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  • The Release List *

The majority of the scene questions the purpose of chapters such as this, these days. In due fareness 'The List' must be continued for the few board callers who get somekind of feeling out of a points basis made up on the majority of german magazine games and low-budget software. One wishes that the years of a continuos flow of full price quality software was still available for the C64, but who knows what twisted fate time will bring.

On the next page begins a extended version of the rules of the Domination release list. These modifications were forced upon me after many arguements and contraversial situations groups forced upon each other recently on the American boards, take CAREFUL consideration of the following...

  • Domination release informations version 2.1 *

ATTENTION!!! Some new rules have been added so pay close respect to the following... Due to many arguments and general bitterness and hatred towards each other on the American boards some new rules have been brought in to try quiten down peoples complaints and to lessen controversial situations.

Previews: ------- Normal previews are fine, even in unplayable form. Version 2 previews or higher are now a bit different. If the same group releases a version 2 preview of the their first version points are not given. Only under some special circumstances where the versions are drastically different. If another group releases a second version of that preview then they still get the points.

This will hopefully stop groups releasing and/or updating previews merely for point accumilation. Incidentally if a preview of a game is found to be made from the full version later on, the points of that prv are taken from the full version if released by the same group. The above could be for example in a situation where a group has a game for quite a while and makes a prv version themselves just for points.

Comments: ------- The rules are made on the basis of the Psychobilly/RSI release system with modernized adjustments. The point system is pre-calculated, that means no hidden points to one group or the other, the only adjustments made on the points by any person is being the quality points. The result? one of the fairest release systems you'll see...

Over the many months there has been a certain "100% release madness" of an intensity never seen before. Hopefully the cracking scene will return to its roots and put more concentration on what the old scene was based on, first releasing (as opposed to modern point hunting)...

A note also to all sysops experiencing blacklisting over at&t, please read the illegal chapter for more information.

INFORMATION: The Points table:

0.x points for previews (playable & unplayable.) 2.x points for low budget (Game On, Public Domain, LK Avalon.) 3.x points for budget (Golden disk, CP Verlag, Loadstar.) 5.x points for full price (US Gold, 576k byte, Ocean) -5 points deduction for re-release or remade preview 1.x points for basic/compiled basic wares. -1 for a fix file or second version from the same crew.

  • Lamer group wares will NOT be counted at all.
  • A re-release is a -5 points deduction from the total amount of groups points, this also means remade previews or re-releases in any format.
  • An additional 1 point is awarded for a full translation of a games text to english. Graphical translations are not required however are also rewarded.
  • The quality in the 'X' is made up from the fun a game gives to the player and how the graphics, music and code perform in quality, and so on... 0.x to 0.9 points.

The NTSC/PAL system:

A total of 2 points are added to the total of a first release that was not released on PAL before. This rule also applies in it's reversed state, where a game is released PAL/NTSC never released NTSC.

Only 1 point is given for a 100% fixed game which was released first on PAL (or NTSC) and then fixed afterwards, to gain a full point in this fix, the game must be put on one of the major C64 boards within 10 months of the PAL first release.

A fixed game is a ware which works on both PAL and NTSC machines without any difference but original only worked without error on one format only.

In case a group first releases their ware on 2 major boards only and another group puts their version onto the majority of the remaining major boards, the first group gets the points if the time difference is at least 24 hours, less than that and the second group will get the points. All games are 100% tested and my decision is final. Miscalculations from my behalf are rectified in the next edition of Domination.

Th major American C64 boards:

The Dungeon 1-214/XXX-XXXX Success+TRC+Hitmen WHQ. Down by Law 1-203/XXX-XXXX Onslaught WHQ. Dream Park 1-619/XXX-XXXX Avantgarde + F4CG WHQ. Holiday Inn Cambodia 1-510/XXX-XXXX AFL 1970 WHQ. Deadzone 1-215/XXX-XXXX Onslaught US HQ.

The following European boards are used if problems later on occur.

Mount Olympus +45/XXXXXXXX Pandora HQ. Wares Aquarium +46/XXXXXXX Fairlight WHQ. Escapade +49/XXXXXXXXXX AFL 1970 EHQ.

No points are given to games made using any kind of game maker such as SEUCK, GAC, Quill etc.. With that let's venture into the world of first releases, board results and the general need for speed...


