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                              Demonstration reviews
Welcome to the legal section of this magazine, here
we review the latest legal productions such as demos,
music collections and dentros.
After the Christmas party in Denmark some brilliant
demos were released, and here you will find them
tested from the point of view of an average scener.
Domination is still looking for a capable reviewing
staff that can better judge and review the legal
I still find my reviews fair, in the sense of an
audience's point of view.
Tested this issue;
* 'Mathematica' by Reflex.
* 'Dawn Fall' by Oxyron.
Reflex break the silence with this brilliant demo, which
has been held back for quite a long time.
This would definately have to be their best demo to
date, in typical 'Reflex' style and originality.
The first thing you notice is that this demo is double
sided, but this doesn't interupt the enjoyment at all.
Upon loading it you are asked to flip disk, in which
doing so automatically starts loading in the demo.
The screen goes grey and the program detects if
there is an old or new sid chip, taking advantage of
either one.
As usual a nice music from PVCF begins, the heavy bass
in the tune provides certain atmospheric feeling.
Some interlace graffiti logos by PVT swing onto the
screen from different directions.
These introduce the crew behind the production
before a 2 color Mathematica pic by FELIDAE appears.
After the intro sequence by ZORC, the screen goes
black and 5 circles appear, after all 5 are on the
screen they breifly disappear before reappearing
again each containing their own color.
The circles start spinning around in a 3-dimensional
motion, after several formations they start bouncing
to the music.
After these a scroll appears which moves over a
chessboard background, which moves in x&y direction.
The text reveals some reply to some critism they must
have recieved. The chessboard changes color several
times as the scroller fld's also.
After the short text is finished a new PVCF music
begins, the screen remains black before some great
effect portraying smoke, goes up the screen.
Another more larger smoke cloud shortly follows
before a fire is seen burning at the bottom of the
screen. A really nice effect, seen before, in
particular 'ComaLight 12' by Oxyron.
The fire disappears and a full screen picture of a
face appears.
This slowly rotates in 360' and gets quite fast before
being replaced by a rotating swirl of color.
The next effect to appear is called a 'julia morph'
and is coded by QUISS. A twisting shape in the center
of the screen morphs, pressing fire holds the current
position of the morph.
Soon after a full screen 'REFLEX' pic appears, and is
quite well drawn by PVT.
This disappears to reveal moving screens of
mathematical equations and signs before displaying
a 'MATICA' logo.
Over the top of this logo another logo of 'MATHE'
appears and rolls over the 'mathe' like a wave, saying
'mathematica' in an original and unique way.
The screen fades from left to right to reveal a three
dimensional dungeon, one of the best on c64 i've ever
The onlooker is taken through the maze which contains
other effects such as rotating fractals on some of
the walls, or vector objects.
It is quite fast and smooth, interestingly in between the
journey through this dungeon, there is some texts
that point out some negative things about cracking.
After this great section the screen goes black and a
large yellow 'pi' sign appears and after a while a yellow
Reflex logo appears over it.
This all soon disperses to reveal a scroll of the actual
'pi' equivelence in decimal figures scrolls along the
screen whilst the next part is loaded in.
The scroller fades out to and a 'textured box' appears
and starts rotating, this disappears after some
varied speed in rotation to show a large 3-dimensional
white ring which spins around 360', one may notice that
the part of the ring that is further away is always
kept shaded to optimise the 3d effect.
Several seconds later the ring stops and zooms
outwards towards the screen filling it with a blinding
white light which lasts briefly before the next part.
The next part is called a 'shading torus' which looks
like the inside of a sphere with a center pole, and
it appears to be rolling.
This gives a multi-coloured rolling effect which soon
turns into a 3d tunnel which takes you inside the torus.
The tunnel is magnificient, taking the viewer into a 3d
like system quite fast before halting and going into a
reverse mode before slowly fading away into a black
screen, very original.
Next a 3/4 screen plasma appears and behind this
faded in the background appears a 3 coloured Reflex
All finally disappears and the everything goes silent
and the screen is empty.
A new music by PVCF starts as the GURU coded 'complex
doom dungeon' begins.
Greetings appear as the dungeon zooms around,
seemingly more complex than the former one.
Containing apart from vector objects and different
graphical features on the background, it also contains
a creature which moves out onto the screen the backs
away back out again.
The greetings finish and the screen is split up to
show a blue screen with some latin words meaning
the demonstration has came to an end.
People responsible for the demo:
Graphics by PVT and FELIDAE.
Coding by QUISS,GURU and ZORC.
Music by PVCF.
Overall assessment:
This is definately one of the best demos of 1995 and
the most quality production from Reflex to date.
The originality, atmospheric music and style of the
demonstration give it a very well deserved 96/100.
Great to see the new Oxyron demo finally out, amazing
to see what the demo really contained, considering
it being only a one filer.
Also obtaining second position at the party in Denmark.
The demo begins with a Jeff/Camelot soundtrack, that
has his usual atmospheric and own style.
Coming from the bottom, a sphere like pic with a
'Dawn Fall' logo beneath appears..
This fades away to soon reveal a right to left scrolling
and expanding 'Oxyron' logo and surround graphics.
This scrolls along and repeats the same graphics over
and over.
The screen then turns black and to the beat of the
music the technical credits for the demo appear.
After the credits have been given a small but fancy
logo by BizKid/Camelot appears in the lower portion of
the screen.
Above this in a large invisible box appears a zooming
and spinning anti-clockwise chessboard.
After some motions of this a vector object rotates
on a fixed axis towards the onlooker, giving a perfect
3 dimensional effect.
Then appears more vector rectangles which give
a circular effect of objects in 3d motion.
On each is some black writing on top of the light blue
color of the objects.
After this rather cool effect appears some zooming
and spinning bands of color which stretch and appear
as bands criss-crossed over each other.
A not to much used effect before and it looks rather
After this a plasma appears, which is a rather nice
looking one also.
Then some more streching bands in a different
formation than the former one.
After this effect comes a rotating upscroller which
360' spins slowly whilst scrolling upwards, quite an
Then more criss-crossed planes zoom towards you
and spin anti-clockwise and again some 3d rectangles
create another vector effect.
This time the vector objects are gold/yellow in color.
Lastly some more bands that are fixed and don't
stretch, which appears like looking at a zooming
chessboard, except from diagonal to diagonal.
The last part begins with an upscroller giving the
final credits and other informations.
Behind this a dot effect appears making different
People responsible for this demo;
Coding by Graham of Oxyron
Music by Jeff of Camelot                 (vote for these
Graphics by Bizkid of Camelot             active people)
and Sire of Lego
Overall assessment:
Excellent for a one filed demonstration only,
containing great effects and excellent music and
overall demo style.
Another great release from Oxyron, 85/100.
Thats all for this issue, by next issue will be a full
review on the other demos released at the Denmark
and maybe even one from Onslaught Designs.
Lets hope to see more demos released over the next
months and look for more news in the 'Party Time'
                                                                              Best Regards;
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