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                 Guest editor: Vengeance/Onslaught
Earlier this month JAZZCAT asked me to do a guest
chapter for DOMINATION, of course  i agreed and here
i  am. This is the 3rd in a row of guest chapters i hope
to do over the coming months. Already i have done
chapters for SKYHIGH, SPLASH and now DOMINATION.
As well as releasing a monthly magazine in VANDALISM
NEWS. So, i have no idea what to write about but i'll
just go on about nothing for a while i guess.
But anyhow, the first thing i'd like to talk about in
this chapter is the INTERNET. In a few days i shall also
be calling there, but this isn't about that. Its about a
subject that i have already gone over in VANDALISM
some months ago, its about the INTERNET meaning the
end of the board scene. Something which i guess we
would all hate, after all the boards  have been around
an awefully long time now. Sure INTERNET is cool and
has a very good bassing, but most people call with PC
and i guess that encourages them away from the 64.
Well at least in some cases. In my opinion it is very bad
seeing only 5 differn't callers per day on the top
boards due to the lack of calling possibiltys, and the
increasing strength of the INTERNET. So what i'm saying
is this. The internet may be good, and have very
strong standards, speed and the like. But the boards
are a tradition that i myself would hate to be seen
broken, For example just how long will it be before
FTP sites are being used for refernces for RELEASE
CHARTS, and how long will it be before you have to
actually put your UPLOADS on the NET instead of the
boards. Myself, i still love the boards and the more i
think about it, they are falling down. Sad but true.
Maybe it was just the CHRISTMAS spirit keeping people
away and out boozing instead, but its still not good to
see. And it doesn't help the scene out in anyway at
all, apart from with a lack of support. Which isn't
particularly needed in todays scene.
Anyway enough on the INTERNET, as i can't pass any
judgements until i explore it for myself.
While i write this chapter the DENMARK party is on. Our
group was present there, unfortunatly our demo was
not ready in time. It will still come, and soon it may be.
Although its nearly one year in the waiting. We need a
graphician or two for ONSLAUGHT. Help us out if you
are intrested in joining the legal section.
In view of recent happenings myself (VENGEANCE) may
become inactive for a while soon, as my girlfriend has
got a couple of months before she starts a new job,
and then i will hardly see her, so i want to spend the
next two months with her. Then i will get back into things
more when she starts working. Also, just a brief
message to the recent CRITICS of ONSLAUGHT and its
behaviour... We don't care a fucking shit about you,
dont you realise just  how stupid you look. Come back
to earth nerds. We haven't even started yet, so just
prepare yourself for an ONSLAUGHT of massive
Anyway a happy new year to you all, and i will see you in
the pages of  VANDALISM NEWS  in early January 1996.
Until then my friends and  foes...
+++No Fucking Carrier.
^For the top elite only, Joining ONSLAUGHT and for
                                                                  December 29th, 1995
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