The List - Domination Issue #4

Alpha Flight 1970 (Ger,USA,Hol) Points: 34.1

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Catch me Prv - 0.3 - Nuts - 0.0 * Bad Balls - 3.2 NTSC fixed Darkest Road 2 - 3.3 NTSC/PAL already Geometric 2 Magna Media 4.5 NTSC fixed Sword of Honor Prestige Software 3.7 PAL Only + fix file Fast Ball Loadstar 3.2 NTSC/PAL already Cross & Circles CP Verlag 4.2 NTSC fixed Sha Jongg Magna Media 3.3 NTSC/PAL already + Translation Zipper Collection 2 - 0.0 Utility Artris CP Verlag 4.8 NTSC fixed Slaterman - -5 Re-release Party Quest Magna Media 4.5 NTSC/PAL already + Translation Hangman Sectech Designs 3.1 NTSC fixed Colonial Trader - 1.0 *

Accuracy (Tur) Points: 1.0

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Flagmania Prv Turk Design 0.2 - Master Tetris Prv Turk Design 0.4 - Super Ball 2 Prv Turk Design 0.2 - Shoot Prv Turk Design 0.2 -

Atlantis (Ger,USA,Hol) Points: 6.2

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Starblast Prv - 0.3 Coop w/Cascade Colonial Trader Prv - 0.6 Coop w/Cascade Nonsense - 4.5 NTSC fixed, coop w/AVT C.Adventure Prv Atlantis Soft 0.4 - S.Scaper Pprv Tectron 0.4 -

Avantgarde (Ger,USA,UK,Pol) Points: 33.9

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Oracle 3 Prv - 0.3 - Pra-Se CP Verlag 3.4 NTSC fixed Pozitronic CP Verlag 3.5 NTSC fixed Colouration Commodore Format 4.2 NTSC fixed Nonsense - 4.5 NTSC fixed, coop w/ATL Black It CP Verlag 3.3 NTSC fixed Ikkiushi 100% CP Verlag 3.6 NTSC fixed Capture 2 Prv - 0.3 - Capture Commodore Format 4.4 NTSC fixed Twin Balls Prv - 0.4 - Relax Electronic Brains -5 Re-release Guesser Lepsi Dev. 2.4 NTSC/PAL already Mystery 100% CP Verlag 3.3 NTSC fixed Walkers 100% EBES 4.8 NTSC fixed Mortal Dogfight Prv Cherry Software 0.5 -

Cascade (Ger) Points: 0.9

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Starblast Prv - 0.3 Coop w/ATL Colonial Trader Prv - 0.6 Coop w/ATL

Chromance (Hun,Pol,Ger) Points: 12.4

Name: Company: Points: Comments: C.Quest Prv V2 - 0.5 English version Laced Tile Prv Exile Productions 0.7 - Tetrisack Stratos Software 4.5 NTSC fixed A.Faction Therapy Software 4.3 NTSC fixed Vitrus Prv Artgame 0.2 - Break It Oreal Productions 2.2 NTSC fixed Game Art V1.95 B.I.W Soft 0.0 Utility

Fantastic 4 Cracking Group (Bel,Ger,USA,Swe) Points: 32.7

Name: Company: Points: Comments: ABC Puzzle B.I.W Soft 2.2 NTSC/PAL Omnibus - 2.3 NTSC/PAL Portal Prv - 0.5 - Soko Prv Koelga Soft 0.2 - Saper Prv - 0.4 - Lions of the Universe Creative Micro D. 3.8 NTSC/PAL already + updated Leppard 100% - 3.5 NTSC fixed D.Crystals - 2.2 NTSC/PAL already Lazertech Loadstar 3.2 NTSC/PAL already Draz Paint 1.6 - 0.0 Utility Pluff Prv Aspyxia Software 0.6 - Trener Adersoft 1.2 Translation + basic B.Ejnar Prv - 0.3 - Kolko - 2.3 NTSC/PAL The Castle - 4.5 NTSC fixed Monstrum Mirage Software 5.5 NTSC fixed

Hitmen (Ger) Points: 6.3

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Cross It 2 Prv D.Designs 0.4 - C. Craze Prv EB & New Entry 0.4 - Shatterlands Commodore World 5.5 NTSC fixed, coop W/Onslaught

Hardcore (Ger) Points: 18.1

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Remember Prv Low Noise PD. 0.5 Coop W/Onslaught Bilbo Prv - 0.5 Coop W/Onslaught Marc In Wonderland Prv - 0.4 Coop W/Onslaught R.Bomb Prv - 0.4 Coop W/Onslaught The Evil Prince Threshold Prod. 4.8 Coop W/Onslaught Silvapod Prv - 0.4 Coop W/Onslaught Deluxe Strip Poker Prv New Entry 0.6 Coop W/Onslaught Warflame Bigtime Software 3.6 Coop W/Onslaught Dangerball 2 - 3.1 Coop W/Onslaught Trooze Prv - 0.4 Coop W/Onslaught Silvapod 100% - 3.4 NTSC fixed by AVT

Fortress (Ger) Points: 0.2

Name: Company: Points: Comments: S.P.I.X Prv - 0.2 -

Motiv8 (Den,Usa,Ger) Points: 14.9

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Bouncy Prv - 0.2 - Skyt Prv - 0.3 - Minitron - 2.1 NTSC/PAL already W.Worms Prv Image Soft 0.2 - T.Matrix Crown Logyk Soft 2.4 NTSC/PAL already M.Mines Prv - 0.3 - P.S.Manager ET Software 1.3 NTSC/PAL already + basic Temporal The Guild 2.1 NTSC/PAL already + basic Quizmaster Loadstar 1.3 NTSC/PAL already + basic Collins Loadstar 1.2 NTSC/PAL already + basic Puzzle PG. Loadstar 1.2 NTSC/PAL already + basic Cryptoquad Loadstar 1.2 NTSC/PAL already + basic Storehouse Loadstar 1.1 NTSC/PAL already + basic

