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                 * Interview with Tranziie of Hitmen *
Noted for his great public relation stunts and
continued support to the 'Wares Aquarium'.
Peter has been a respected figure in the scene for
some years now, and also one of which i share a good
friendship with.
Introducing him into this chapter is somewhat of a
pleasure, and i hope you enjoy!
D = Domination
T = Tranziie
D)  Hello Peter, and welcome to the Domination magazine
I'm quite glad to have you here in this little chapter,
there is NO escape!
As normal please introduce yourself to the readers
out there..
T)  My friends not connected to the 8bit life tend to
call me "Trazan" or Peter, which is the most common
Scenewise they nick me as 'Tranziie'.
D)  Having been an independant scener for quite
sometime, could you please give the reason why you
joined your current group 'Hitmen' and give also a
description of this group?
T)  I was asked into 'Hitmen' by Curlin the day after they
were rebuilt.
By then i didn't belong to any crew at all but the
Propaganda bunch.
This is where i belong, my work isn't much more than
being the one keeping an eye open for new markets,
new talents and as Curlin states on the memberlist;
Tranziie - Swede, says it all 8)
I cruise the boards, the Internet and have a nasty
habit of running wares to all systems.
Then i do some mail trading with selected friends.
Boards are a habit, but i can't avoid them!
D)  Internet is growing more and more commercial
everyday, at & t are blacklisting popular bbs's and
the hack*phreak scene is generally at a slump.
What are your own views on the underground scene
of Hack/Phreak?
T)  As i never really took part of the H/P scene as
much as some, i find this a hard question to answer.
I explore the phone system, but thats about it.
I for one see Internet as one of the biggest play
grounds, but still having some cozy corners to sit back
and enjoy the flood there is.
Internet for me is nothing but IRC these days and the
occasional emails.
That will be the day when i hook up my PC to the net, but
i doubt i will..
Having see the way many teachers sucking up for the
Time will tell what Internet will mean to me, as i recently
got to work with PC full-time as a help teacher in a
At & t blacklisting boards; hell, one can only wish
oneself was back in the days of unlimited conferences
and codes..
Times will never come back, but i am glad i once was
D)  You are quite know for the editing work you do for
the 'Propaganda' magazine..
Have you ever thought of running your own magazine?
Inform us on your ambitions in the journalism world..
T)  I edit Propaganda with the most wonderful staff
there ever was..
We bring the reader nothing but the finest.
Reader's Digest, we dare to say, as where many mags
fall flat due to their lack of interest and knowledge
about what they are a part of.
Propaganda is for us, the ones being addicted to the
sqeaky sound of carriers and the world of releases,
We couldn't care less about the world of mail.
Making a own magazine?
What would be the use, i gladly serve my time with the
Propaganda crew, and here is where i intend to stay.
Many mags did want me to work for them, but i doubt i
Journalistic ambitions; just to be there, deliver the
world of hex to the scene, adding one or two juicy
debates or articles.
D)  You must have a quite interesting history on this
little machine.
Please give the readers some details on when you first
entered the scene and what are some of the
achievements you have accomplished up to present
T)  Background: got a c64 way back in 1988 i think,
pretty damn fast got into the world of trading them
games considered hot.
Early 1990 i asked 'Triad' to join, but as the year
passed by, the modem more & more grew into me,
leading me towards the boards and the world of fun.
During the years in Triad, i got asked by many groups
to join since they new me as a friendly guy who knew
the drill.
Dunno who was the first to ask, but Nato,Offence,
Traitors,X-Factor,Dunex,Afl and some others did ask.
I currently use the same computer as i got in 1988, but
i got two more of the C64's in stock.
This one is soon ready to be exchanged for a new one,
the spacebar is fucked up.. 8)
Some drives and some modems, some cards and i'm
especially proud of the "BAJS CART!"
I got a PC aswell..
D)  Over the next page i will have some sub-titles,
please list your favourite of each..
Cracker group - None at the moment, gone are the
days of protections.
Demo group - I still love some of the older 'Kaktus'
and 'Mahoney' demos, but as of todat, i find 'Reflex'
and 'Byterapers' being hip enough to fit in my list.
I gladly watch older demos and remember the days!
Fixer - PeaceMaker/Hitmen and Cba/Trc*Scs.
Coder - Anybody that sh0cks me!
Musician - All of a sudden i got to like more of
the many eastern european musicians, but i still keep
Galway and Hubbard musics near me.
Group of all time - Crack: hard to tell, but i always
liked 'Hotline'.
Many more to be fitted in the list, but Hotline would be
my answer if just to pic one!
Demo: Censor,Kaktus and Mahoney.
Movie - Psycho, Starwars trilogy, James Bond, hard to
really tell. One favourite... -all eater!-
Diskmag - Propaganda, what else is there to add? 8)
SlowPoke once made me smile, same for Corruption.
Girl - Teri Hatcher..............mmmmmmmmm!
Drink & food - The bottle of wine i share with friends,
the dinner that we eat together.
Food is food, but the company is to me more important..
Food you can find any where, but not an interesting
Past time activity - Days of travelling, days of fun.
The x-95 trip was a memory i(ll keep in my mind, but
then, there are so many things you remember.
Does really warm my heart to think back upon the days
i got to spend with Scope and his warm hearted family.
Not until now i realised how much important these days
were and meant to me.
Drug - any of them cute joints.
X-95 did take me beyond the border.
There we were, having smoked some zillion joints and
never wanted to leave the slow and hazy days.
All i say, and with respect to Jucke:
Way to go - afrooooo!
Life itself is also a thing that can make me rave!
