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  • Party Time *

Alcohol, marijuana and just simple friendship and fun are what drive most people to parties these days. Several of which have successfully occurred since issue four. This time a broad selection of countries hosted these scene meetings, Poland, Finland, Germany and The Netherlands were the focus point for the legal scene over the past months. Over to some news from various meetings and future announcements...

  • The ultimate Radwar parties will continue, a party has been arranged by the usual Markus Wiederstein/TRSI under the Radwar/TRSI label. A full information note and details will be released soon if not already.
  • Assembly '95 was another achievement. Byterapers stole the show with their hit Extremes. Unfortunately promised demos from Crest, Panoramic Designs and Horizon weren't released. Maybe soon? Beyond Force still managed to release, whilst Origo never made the release date with their promised production. * NewsCopy/F4CG announced Tribute '95. Details should follow soon with the new issue of Propaganda. Hopefully a much better support from the scene after the first in the Tribute series.

  • PARTY REPORT * Name: PUKE 4X4 Date: 10-12 July 1995. Location: Koszalin, Poland. Reporter: Dr.Soft/Albion.

Howdy freaks! As I just came back from another meeting which was held in a nice Polish city named Koszalin, I decided to write some info’s about this party for all of you which aren't present there, especially foreign sceners that not often visit Polish parties. So as you already know from the cool invitation file spread around, the main organizers of this party were Morris/F4CG and Latifah/Elysium. They tried to make this meeting a cool one and I think they succeeded.

The party zone was held inside a kind of sport hall, so there was a lot of free space and everybody could find a table to unpack their equipment and work on their productions. If you felt hungry, a really cool buffet was open 24 hours a day and some delicious meals were served. Really, I was at four parties, but PUKE 4X4, the food was of fucking high quality.

The main problem of the organizers was that only about 80 sceners arrived. That’s really not a big number, especially for a Polish party, but the explanation for that is simple. In July we have three big c64 parties in Poland and sceners will just choose on which they will show up.

The entrance fee was quite cheap, about $4 US. What’s the most important thing? Probably the first time in history of Polish meetings 2 foreigners came. They were Gorefest/Proxyon and Jesper, both good friends of Latifah. Bad luck that Jesper caught an allergic from Morris's dog and almost spent the entire party time at Latifah's house, sick!

The amount of visitors wasn't high but almost all top Polish groups were present: Agony, Albion, Caution, Vermes, Elysium, Samar, Lepsi, Galicya, Fatum and some less known too.. The results...

DEMO COMPETITION: 1st..............Love by Agony Design. 2nd.............Scorpion by Vermes. 3rd.............Hallucinations by Albion.

So finally 'Agony' released their new demo, which we saw the preview in Dec'95 at the Visual v4 party in Tarnow/Poland. The demonstration is a full disk release with a lot of nice pictures and 100% design. The second place takes 'Vermes' with a cool dentro, some stunning effects in it, so try to check it out.. The third placing goes to 'Albion' with an unfinished production which by now, should be completed.. GRAPHICS COMPETITION: 1st..............Jester Kyd/Nipson. 2nd.............Jester Kyd/Nipson. 3rd.............Appacz/Albion.

A great victory for young but very talented Jester. He has released already two graphics collections. Third place goes to Appacz, which in the last months really has increased his overall level.

MUSIC COMPETITION: 1st..............Moog/Agony. 2nd.............Kordiakuis/Illusion. 3rd.............Shogoon/Agony.

First prize goes to Moog (Ed: also in this issue) for a nice kind of technozak, composed especially for the Albion demo 'Hallucinations'.

Second is not well known 'Kordiakuis' who made a kind of world first at the competition because he used two Commodores connected together to make use of 6 sid channels. Third place, for a Polish legend 'Shogoon' for his original styled music..

INTRO COMPETITION: 1st...............Boom by Agony Design. 2nd..............???? by Samar. 3rd..............Lepsi by Lepsi.

In my opinion the PUKE 4X4 party was a quite nice meeting with a good level of releases in all categories. I hope in December, like the organizer's promised, that more sceners will come and 'PUKE 2' will be even better than this one...

Your reporter


  • X-96 is still planned by the Success*TRC & Focus organizers. After much success from X-95, this smaller event may turn out to be a major one. Lets all hope so.

Next issue, I hope to have full information concerning the Christmas party which maybe held by Camelot in Denmark and the Tribute 1996 party in Sweden. Most top groups I believe now, only release their major productions and the large parties. We are all still waiting on the latest from: Origo, Camelot's "Elite", Antic's "Creepshow 2", Reflex, Censor's "Deep", Triad's "Refugee", Taboo and Elysium with "Altered States", TAT's "Airdance V" and a co-op demo between Padua & Motiv8. Plus many more from other groups...

See you next issue.


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