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  • The Awards *

Welcome for the first time to a new chapter, credit must go to the "Propaganda" magazine, which use this style of award chapter in their own magazine. Although I will try and make this one a little bit different by adding some new charts and also including the official Top BBS and Top Scener, taken from voters of the board scene.

In each category, we will place but a single scener, production or group as the one we in Domination believe to be deserving respect for hard work, or an effort that impressed us.

They are really just a bonus award, a thank you from us for the great effort. Our eyes are on current events, scene talents, productions and whole groups. With this in mind, this is how these issues results have now unfolded...

Award for Top demo programmer:

  • Quiss of Reflex *

In some of the last two Reflex productions, this excellent coder, has shown the scene a new form of style. With excellent trackmos original in all factors. Soon to come also from 'Reflex' is Mathematica at the Christmas party.

Follow ups in this category would be Mr.Sex/(B) for a consistent effort with the 'WOC' series and the great new 'Extremes' trackmos. Next would be awarded Graham/Oxyron for the originality of his "parts" demo, and holding strong as the group’s main programmer.

Award for Top graphician:

  • Earthquake/CS/Antic *

In some respects Daniel has been a little inactive in the past months. But just lately has shown some nice logos and a full screen picture. Hope to see another 'Cosmic Style' slide show soon!

Secondly Mike/Byterapers must be given credit for the superb graphics he did for 'Extremes', especially remembered is that nice IFLI dragon picture.

Thirdly Joe/Wrath Designs for the great artwork in the demo 'COS'.

Award for Musical talent:

  • Fanta/Oxyron/Bass *

Great music he has done of recent, which were displayed in the new 'Bassline' collection. Moving into a top 3 demo group and also steadily moving up the charts. One of his sids is even in this issue!

Secondly goes to Drax & Metal/Vibrants for their great musical support for the Pulse magazine. They have done some catchy tunes for this mag.

Thirdly commended must be Arne/Alpha Flight for some cool tunes in the last two music collections entitled:

'Best of Arne 1+2'.

Award for Top Magazine:

  • Vandalism News *

After a minor delay, the staff worked overtime to get the next issue within 3 weeks of the last. Getting active once again with issue #25 just around the corner. Well done to the Vandals staff.

Secondly would be 'The Pulse' for coming back to the top of magazine editors. Things can only go up and the Pulse staff are working hard at it.

Thirdly commended is 'Skyhigh' magazine for quality in the mail scene department and text amount each issue.

Award for Most Popular Group:

  • Success * Trc *

The ruling co-op have certainly proven widely established with Internet FTP support. Several boards and a consistent amount of releases each month. Dominating the mail charts also, they look to pass the Ikari & Talent co-op record.

Second runner up is Byterapers for the continuous activity and original style. The return of an old group is some what effective sometimes as most would agree.

Thirdly is the Hungarian posse Chromance for the great rush of wares and activity after a large slump. The group is returning to the boards.

  • Top World C64 BBS: *
  1. 1 Dream Park - 43 pts Avt+F4CG
  2. 2 Down By Law - 37 pts [Onslaught]
  3. 3 The Dungeon - 22 pts Success*TRC*Dmx*Hitmen
  4. 4 Holiday Inn Cambodia - 11 pts Alpha Flight
  5. 5 Escapade - 9 pts Alpha Flight
  6. 6 Dead Zone - 7 pts [Onslaught]
  7. 7 Wares Aquarium - 4 pts Fairlight

  • Dream Park on top once again, a pity the BBS is not online for some days. Down By Law and The Dungeon are holding in quite nicely. Users will just have to remind Alchemist about his phone-bills! 8)

  • Top Board caller: *

  1. 1 CBA of TRC & Success - 23 pts
  2. 2 Nightshade of Success & TRC - 17 pts
  3. 3 Deff of Avantgarde - 15 pts
  4. 4 Jack Alien of Avantgarde - 10 pts
  5. 5 Bizarre of Onslaught - 9 pts
  6. 6 Burglar of Success & TRC - 7 pts
  7. 7 Uzzy of RPG - 4 pts

  • Seems Internet phreak Niels is on the number one position, Nightshade may regain the number one as he is back from his holiday. Also interesting to see the new BBS caller 'Jack Alien' in the charts.

These votes were collected from the 'Down By Law' vote counter, call there to vote on 1-203/XXX-XXXX.

By next issue the initial votesheet should have changed allowing these other categories to be available from other parts of the scene, such as the legal and mail scenes. But there will always be the traditional board voters in a separate division.

The way things are going maybe an Internet division also? By next issue I will also be on the net regularly, so see you there.

General Editor,


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