Sport - Summer time, when you are there with your
friends and a football is added to the crowd.
This is what sport is all about.
Chunk the gold medals. The fun is it!
(Ed: agreed there Peter, i wish the entire scene would
follow that perspective.)
Beer - The one you get served on hot summer days
down the pub, the one you gladly drink with friends.
I'm pretty fond of 'Lion Red' from New Zealand.
But i guess, any point will do, as long as the atmosphere
is cozy enough.. trust me!
Bulletin board - I always liked 'Edge of Midnight', 'Soul
Pit', 'Holiday Inn Cambodia', 'Tunnel of Wares', 'Divine
Ultimatum', hell i'd say any board might have it's special
Dreampark or The Dungeon in the USA and here
where i'm stuck at the moment must be Wares Aquarium.
Sex - Female 8) the joy of having it with your girl i
suppose, add a lust and some love.. there you are!
Game - Pacman, Space Invaders, Pirates, Wasteland..
I got more and more into Pinballs..
Daytona Usa was one of the funnier games, especially
when you got your friends all hooked up.
Jucke,Nc,Motley,Draz,Devil and me spent quite some
coins down in Amsterdam..
D)  What is your opinion on magazines these days?
are they more professional than years ago?
How should they be..
T)  I find only a few worth to read, just don't care
about the many mags based upon the news coming from
the backside of votesheets.
Quality magazines that do really analyze the world of
today bring me joy.
D)  What was the reason of leaving 'Triad' to go
independant? Tell us the story..
T)   Triad, once upon a time a group where i did like
it, but the more weeks and months passed them by,
not caring, i had enough.
Let them have their fun, i intend to have some
I could easily write a book about it, but prefer not to.
Jeryy knows my opinion and that i stand for.
D)  Over the years most sceners try and sometimes
greatly perform tasks in the scene.
Please give the reasers some information on your
jobs on C64, in the past and present..
T)  As said, i used to swap, i arranged originals, i was
there on the boards in the name of Triad.
Now, what i do is 'public relations' but still find the
boards a extra touch of my life, spices it up..!
Multi-upload mania!
D)  As most would agree, the illegal scene has had a
tremendous decline in the last years..
Some hope though with 'Escom' selling new commodores
in Asia and Eastern europe.
What do you think is a possible cure for this scene?
more games? more hardware?
T)  The future of the C64 market is to me the place
where we, the core of the scene will have a thing
or two to add.
Gone are the days when Ocean filled the market with
Now new talents are picking up speed and i find them
brave, hat off for you!
The eastern market is opened up in a way i never
thought before.
Here is a spot we need to open our eyes open for.
Up the 8 bits!
D)  Over the past 12 months several anti intros have
been used. 'Fuck you Legend' and 'Fuck you Onslaught'
what are your views on these?
Is it a sign of juvenile reaction? or something we
should see common in the scene..
T)  Honestly, i hardly did care of the anti-Legend intro,
hardly saw them anyway..
The anti -O- intro, was as said by us in Propaganda.
Hopefully offending a few, guess there was a reason.
But i wish not to comment on this matter.
But one is for sure, your intros must be the most
boring ones ever used.. get some new intros.. 8)
(Ed: boring intros of today, for the boring games of
today i suppose..)
D)  The atmosphere of boards has changed nowadays,
what do you think of the board scene these days
Has it changed for better or worse?
T)  Wares Aquarium (ed:XXXXXXXXXXX) does have the
cutie pie 'Sledge' hooked up, with his devotion and
hopes for the C64, i find this the one and only worthy
swedish board to call.
Gone are the days when support in any form reached
the same amount as WAQ.
Guess i triggered a upload bonanza this summer, and
with a board flooded with new wares, i find WAQ
having a mighty liftup.
The Fairlight support is, should i say none, but things
will change all according to Bacchus. Dare i wonder
Devotion indeed, but many are the names, dying to see
Sledge in a new group, where he would keep a high
level of his board and name,
As of today, or more like over the summer, the boards
had it's catch of bonanza me and Newscopy did
trigger.. Flooding the boards with joy!
Here we are, 1995, the 14.4 kids dying to get a name,
when we on the other hand still keep the 2400 in our
D)  With your association with the board scene, means
an obvious first hand experience with wars, raggings
and arguements..
Have you had any serious conflicts with anyone?
T)  I was never afraid of standing up, mouthing back,
thats for sure.
But a real war, i hardly don't think so.. Facts speak and
not slagging posts!
D)  Whats your opinion on the term ''Elite'', who do you
think fits this category? and how would one act or be,
to be ''Elite''?
T)  The term elite or not, is to me unimportant.
What i care of is the way a person behaves and acts.
I don't care if he's in a 'elite' group or not.
Let the kids have their fun, till we slam their mouths.
I don't look at me as elite, more like superior 8)
(Ed: Peter, i would have thought you a god! hehe)
How to achieve the status elite?
Behave, get a name, and add wise words!
D)  Please feel free to send some hellos to any close
scene or non-scene friends out there..
T)  Greets go to the ones i keep in touch with, listing
names is just another way of telling it. You know who
you are!
The core of the scene that meet up for parties:
Solar,Morris,Curlin,Peacemaker,Deff,Jack Alien,
Freestyle,Sledge,Jayce,Alfatech,Jack Daniels,Unifier
and the many more..
Non scene related greets to Staffan Klimpensson,
Linus Broskmun, Elake Mans and Christer Snusk.
D)  Well thank you Peter for the time if the interview
and i hope you enjoy this issue of Domination.
See you on Wares Aquarium!
                                                                            Jazzcat Of
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