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  • The USA Scene *

Welcome to this chapter of the scene from America. Mainly board and internet related. NTSC land has been a little quite lately on the illegal side of things after the short boom with credit cards over AT&T. But still the legal scene is still very much alive. Here in this chapter we report on the latest legal and illegal news.

Thanks to the great Driven magazine for its cool coverage on the latest happenings. Other news is gathered from the USA boards.

  • Empire member, The Mercenary took off to join the guys in Alpha Flight to NTSC fix for them. It is still unsure if his brother Rich will follow. Extremist is now also out of jail and plans a comeback in the scene from Canada.
  • The Dungeon BBS in Dallas/Texas now hosts four groups being Success*TRC, Demonix and now Hitmen, gets formatted twice and is down for a while, then goes back online. Everything was running smoothly until both Kyle (sysop) and the main board’s number got disconnected. Confusion run through the host groups and the scene as to why the sudden loss of communication with the BBS and the sysop. But a few weeks later the board returns with The Alchemist returning saying of not paying his phone bill until now. Things are again going as normal 1-214/XXX-XXXX.
  • Another main fixer to lose membership of his group is Stablizer/Demonix who left for the world wide based group F4cg to NTSC fix for them. Good luck Troy!
  • Dream Park experienced some abnormal changes with AT&T blacklisting the BBS, making it extremely difficult for callers to log on there. The sysop moved apartment and the new phone number changed to 1-619/XXX-XXXX, home to AVT+F4CG.
  • A new American group called '9th hell' is formed. They share the 'Onslaught' BBS 'DeadZone' and have already released some one file demos. Call the BBS on 1-215/XXX-XXXX.
  • Another new American group called "Omni" makes light of day and is formed by Light/Ex-9th Hell. * Novaterm 9.6 (with full z-modem) should be out soon. V10.0 will be out by Christmas but as a public domain version.
  • RPG stats: Pegasus, Mr. Bungle, Firedrake, Wraith, Fubar, Uzzy, Warnok, Cyberad.
  • Style stats: Massive Onslaught, Firefoot, Ray, Starlost, Elwix, Decomp, Destiny, Decipher, Alter Ego, Deathlok, The Wiz, Wornock, Shadow Master.
  • The games label Threshold Productions is now well into business, contact them at: Threshold Productions, XXXXX XXXX Avenue, XX Suite XXXX, XXXXXX, WA. 98155.
  • Old time Alpha Flight board Holiday Inn Cambodia is down. The sysop Pol Pot is remodding the C*base to stop back doors and crashes. It should go back online soon, 1-510/XXX-XXXX.
  • The Evil Island is also off line for sometime is once again back up with the best, give this great board a call on the old number 1-314/XXX-XXXX.
  • The sysop of the Blue Galaxy BBS, 'Galactus' joined European based group 'Hardcore' his board became their WHQ, after searching for a group to support his own BBS and Hardcore searching for a permanent WHQ the obvious agreement was made. Call and support it on 1-609/XXX-XXXX.
  • Soulkeeper/Pandora changed handle to Deviant. His BBS 'Final Genocide' became the Canadian HQ for Pandora and changed to a non-blacklisted number. Call it on: 1-403/XXX-XXXX.

The American boards now look like this:

Down by Law 1-203/XXX-XXXX [O]+Domination WHQ. Dream Park 1-619/XXX-XXXX F4CG & Avantgarde WHQ. The Dungeon 1-214/XXX-XXXX Success*TRC*Demonix*Hitmen WHQ. Holiday Inn Cambodia 1-510/XXX-XXXX AFL WHQ. The Evil Island 1-314/XXX-XXXX AFL US HQ. Deadzone 1-215/XXX-XXXX [O] US HQ. Fortress of Doom 1-908/XXX-XXXX Atlantis WHQ. Blue Galaxy 1-609/XXX-XXXX Hardcore WHQ. In Living Color 1-713/XXX-XXXX Motiv8 US HQ. Final Genocide 1-403/XXX-XXXX Pandora HQ. Corrosion of Conformity 1-905/XXX-XXXX Storm+Driven WHQ.

The majority of NTSC fixing these days is from their European competitors. But at least the boards are still there with legal support. That's it from the United States this issue, until the next...

  • JC *
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