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                                   Dumb and dumber
Welcome to the world of irony, satirica and simple fun.
In this segment we prey on the controversial situations
of the scene, the rumours, jokes and amusing parts
of phone call conversations.
Please don't take any of the following pages to heart,
as NONE of it is true.
Your donations to this chapter are always
appreciated, any contributions can be given either
by internet or email on any popular C64 bbs.
Following suit with the old Shock magazine and more
recently both The Pulse and Vandalism News.
I hope to entertain you all in the lighter side of the
The contents on the following pages may offend, if
your under 18 please turn off now..
* The Dungeon goes under massive speculation and
public wonder as no one knows where the sysop
The Alchemist has gotten to.
Some believe he may be confined in prison due to
repossession due to unpaid phone bills.
On the other hand he could be coming back from a
holiday in Jamaica and will put his bbs online at the end
of the month.
Nightshade has also been speculated to have sent
Kyle a special 'yellow' cake to the prison he's located
in. Adding to the rumour of his imprisonment.
* and at the home of Jolz of Onslaught..
I am a real scener, i am not invisible, nor am i a fake.
* and on Wares Aquarium..
Who is Jolz?? a cartoon character or something?
* Question Mark is becoming quite a force in the
scene days, containing known sceners under fake
handles. These sceners don't want anyone to know who
they are, in order to retain respect, even though the
scene can currently see it would be plain suicide to
reveal their own identity to the public.
Top 10 Movies of 1995;
#1 Ace Ventura - Nature Calls starring Tranziie/Hitmen
#2 Under Siege 2 - starring Deff/Avantgarde
#3 Pumping Iron '96 - starring Styx/Alphaflight
#4 Revenge of the Nerds 4 - starring Jack Alien/Avt
#5 Animal Fun - The hot stuff - starring Bizarre/[O]
#6 Desperate Measures - starring Crossfire/Motiv8
#7 Lies,lies,lies - starring Newscopy/F4cg
#8 Gone with the wind - starring Chotaire/Alphaflight
#9 Superman VII - AntiChrist/Ex-Genesis * Project
#10 A lost cause - starring Count Zero/Scs * Trc
* at the home of Morpheus/Flash Inc
'Hotshot should be ready soon, just around the corner
* meanwhile at the home of Duke
'We will release The Pulse magazine now on a weekly
basis with a new outfit and graphics every issue.
We don't accept any delay - nor should you..'
Currently on Irc, channel #c-64..
> jazzcat(at)XXXXXXXXXX joins channel #c-64
> Tranziie: ...Onsoap in the house...
> Pain: i'm not lame, i AM NOT LAME!
> Jazzcat: been skinny dipping with any boys lately
> Pain ;/ex;/bye
> Pain kicked from irc by 2ny (stop flooding lamer)
> Count0 left channel #c-64
Top 10 Albums of 1995;
#1 The Spaghetti Incident - Deff/Avantgarde
#2 Like a virgin - Styx/Alphaflight
#3 Mr Bean / live in Australia - Vengeance/Onslaught
#4 Spain, oh Spain oh - Bizarre/Onslaught
#5 Lies,Smell & other b-sided garbage - Nti/Angry
#6 A momentary lapse of reason - Uzzy/Rpg
#7 Astro Creep 2000 - Newscopy/F4cg
#8 Fat Cat's greatest hits - Airwolf
#9 Garage Days / Recracked - Crossfire/Motiv8
#10 Playing with Aycee - Solar/F4cg and Bod/Talent
* Nemesis are now officially known as just a cover up
and preperation for Pandora.
But of recent rumours speculate that Pandora is now
also a group that is cover up to a launching pad of
members joining other groups.
Unfortunately Chotaire the leader left the group and
is also unavailable for interview.
One would figure they got the algorithm very wrong.
Top 5 most popular events of 1995;
#1 Calling your own groups bbs direct.
#2 Sceners calling each other names and crying back
home to mama.
#3 Phone disconnections in Dallas/Texas.
#4 It isn't 100% when it really is.
#5 Roast beef, a favourite of every cool scener..
Next issue we will be covering the divorce of Antichrist
and Sorceress which maybe one of the first to take
place over a phone..
Also next issue good tips on digging up old games for
recracking, re-rebuilding long dead groups and
back stabbing friends.
The wonderful world of the c64 scene, enjoy.
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