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Welcome to the opinions, criticism and general comments from the scene towards the last issue of Domination. Since the outfit change and a wider branch of text, it has inspired many reactions from sceners of all areas.

Quite a few people have given some good constructive criticism on this magazine, and that’s exactly what we're looking for. This helps for improving text style and also expanding our fields to become a more widely based magazine which can then appeal to even more readers.

Hopefully we have taken advantage of the scenes comments, and capitalized to produce a disk magazine we can all work for and enjoy.

Sledge of Fairlight: This time Jazzcat has proven that there is only one magazine worth reading on the C64 scene, the best issue so far, no doubt! I liked it a lot, and the Scope dedication was well fitted... I really loved it...

Domination: Nice comments and thanks. Scope was a personal friend of mine and I think it was my responsibility to show him some respect through this production. His name will live on. Hope you enjoy this issue pal.

Stasi of Noice: Fucking awesome issue! Just loved it, great texts, nice graphics and functional design! The best magazine these days. Just one thing, please see to it that everything fits into one side or fix the loader, ok?

Now go cheat the charts in Noice's favour 8) Euphoria Editor.

Domination: Good comments and thanks. Last issue was a somewhat special issue, apart from the fact of a new outfit; it was also a dedication issue to our dear friend Scope/F4CG. The amount of text and chapters was more, but the use of an IFLI picture in the intro consumed more room than normal. There was no way I would omit any text for the sake of having it one sided, so I did the next best thing with a change disk only once option. This issue should appear, as normal on one side. Enjoy it and let the scene cheat the charts in Noice's favour! Take care...

Chotaire of Onslaught & Hardcore: (now Afl'70). I just had a closer look in the new issue of Domination and fucking hell, this magazine has an outfit that's unbelievable, yeah I like it.

Domination issue #4 is the first magazine for years I really read! The outfit is great, the music was unbelievable and the text kept me reading and reading for hours. Continue to make a magazine like this and be sure my H/P support for the Domination will arrive very soon.

Domination: Thanks for your words Marc. This issue contains some even more cool music and hopefully a greater quality in text. I'm not much concerned with quantity of text in my magazine, just a to the point style with some extra surprises, hope you enjoy!

Peacemaker: (now Hitmen) First I want to say about yar news about The Evil Island Yar wrote I yar magazine that it was taken down due to less support from AFL.. Ya know what? I really got angry when I heard the truth why it is offline. I don't want to say you the truth here. But Ancient Mariner had his reasons to close his board and when ya hear why did it, ya hopefully will apologize.

This was just another lame attempt to make some anti-propaganda against AFL. Really low way! Second. Nice to see you have some kind of SLAGBACK in yar mag. Yar wrote alota stuff about our raggings on the US boards. Yar wrote some stuff about Misfortune. That we have trouble with ya guys ya said we released the game along time Scs+Trc.

that it is lame to release such an old game... and bla bla.. But I think I didn't read the main reason why we had the trouble ya accused AFL for recracking ya [O] version and finally AFL proved that it is a fucking lie. Why didn't ya print it in yar fucking mag. I just saw some anti-Afl propaganda and nothing more. \here was the whole story? and now I’m hungry.. This was not a rag, just a little reaction for this mag.

Domination: Firstly this type of reaction, although slightly aggressive is one of the best I’ve ever had. To the point, constructive comments. Well about The Evil Island. t was posted on that board several times that it lacked support, and this is true. Only several AFL guys would call there from time to time, I myself had given it much support when I was in Alpha Flight around two years ago. Because the board went down and the coincidental fact that there was hardly any callers, most people drew a conclusion that it was due to lack of support. If this is wrong I apologize on behalf of this magazine.

Misfortune unveils a different scenario though... Firstly you accused me of accusing AFL on a recrack of this preview. I've NEVER, as most board callers would remember, accused anyone of a recrack. This is not to say, that I haven't taken out that possibility at that time, as it was quite suspicious to release a game and not say the correct source of supply. Even the programmer of the game said NO-ONE has ever got the original of both the V1 & V2 original as first, with the exception of Success+TRC and Onslaught. So a recrack was an obvious possibility. AFL proved they never recracked the game, but what hasn't been proven is the source of supply, which has to do with RRR/Oxyron, Marc/AFL and maybe the cracker, Ream.

Apart from this I hope you enjoyed the fourth and this issue. Incidentally the problems with AFL & [O+H] have been sorted out, so take this as a mere fair reply and not as an attack.

Bird/Motiv8: (now Pandora) Domination has improved a lot since the first issue was released, and the last issue was for sure a major kick arse issue, and I love the possibility to change the tune and in Domination you sure have a lot of tunes to play, as I normally get tired of listening to the same tune after some minutes... Also I like the news, as most other mags have news that is over three months old, but not with Domination.

I hope this reaction is helping you to keep up the good work as a mag-editor. In fact, I would go so high and say one of the best mag editors in the scene... Looking forward to the next issue...

