Domination 06 Guest Editor: Derbyshire Ram

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                      * Guest Editor: Derbyshire Ram *
Throughout this year the threatened demise of
'Commodore Format' has finally happened, the mag
put out the October edition without a thankyou for
support or kiss my ass in their final edition, at least
they could have gone out with some sort of bang.
But no typically British, they crawled out on their
bellies, two great games on the tape if you like games
that were released when i was in 'Illusion', 'Escape
from Arth' and 'Treasure Isle', both programmed by
Jon Wells for his old 'Psytronix' label.
During the past three months or so, a load of
'Fanzines' are appearing on the U.K scene, you have
never seen such a laugh, so far i have read seven,
and out of those, only two are worth a second glance.
The cover disk supplied with them are pathetic to
say the least.
Distribute public domain software, some of this is
months behind what guys on the current scene get to
see, demos,mags.,utils. etc..
If you pay for the disk and the mag, its almost as
expensive as 'Commodore Format' and they moaned
about the price of that.
Well i am casually writing articles for the better two
mags, one produced by 'X.L.CUS' and an independant
mag called 'Computer Scene'.
Before anyone laughs, this is for a reason.
All these guys and the readers are 'Holier than thou'
types, so i put in some articles about the cracking
scene for reaction, and noy, will there be some.
Currently i am banned from obtaining software from
all the independant guys, they all know me (thanks
to a certain stupid git from the scene), would you
believe i cannot even purchase a s.e.u.c.k game here!!
True, even 'Binary Zone' are now even protecting
s.e.u.c.k to stop anyone freezing or copying them,
what a laugh.
There are still quite a few budding programmers
kicking around here, but they just cannot get serious
enough to raise interest with the masses, take 'Turbo
Tiger Software', they just did a game called 'Lub and
Lob in Space' and lo and behold it is again a s.e.u.c.k.
O.k. for 'Met' maybe and 'Crossfire', but not for me
Also a Dutch company called ''Eagle International''
are selling games here which people are raving about
'Confusion Quest' and 'Confusion Quest 2' both done
with Gary Kitchen's 'Activision Game Maker' what is at
coming to ??
Well on the scene itself, very little has changed, 'Met'
is still shooting on in ''Mayhem'', Joker left them to
join ''Angry'' and that is about it.
Hopefully, we will see some new faces around on
the scene here soon as more people seem to revert
back to the old 64 again.
                                                                 Derbyshire Ram
                                                                 20th December 1995
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