Best Regards;
I like Domination issue #5 very much, and i regard it
as one of the leading magazines these days,
besides Relax, Propaganda and Vandalism.
Thank you for the short but sweet comments.
Most people may have noticed that most of the board
related magazines have expanded covering the other
aspects of the scene, thus gaining a wider audience.
I think you will see these magazines gaining higher
positions than normal. Time will tell..
i really enjoyed the latest edition.
In my opinion it was the best 'Domination' so far.
Really great!
I hope you will be able to keep the high quality.
Thank you for the comments Tobias.
This magazine will be able to perform if and only the
scene performs with it.
I believe that a magazine is based on a scene, i only
hope the scene will continue or even heighten in
it's already immense size.
Hope you enjoy this issue.
Tja, i think 'Domination' should come out more often,
this would be very cewl!
But as it comes out after a long time, there was some
old stuff written.
What i mean is, things like the reactions,
e.g; Peacemaker's.
But all in all ya have to look at line one.
Try to release it more often!
Hopefully with this issue there isn't much of a delay,
you must observe things from my angle.
Being the main editor and typing nearly all the text,
organizing the entire magazine is quite a task.
But i hope to get things back on track after silly
delays and the normal head aches a mag editor faces
in his journalism.
With the reactions, if i emitted any of them, especially
the one you mentioned, the scener reacting may start
drawing conclusions.
With PeaceMaker's reaction, it was one with a lot of
critism which i found a must to publish regardless of
it's age.
Anyhow, i hope you enjoy this issue!
Derbyshire Ram/AVANTGARDE:
Well my reaction to 'Domination' was as it always has
been, it is one of the top 5 mags currently on the
scene is a little old, but that is only on certain topics,
the remainder makes very good reading.
Thank you for the comments Barry, yes some of
my news topics are a little on the side of pass tense.
Sometimes there is some big reasons, for example
the passing away of Scope (dedication issue #4)
and the breaking of the co-op between the Onslaught
and Hardcore, which i believe contains significant
value to be covered in detail.
But i will try and cut back on older topics in the
future issues as my magazine gets more and more
Anyway i hope you enjoy issue #6.
Love the outfit, the text aswell, as its some nice
Plenty of chapters, just keep up the good work...
10 out of 10 for the mag, a thumbs up from me..
Thank you for the generous comments Richard, one
of the only problems i find now is getting it all out on
some kind of a regular basis.
Hope you enjoy this edition..
Domination is a really kewl mag.
I especially like those illegal and game chapters and
the nice Dane logo in the last edition.
Short and sweet.
Infact the 'game-scene' chapter is one of my
favourite additions in my magazine. I hope to continue
both this and the illegal chapter, but these will only
continue if the c64 game industry and the hack*phreak
scene don't die. Let's hope not.
Anyways enjoy..
Once again thanks to the readers who support me in
a more critical way, all constructive comments are
I hope you all enjoy this issues changes and await the
next issue of 'Domination'.
General Editor;
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