Pandora (Ger,Usa,Den) Points: 0.1

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Thorion 2 - 3.4 Translation T.Puzzle PRV Bytebros 0.4 - Football Manager '95 - 1.3 Translation Tile 2 - -5 Re-release

Onslaught (Aus,Ger,Hun,USA,Pol) Points: 27.9

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Remember Prv Low Noise 0.5 Coop W/Hardcore Bilbo Prv - 0.5 Coop W/Hardcore Marc In Wonderland Prv - 0.4 Coop W/Hardcore R.Bomb Prv - 0.4 Coop W/Hardcore The Evil Prince Threshold Prod. 4.8 Coop W/Hardcore Silverpod Prv - 0.4 Coop W/Hardcore Deluxe Strip Poker Prv New Entry 0.6 Coop W/Hardcore Warflame Bigtime Software 3.6 Coop W/Hardcore Dangerball 2 - 3.1 Coop W/Hardcore Trooze Prv - 0.4 Coop W/Hardcore Flashback Prv EBES 0.2 - Cyberwing Prv Bigtime Software 0.7 - Genocide Prv Lightstorm 0.3 - Ice Tea Prv Century Art 0.6 - Super Pac Twins Prv Commodore Format 0.4 - Amnesia Twice Effect 5.5 NTSC fixed by Hitmen Shatterlands Commodore World 5.5 NTSC fixed by Hitmen

Success & The Ruling Company (Hol,Ger,USA,Pol,UK) Points:

Name: Company: Points: Comments: Castle Prv - 0.8 - Logic CP Verlag 4.4 NTSC fixed Brave Prv CP Verlag 0.5 - Shaman CP Verlag 4.8 NTSC fixed Twin Terrors Prv V2 - 0.7 - Fastball Prv Loadstar 0.2 - Shopping AG Prv - 0.5 -

Special notes: (*)

Colonial Trader released by AFL as the full game, was not in fact the full game... words from the coder himself. In this case it recieves preview points. Slaterman released by AFL has been re-released many times, but they released the fixed version, even though it was outside the 6 month period, still deserves some credit. Ikkiushi the CP Verlag game released by AVT, was released PAL by them. AFL released an NTSC version, but it wasn't 100% fixed, then AVT released the 100% version. Mystery from AFL wasn't 100% fixed, so AVT released the 100% version.

Relax from AVT, was a re-release from the Success first release, 2 years ago... Walkers from AVT was released PAL first by them... Onslaught released a bugged NTSC version, so AVT released the 100% version.

Lastly, Tile 2 from Pandora, is a re-release of a game released in 1991 from Kingsoft called Magic Tiles.

Releases since issue four: 49 prv, 52 games, 3 tools. Qualified chart entries: 13 (!) Most active group: Onslaught (17 releases)

Domination #5 release chart:

Rank:     Group:                    Points:            Releases:   
 .1       Alpha Flight 1970          34.1                 15   
 .2       Avantgarde                 33.9                 15   
 .3       F4CG                       32.7                 16   
 .4       Onslaught                  27.9                 17   
 .5       Hardcore                   18.1                 11   
 .6       Motiv8                     15.9                 13   
 .7       Success*TRC                11.9                  7   
 .8       Hitmen                      6.3                  3   
 .9       Atlantis                    6.2                  5   
.10       Accuracy                    1.0                  4   
.11       Cascade                     0.9                  2   
.12       Fortress                    0.2                  1   
.13       Pandora                     0.1                  4

Domination #5 NTSC/PAL fixing chart:

Rank:     Group:                    Points:              Fixes:   
 .1       Avantgarde                 38.4                  9   
 .2       Alpha Flight 1970          20.1                  5   
 .3       F4CG                       13.5                  3   
 .4       Hitmen                     11.0                  2                 
          Chromance                  11.0                  3   
 .5       Success*TRC                 9.2                  2   
 .6       Onslaught                   4.8                  1

Editor comments:

This issue the charts have been created from games released since last issue on June 1st to August 31st. The top four groups released a lot of software in this time. Its a pity our friends in NTSC land did not contribute at all to the fixing of any of these games. With the resurrection of 'Hitmen' however, we should be seeing some further fixing. One final word, please understand that 'The List' is done under heavy controversies and it may not be perfect. But it's accurate as it can be in my own opinion. If you disagree with anything, just send a letter and disk to: Jazzcat of Onslaught XX XXXXX XXXXXX, XXXXXXXX, XXXX, XXXXXXXX, Australia.

Times are tough for the illegal section of the scene, with lack of games, blacklisted boards and no stable methods of phreaking... But let's look to the future and what positive things it may bring... stay tuned for 'The List' of Domination Issue #6.

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