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Hate, revenge, frustration are the motivation that people are driven by from time to time. This chapter expresses such emotions from sceners or entire groups’ conflicts, disagreements and arguments.

Only this chapter will have one sided text, I prefer to keep it contained, rather than to have it spread through the entire magazine.

Firstly this issue we have a contribution concerning the new group Cascade and the controversial crew Airwolf Team. Most people believed AWT to be dead, well according to the following it wouldn't appear so, read on...

Clearing up! By Zeldin of CASCADE.

First things first: The rumours that most AWT members are now members of Cascade are totally wrong... Scratch up those rumours from your mind!!! Some days ago I received the "Metal Force" issue #3 and I couldn't believe what I was reading...

In the last chapter the Airwolf Team was sending fucking to nearly every group in the scene... but they didn't say anything about the FACT that Mr. Lee and me left the AWT nearly two months before the Metal Force #3 was finished... 

After leaving:

- MR.LEE told them NOT to write any chapter or text, which he wrote over four months ago... Not that they ignore what he told them, they even rewrote his chapters with even more aggressive text.

- I told them NOT to use my graphics (4 full screen koala pictures) but they said to me: " left AWT, so it is your fault that you painted graphics which you can't use anymore... hahaha." and so they used my graphics.

They did this on purpose, because now everyone who reads Mr. Lee’s chapters and sees the Zeldin handle at the graphics, thinks that the fuckings were done mainly under our name. This is a quite cheap propagandistic trick, done as revenge, because of the following reasons:

Mr. Lee and me left the AWT and founded Cascade because we we're sick of the bad AWT image, we were sick of all those wars, that were mostly started by the AWT nearly against the whole scene and which hadn't been mine at any time, as I was a member in AWT for only 4 months (4 months too much!!!) and we were sick of saying 'sorry' for the shitty deeds of some (certain) AWT members, which we couldn't control no longer in any way!!!

As the remaining Airwolf Team recognized that the most active and talented members had left the group, they asked us, if they could also join Cascade, to make it the follower of AWT! We denied it, due to the described 'leaving reasons' ... and so they were very angry and tried to ruin the new start of CASCADE with the Metal Force issue #3...

That’s why I say: AWT FUCK OFF...

They said they are dead, but beware... they will try a comeback under another name, in some months!! I can only hope that the scene will not spit on us and I hope that the scene will recognize that Cascade products are light years away from the lame (intromaker) AWT style!

To all guys/groups which were attacked in the Metal Force #3, I can only say DO NOT punish us (Cascade) with bad words or a war... we are punished enough for having ever been a member of the Airwolf Team! I thank you for your attention....


Moving on, I have gathered two sides of a story and will print them here for the readers to make their own conclusion. Read on...

Public note by Alpha Flight.

Recently another group has decided to join the bandwagon and started attacking the Alpha Flight, saying that we ripped graphix from them. The group who tries their luck this time is the 'famous' Mayhem. For all of you who don't know this group. Mayhem is an English based team, releasing only scanned pictures and other interesting things.

In a note released by them they claimed we ripped a picture from them and used it in an intro. The intro they're talking about was coded 1.5 years ago by the well known and respected coder Druid.

At the time a member of Alpha Flight. Druid, now a member of F4CG never mentioned anything about having ripped a picture. He coded the intro. So we supposed the intro to be completely coded by him (if you can't trust your group mates, who can you trust?).

Therefore any accusations made concerning this intro graphics should be pointed towards Druid/Agony/F4CG and most certainly not towards Alpha Flight. Another thing they tried to attract attention with is the picture used in a game released by us, just a while ago. Mayhem claims the picture which is used in this game called 'Bad Balls' is ripped from another one of their scanned picture collections.

People, are we responsible for the games we put out? I don't think so; we did not code the game. We haven't got anything to do with it, except that we released the game, so if you want to complain about it, go and contact the coder, I’m sure he'll be very happy to help you out on this one...

It is very obvious that this group tries to seek fortune and fame by attacking Alpha Flight; their accusations are nothing but thin air and are absolutely not well based. I guess we're just dealing here with a bunch of kids who thought they could get famous by attacking on us, but just like in the other cases (i.e. The 'Nuts' case, which we proved to be right about that, see the Relax - June issue for more details about that).

So now go back to your kindergarten and please from now on try to think before you do something incredibly stupid again. Living in the fast lane is just not meant for everyone...

For any further comments I suggest you pick up your phone and dial the leading boards like:


Leave mail to any of the AFL members and they will be happy to point you to the sub where you can play with your own toys... This note will mainly be spread on the US and EURO boards, but if necessary we will give it to our mail traders to spread it around in the mail scene.

On behalf of the whole Alpha Flight, STYX/AFL .

Domination: This was the first real note, now over the next pages is the not well spread "Mayhem to AFL" reply note.

Public note by Mayhem.

It seems like Styx/AFL likes to get out of things by saying people are just jumping the bandwagon like other groups, well we are not. I didn't know anything about the game 'Nuts' so first mistake goes to Styx/AFL.

He also says that we're trying to make our own group famous, like the AFL board (Its nickname is Recracker's Heaven) no we are not trying to get famous through this, second mistake. Also Styx, I don't own or never have owned a scanner, third mistake.

If it is true that the intro was coded by an old AFL member then that still is no excuse for not crediting Bren/Mayhem for the graphics, if you look in intros where people use other people's music, the name is always in the credits, it is the right thing to do.

But AFL took all the credit for the intro, if you take away the picture, then the intro is nothing. Fourth mistake (Don't pass the buck!).

Then a game (?) appeared cracked by AFL. It had a picture taken from Mayhem's Digi Art, was it mentioned in the credits, NO!

Okay, Styx said he only cracks the game BUT! (1) AFL 1st release (2) No one had this original but AFL. (3) All it was a hires screen with 2 sprites and collision detection. (4) We all know it was just a quick release to gain points on the boards, a cheap trick you could say.

Over my 10 years on the 64 I have swapped with many people and some AFL members, and up until this day I have never had any problems with AFL members.

Calyspo, Racoon (Ed: now Hitmen), Backlash and Shuze all have been and still are cool pals. I have had no problems with these guys. All you had to do from the start Styx was to ask us or even credit us for the pictures and there wouldn't have been all these notes flying around.

By the way I agree with you about the game 'Nuts', I had it years ago, cracked by a less known group who are no longer around, so these things do happen.

"So now go back to your kindergarten and please from now on try to think before you do something incredibly stupid again. Living in the fast lane is just not meant for everyone...” (STYX)

Hmm words of wisdom, Styx who is the child someone who tries to get credit for something they haven't done yes we agree. So surely the message was to you!

The only toys I play with are of the female variety, something you might not yet be into, as your mind seems to be mainly on other things. This note isn't a war note or anything childish as that, it is just our answer to your note.

As I said before I have other AFL pals, so I’m not mad with the AFL group, just the people who rip pictures. The way forward on the 64 is friendship. So please sort yourself out Styx!


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