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Hitmen (Ger,Swe)

Having established themselves once again in the scene, things have been going well. They gained Dodger, who left Onslaught to join Hitmen as a cracker. Tranziie/Ex-G*P joined as a wares runner to start a Swedish section.

Sharing 'The Dungeon' with Success*TRC and Demonix was performing great, until the BBS went down to an unpaid phone bill. The sysop however returned several weeks later, paying the bill and to the joy of the scene, put TD back online.

Looking to expand mail wise, Hitmen let Suzuki join on trial as a megaswapper, only to be kicked 2 days later. Instead they got an unknown trader by the name of Sabotage, who fill up as replacement. Controversial Shok'ray/Ex-Onslaught joined as graphician only to be booted several days later. "He didn't keep his promises or follow the rules of Hitmen" told Curlin/Hitmen.

The Ministry/Ex-Onslaught joined in as crackers, but also caused some discomfort for main cracker Dodger. "Lets see how much time I need to get you kicked, if not I leave", posted an angry Dodger on Swedish BBS 'Wares Aquarium', where the argument still continues. Brighter news lately with the return of Peacemaker's BBS 'Mystical Paradise', which went back online October 14th and will serve as Hitmen EHQ. Bright days lie ahead for the group, as we continue to cover this group next issue.

Memberstatus: Arrogance - Curlin - Dodger - Groepaz - Hi Lite - Jihad - Jinx - Lawnmower Man - Peacemaker - Raze - Racoon - Sabotage - Tyron - Tranziie - The Ministry - Vortex.

The Dungeon 1-214/XXX-XXXX Hitmen WHQ. Mystical Paradise +49/XXX-XXXXXX Hitmen EHQ.

Motiv8 (Den,Usa,Ger,Nor)

The Danish Internet based crew made their way this issue actively in all areas. Ranging from progressive support to The Pulse mag, Internet activities and a return to the BBS scene. Rumours currently circulating that M8 & Padua are in co-operation are false. The real truth is that M8 and Padua will soon release a co-op demo. So the obvious confusion brought out the rumour.

Norwegian member TG Acme will be inactive for much longer as he recently started military service. Fellow member Mizar however has a worse fate, being put in jail for Hack*Phreak related crimes.

Greenfrog proudly announced the first WWW page on C64. Expanding on their already large Internet foundation they now joint run the Italian FTP site with F4cg. FTP: To help support it all, Iceball made it to the super highway.

Everything is not so good however, with the public in a bit of a fuzz over the basic games released by M8. As Crossfire wrote in the October issue of Pulse, that the C64 needs all the releases it can get. It is clear that Motiv8's intension are not points based like some groups, but just a wanting to perform on an active level.

Stone stopped mail trading in order to concentrate more on the PC. However Bird/Pandora rejoined M8 and his board 'Mount Olympus' became once again the Motiv8 Euro HQ. German member Eddie, recently became sysop of the Motiv8 PC HQ called 'Einstein' support it on: +49/XXX-XXXXXXX. Motiv8 certainly deserve some credit for the excellent public relation stunts and Internet activity of recent.

Memberstatus: Binjinx - Bird - Clive - Crossfire - Eddie - Greenfrog - Grego - Ibanez - Iceball - Mason - Merlin - Mizar - Natas - Stone - TG Acme.

In Living Color 1-713/XXX-XXXX M8 US HQ. Mount Olympus +45/XXX-XXXXX M8 EHQ.

Onslaught (Aust,Ger,Hun,Den,Tur,USA)

This international group has shown great activity in all areas. Having some major changes in the group status they cut down on many members.

Due to inactivity La*Style, Ministry and Joyride were removed from 'Onslaught'. 'Onslaught Design' were not short of changes either removing TLH, The Twins, KBS and Smd for inactivity. Recruiting some new talent into the demo section they signed on ASV formerly known as Andre(AS)/Antic/Oxyron who joined as coder, graphician, musician and trader. Also to join [OD] was Ram Jam/Atlantis who left them and joined as musician and cracker.

Rap/Jabole/No Name another talent, left both his groups and joined 'Onslaught Design' as musician. Hungarian members of the legal section Pete and Cubehead left in order to build 'Resource' with former members of the group 'Exile'. Main musician Morbid joined the music label called Bass. Original member and coder/graphician Grize, has gone inactive for PC work, he may return sometime at a later stage and has been removed from the status.

Trying to keep a policy of having group member solely in 'Onslaught', Vengeance/[O]/Megastyle left Megastyle in order to put more work into the group. Stake and Homeboy followed suite and left their second group Chromance also. Expanding board-wise 'Onslaught' signed up Trouble who left the 'troubled' Excess and joined up. His BBS "DeadZone" became 'Onslaught's 2nd US HQ and also became the WHQ for [OD] magazine, Vandalism News.

The Turkish section of 'Onslaught' is formed with main members of Accuracy; Digahole, Sharp and Mr. Brain joined to enforce the illegal section. Witty/[O]/Accuracy also left ACY in order to do graphics solely for [O].

Expanding on the already large mail fleet, 'Onslaught' recruited former number one trader Code18, who returned to the scene and joined. Donar/Paradox/Arcoss also left both his groups and joined as original supplier, coder, cracker and swapper.

Onslaught certainly have a lot in mind, with demos, first releases, music collections and other projects in the pipeline.

Memberstatus: ASV - Bizarre - Code 18 -Doom - Digahole - Donar - Gop - Hardsequencer - Heavyhead - Homeboy - Jazzcat - Jolz - Morbid - Morrisey - Mr. Brain - Rap - Shades - Sharp - TMM - Trouble - Vengeance - Witty.

Down By Law 1-203/XXX-XXXX [O] WHQ. DeadZone 1-215/XXX-XXXX [O] US HQ. Westpoint +45/XXX-XXXXX [O] EHQ.

