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Hello my friends, another new chapter in Domination. Introducing is a chapter designed to present a group to the scene. Each issue will cover group member infos, the group priorities and ambitions and anything else the group desires to be published about them. Crew leaders and organizers may send a sheet to the Editorial address, if they wish their group to be represented in this chapter.

First up, i've decided, because of the youth of this chapter to present my own group. Next issue will cover a new group or even several, enjoy.

Group: Onslaught

Date: 16/10/1995 (status date)

Story: This crack and demo group was formed early 1995. As a relatively new group, they have had major changes over the last few months with the group memberstatus, only with the core of the group always remaining the same.

The illegal section, has seperate priorities from its brother, the demo label. Onslaught organizers assemble calling cards for modem trading members, with 3 boards, one in Denmark and two in the USA. The suppliers of the group cover different fields… Originals, mail originals, calling cards.

The legal section is quite in the shadow at the moment, with only small releases showing their actual existance to the scene. But the reasoning behind this is because of a forthcoming megademo which has had many parts completed already. Also music collections and some single file demos are in the pipeline.

On the magazine side of things, their main magazine made by 'Onslaught Design' is the popular and well established 'Vandalism News' which was created in 1991 by Vengeance, the main editor. They also have another magazine, which is the one your reading now. However of course released independently.

Let's take a look over the next page at the 'Onslaught' and 'Onslaught Design' member stats, baring in mind that these two sections make the one group. But have different members and organizers.

Onslaught (12/10/95)

Vengeance: One of the four main organizers and one of the original founders and creators of the group. Matt serves, apart from organizing, as a capable original supplier, mag editor, megaswapper, cracker and modem trader. He also co-sysops two boards. (Australia)

Bizarre: One of the four main organizers and one of the original founders and creators of the group. Jose, serves, apart from organizing, as a good original supplier, mag editor, megaswapper and modem trader. (Germany)

Homeboy: One of the four main organizers. He joined [O] after its birth, leaving from Chromance. He performs cracking, coding, original supplying, mag editing, modem trader and is a co-sysop. (Hungary)

Shades: Jason, is one of the original members. One of the main coders and is a member of both the illegal and legal sections. He is graphician, coder, cracker, NTSC- fixer and swapper. (Australia)

HeavyHead: Thomas, is also one of the original members and does some organizing also. He is sysop of the Onslaught and Vandalism News EHQ, 'WestPoint'. Apart from this he modem trades occasionally, hack+phreak and supplies cards. (Denmark)

Morbid: Dwayne is also an original member. He serves as cracker, musician, coder, graphician, swapper and original supplier. He also does some editing for Vandalism. (Australia)

Deekay: Daniel serves solely as a graphician and joined soon after the birth of Onslaught. He also is a member of legendary demo group Crest. (Germany)

Witty: Brad is a graphician and also does some small swapping. He was former member of Accuracy. But now is solely in 'Onslaught Design'. (Australia)

TMM: Only recently joining as a cracker, coder, graphician and swapper. He soon hopes to get a modem to trade over the lines also. (Germany)

Code 18: Another recent recruitment, Torsten was a former No.1 swapper and has returned to full activity. Contact him! (Germany)

Jolz: Long member of 'Onslaught Design' he is the legal sections most active programmer currently. You will see many of his works in the new demo and this magazine. (Australia)

Trouble: American sysop of their US HQ, 'Dead Zone'. He maintains one of the more popular C64 boards in America. (United States)

Morrisey: Former member of British group 'Talent', Andy serves as 5 year sysop to the well established and renown 'Down By Law'. (United States)

Doom: Former handle was "Flower" this gifted Dane joined in as paper artist, coder and graphician. You will see his work on disk covers and votesheets. He will also be a major contribution to the Vandalism News - Paper Edition. (Denmark)

Gop: Brian, a long time member from the days of Bodycount. Serves as swapper, mag editor and a musician. (Australia)

ASV: This duo are a former c64 talent, Andre/Antic. The other Andre a new scene talent also. They perform as graphicians, coders, musicians and swappers. (Germany)

Mr.Brain: A new recruitment, he serves as swapper and magazine editor. One of the main members of the former Accuracy. (Turkiye)

Sharp: Same as above, Øzoen serves as original supplier, coder and swapper. Also former member of the Accuracy crew. (Turkiye)

Digahole: Also former member of Accuracy, Digahole serves as coder, original supplier, gfx, modem and swap. He did some work for the Accuracy magazine 'Splash' also, but now helps out for 'Vandalism'. (Turkiye)

Hardsequencer: Former member of "Dytec", now works for the Onslaught crew as a graphician and swapper. (Germany).

Jazzcat: Original founding member and one of the main organizers, he megaswaps, original supplies, mag edit, modem trade and H/P. (Australia)

Overall: Onslaught although only young, have gained a Top 10 position in most crack charts. Their demo section, Onslaught Design, is still relatively unknown, but with time will see a glimpse of light. The international group has 3 boards.

Down By Law 1-203/XXX-XXXX [O]+Domination WHQ! Sysyop: Morrisey. Co-sysop: Homeboy & Jazzcat. Place: Connecticut/United States.

Deadzone 1-215/XXX-XXXX [O]+Vandalism News USHQ! Sysop: Trouble. Cosysop: Vengeance & Homeboy. Place: Pennsylvania/United States.

Westpoint +45/XXX-XXXXX [O]+Vandalism News EHQ! Sysop: HeavyHead. Co-sysop: Vengeance & Homeboy. Place: Varde, Denmark.

Ambitions: Although aiming to be the best is one objective not ruled out, the core of the group believe greater enjoyment and success can be gained out of sheer activeness. This is what they hope to achieve.

Public VMB contact at: Bizarre/[Onslaught] +XX/X-XXXXXXXX Jazzcat/[Onslaught] +XX/X-XXXXXXX HeavyHead/[Onslaught] +XX/X-XXXXXXXXX HomeBoy/[Onslaught] +XX/X-XXXXXXXXX

Editor conclusions: Hope you enjoyed the informative on 'Onslaught' which was a natural and quick choice, next issue will present another group to the scene. Remember if your a crew organizer or leader of both the illegal or legal status, send your group's specs to the editorial address.

Best Regards,


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