Domination: Thanks for the reaction Tommy. Yes, I agree with the music comments. I find that if a magazine as an average or above normal amount of text, it deserves more music to entertain the reader because of the larger amount of time for magazine reading. Some of my news is old but I generally get all the new stuff in as well, I do the news section from issue to issue. So this pressures me to release an issue at least every 3 months! Thanks for the kind words and enjoy this issue.

Xenox/Alpha Flight: The Outfit: Domination issue #4 has one of the best mag outfits I ever saw, its simple but it looks very nice. The logo icons and the rest are looking fucking nice all together...! Really good work Hain...!

The Text: The text is okay, too. Very informative (only the interview with Ignorance is lame, the questions from Bizarre are not that good.. hehe, Jose) The only bad thing is that the issue is this time over 2 sides, I mean the 2 files on the second side, you should kick out some chapters and maybe you put the 2 files from the second side to the first side! But all in all, Domination issue #4 in this style is much better than THE PULSE! That’s all... l8tah and go on Jazzcat!

Domination: Good to seem some opinions floating in about the 2 sided option I threw in last issue. Well it was only a one off thing. Because of the IFLI piccy in the intro and the large amount of text things were a little different and it was/is never my intention to make the magazine double sided. So hope you enjoy his issues back to normal look! The interview with Ignorance was good I think, the correct questions were given. What made the interview weak in my own opinion, was the lack of detail or negative/or no responses to some very controversial questions. If these were answered correctly and in a more informative way, it would have been even better

I don't class my magazine better than any other, The Pulse is an excellent magazine, as most close competitors are. If they improve, I will try improving with them. But what most people must understand is I’m almost a one man team in the editing, but I enjoy the bulk of text I perform. Take care pal.

Psychopath/Motiv8: I read the last issue of Domination and was delighted to see that there is still decent magazines in the 64 scene.

I have only been away for a year, but in just that one year the standard has fallen tremendously. Even then, the standard was pretty low for most mags. Only a few ones kept up the interesting topics.

Today however, I was sh0cked to see that the standard has fallen even more. I would still like to give a hand to the few magazines left that keeps it worth while staying on the good 'ole 64, and Domination is certainly one of this kind. A lot of interesting texts and the outfit is a thrill for the eye as well. Keep it up. I wish I had something negative to say too - But I don't. hehe, maybe except one thing, and I think you know what I mean... Domination should be released on a much (much!!!) more regular basis.

Domination: Thanks for the comments Brian. Actually examining your buffer, the English is perfect and you write in an easily understandable way. You should be working for a magazine! There are not as many disk magazines on C64 these days as compared to the magazine boom 2-3 years ago. But I hope to keep this one alive. It has been running for 2 years now, but only 5 issues. hehe, which brings us all nicely to your good criticism.

Hopefully this issue is out much faster than the time lapse between issues 3 >> 4. The reason for this was a changing of outfit, and with this out of the way, I hope to achieve the normal bi-monthly schedule. You must take also into consideration that most mags have a shared workload, where as I do the bulk of the text-slavery. Anyway hope this issue finds your drive soon and that you enjoy the text that lies within, Au revoir...

Jack Daniels/Avantgarde: Domination issue #4 was very cool, I really liked the outfit. Even though I still can't understand how someone spends that much time on writing a magazine. (that’s because I did it myself for some years... ahem...) I appreciate your work and efforts! Keep that good work up, I’m looking forward to seeing Domination issue #5.

Domination: Thank you for your reaction Tobias. My own crazy style of doing the bulk of the work on this magazine is not unlike yours with Corruption, particularly in the ATG years. Hope you enjoy this issue and the improvements that lie ahead.

Dr Kaos/Reflex/Agony: Issue #4 was great again, for sure the best issue until now. It's the best scene-magazine in my opinion, and that’s not ass-licking. Well Domination is the most neutral mag around. Not even The Pulse was so good in that field. Okay, I hope you can keep up the quality and much luck with further issues!

Domination: Well here was are at issue five. I try to remain as neutral as possible. Which is quite easy to do if one doesn't take the scene as a business matter, but treats it as a fun addiction and hobby. Hope you enjoy this issue.

Zeldin/Cascade: Hey! I was really impressed by your mag... Very cool outfit!!! Well I hate to make compliments as it really sounds slimy. But I had to congratulate you to the Domination issue #4.. GO ON LIKE THIS, DUDES!


Thanks for the words Zeldin. Btw: read Zeldin's words in the "Slag Back" chapter.

Shuze/Alpha Flight: Hey Jazzy! Cool outfit, some nice chapters and good comprehensive news section which is WELL up to date. You’re doing a fine job, well done old bean...

Domination: Thanks for the comments Paul, my news is a little old in some places, but I find it necessary to publish all news so people learn how each group is progressing. Anyway thanks for the reaction.

Well that’s all for this issue, thanks to you all for the great response and for the support. Enjoy this issue my friends...

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