Success * The Ruling Company (Hol,Ger,Pol,USA,UK)

The ruling Dutch based co-op continued with quite a good amount of releases and a great mail output. Firstly they gained Techno/Ex-G*P as a supplier and cracker, but he later left for Chromance.

H-Bloxx joined as a swapper and original supplier, but will also remain in Excess as second group.

The Polish section containing Sliver, Titanic and Sailor got active again with some release, an untrue rumour was spread that the whole section joined Chromance, which is of course false. Which Nightshade/Success*TRC confirmed after getting back from his holidays in Finland.

Board-wise 'State of the art', 'The Lost Empire' and 'The Dungeon' all got formatted! SOTA is now back online on a trial basis, their Dutch BBS TLE is now down for good with sysop Guzzler showing no signs of life. The Dungeon went offline for weeks, and so did the voice line of sysop The Alchemist. Several weeks after the confusion, the board went back online as Kyle posted of a phone bill that was never paid being the reason behind the disconnection.

Success*TRC will without doubt be one of the most popular co-ops in history, if not THE most popular.

Memberstatus: Arrogance - Alchemist - Action Jackson - CBA - Cavron - Coolhand - Credo - Cruze - Dannie - H-Bloxx - Jrc - Jity - Lord Crucifier - Micron - Mystri - Moren - Mr. Disk - Replay - Sailor - Sliver - Spectator - Splatterhead - Trax - Titanic.

The Dungeon 1-215/XXX-XXXX Success*TRC WHQ. State of the Art +49/XXX-XXXXXX Success*TRC EHQ.

  • Single News *

  • Deathlok/F4CG joined Pandora.
  • Bird/Pandora rejoined Motiv8 with his BBS as EHQ.
  • Sky/Pandora has gone inactive because of the army.
  • Chotaire left Pandora because of internal dispute. Pandora status: Amputator - Attraction - Deathlok - Deviant - Mephisto - Holy Moses - Protheus - Sky - Thage - Weasel - Xentor.
  • Noice memberstatus: Swoffa - Mazy - Organic - Pantaloon - Nightowl - Stasi - Zalo - Liket - Tommy - Zzap and Joyride. http: //
  • Angry gained 'Crusher' as swapper and 'Boon' as a magazine editor.
  • Black Code Design died, members have scattered to other groups.
  • Gigabyte/No Name left the scene due to no time.
  • Reflex memberstatus: Felidae - Quiss - Smiling Guru - Zorc - Hogan - Pvt - Roder - Pvcf - Dr.Kaos - Happymaker - Odysseus - Beathoven and Jim Jack. Soon to be released demos include Judges, Kju and Mathematicia, all of which are trackmos. Music, digi and graphics collections are also in the process of completion.
  • In November this year a party will be arranged for C64/PC/AMIGA in Budapest/Hungary.
  • Night Owl/Ex-Rebels/Ex-Silents (Amiga) joined Noice as a coder.
  • Didi/Laxity got an offer from Excess but declined.
  • Peace/Noice rejoined Oxyron on PC format, with fellow member Scrapper also working in Oxyron Pc and has stopped all his C64 activities.
  • Hacker's Unit will again be released by Lord Crucifier and Splatterhead of Success*TRC.
  • WOW are not dead as some mags wrote, they released a collection of PC-ported pictures in a collection called 'Pac In Time', hope to see Internal soon guys!
  • Invaser returned to the scene and joined React as a musician.
  • Glasnost/Camelot is apparently working on a new demo called 'Elite'.
  • Acrise are back in the scene, and their magazine Epistula will also be released again.
  • A Turkish BBS will also be online very soon, most likely for the Accuracy group.
  • Mustaine joined TRSI as a graphician and Danzig/TRSI started to NTSC fix. The Breaker and Conan are still members despite false news spread around. Mustaine, Stan and Danzig later left TRSI to rebuild X-Rated. The magazine Sanforized also will come again. * Midfit/TRSI quit the scene for SNES.
  • A new group has formed called 'FUSE', they released a trackmo called 'Respect'.
  • It is believed that the PC game "Doom" will be released on C64, but only on the new ones from 'Escom' with the 1MB RAM board.!!
  • Rhx (coder) joined Excess. Bts renamed to 'Beat Up'
  • Impulse is back, they released 'Bone Hard 3'
  • Rorschach/SD, Skud/<C> and Fuben/Oxyron rebuilt the old label "PowerCraft".
  • Rockstar/Ex-Talent joined Palace.
  • Skater/Ex-Legend is looking for contact with old scene pals:
  • Earthshake the magazine will be released again by Bird/M8. They are searching for editors.
  • Laxity memberstatus: Didi - Manik - Gozo - Angeldust - Cat.
  • Hotshot issue #20 by Flash Inc will be released Jan '96.
  • Strider/Fairlight says FLT will have it's 10 year anniversary on PC, that will cover all their work on C64 since the start.
  • Unconfirmed news says Cat/Excess joined Laxity, it is still unknown if its true or not.
  • Nastyboy/Mental joined Excess.
  • Jabole is dead, most members rebuilt 'Aspect'.
  • Mike left Panic to join Byterapers.
  • All members of the Polish legal group 'Vader' joined the legal group 'Albion'.
  • Mad/Padua is currently working on the new outfit for Update, which has been delayed.
  • A mag called 'Snes Play' will be released on Snes under the Censor label, coded by Shan/Censor.
  • Xenon will soon release a magazine called 'Scope'.

...and that is all this issue. As this magazine gets released on a more regular basis, the news section will be reduced to perhaps only one chapter. Your group's news, status and reports are more than welcome. Contact us at the Domination editorial address or leave email on any major c64 BBS.



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