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                                    * Introducing *
Welcome for the second time to the group introduction
chapter of Domination.
Each issue a group is required to give scene related
informations about it's members, group history and
future ambitions of the group.
This time i warmly present a long lasting, mainly illegal
group which originated in the father land of Germany.
                               *  ALPHAFLIGHT 1970  *
Special thanks to my friends Xenox/Afl and Marc/Afl
for their assistance in the informations of this
                                                                             General Editor
Member informative of Alphaflight.
Ancient Mariner:
I'm sure that everyone calling the states knows him as
the nice and friendly sysop of 'The Evil Island' Afl Whq.
He's only as sysop in the Afl crew.  (USA)
Part of the Polish division, being a swapper he spreads
the Afl releases to the ever growing eastern
community.  (Pol)
Many people know him as the leader from his own group
'Amnesia', after a time he joined Afl to help with intros,
graphics and he's fixing some pal/ntsc games for us.
He joined as Amnesia got lazy one year ago. (Holland)
Board caller and a musician, Marc also serves with his
bbs 'The Pirate Island' which is offline at present.
He stopped activities for 'Pandora' because of
lazyness. (Ger)
Thomas left 'Onslaught' some time ago and since then
he's the Afl main cracker.
He's also doing most ntsc/pal fixes in our group and is
still calling the boards, one of the better crackers in
todays scene. (Ger)
The Alphaflight leader and still the main game supplier
and co-sysop of every Alphaflight bbs.
At the moment he has given over leadership to 'Styx'.
Good old Max, he is busy with non-scene related things
at current. But i'm sure that we can see him very soon
on the boards again. He's also doing some cracks on
the occasion! (Ger)
Mercenary is our latest member. He will do some ntsc
fixes for Afl in the latest releases. Also being former
member of reknown American fixer group 'Empire'.
Pol Pot:
Some people did not know him, no wonder!
Not everyone is calling the boards in the states.
So, Pol Pot is the sysop from our other US-Whq
'Holiday Inn Cambodia'.
Which had many problems a few months ago but it's now
back online with the old C-Base V3.0. (Usa)
Being former member of 'Hotline' member and he's
doing cracking, ntsc/pal fixing and intro coding.
The one and only member from England.
Being an original supplier, cracker and some
occasional intro coding and now also modem trading.
Jochen, was the main cracker before he got lazy, at
the moment he's doing his 'civil job' in Germany after
he quitted the army. He is ofcourse a cracker and
ntsc/pal fixer and the day will come when we can see
him on the boards again. (Ger)
Along side Blaze he serves as the mail trader in Poland.
Only just recently joining in as a megaswapper. (Pol)
Jurgen is at the moment the leader of Afl, he is still
mail trading and supplies originals also. (Holland)
After he left 'Excess' and changed his handle from
'Iron' to 'Xenox' he is the main intro programmer.
Also a able graphician and sysop of the European Hq
'Escapade'.  (Ger)
Having left from 'Rebels' and a short stay in 'Atlantis'
he joined as a mega trader and paper artist. (Ger)
Alphaflight was formed quite a number of years ago
and has branches on other formats such as Amiga
and Ibm.
One would see the large amount of board and mail
crack releases and see them solely as a cracking
crew. But infact, Afl have been known for several
legal productions from their musicians and former
coders who made several one file demos.
Being internationally based and quite active its likely
this group will not die too soon.
The Alphaflight boards to call:
Name: The Evil Island
Sysop: Ancient Mariner
Location: Usa
Name: Holiday Inn Cambodia
Sysop: Pol Pot
Location: California/Usa
Name: Escapade
Sysop: Xenox
Location: Germany
The active pace Afl gives the scene sets them in the
top 5 crack groups and also being a proud original
group that manages to keep fighting through the
years to survive to present day.
Apart from being largely involved in the ever growing
'Relax' magazine, other expansions in the ntsc fixing
market have helped Alphaflight release on a consistant
General Editor;
With assistance from;
Xenox/Alphaflight and Marc/Alphaflight.
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