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  • Hack & Pheak *

Welcome to the extraordinary underworld of hackers, phreakers, virus writers and keyboard criminals. As usual presenting this chapter is the old verbal antagonist and h/p scener, 'XXXXXXX'.

Over the last months the board scene and phreaking in general outside the US of A has become more easier. The major LDS, AT&T, enable major credit cards (both authentic and generated versions) to be used over their service on an international level. The scene flexed its muscle with the return of old callers and groups and an explosion of data activity. But just before the end of August'95 AT&T shut down the loop hole sceners had been abusing. This caused severe discomfort to sceners enjoying the ability to call out on a 24 hour regular basis. AT&T have actually played the card on us this time, as not only this service was terminated, but also the most abused destination numbers such as your favourite BBS, phriend or a number which you called very often using the credit cards are now blacklisted over AT&T. In other words if you use REAL AT&T cards, boards such as Down By Law, Dream Park, The Dungeon and WestPoint are unreachable. 'Please hang up and dial again.’ message.


Just change your number and things will be fine, this may come at an inconvenience to some system operators, but just tell your phone company that you have had prank callers and they will most likely change the number free of charge.

Normally AT&T haven't been involved with blacklisting too much, the only numbers they can blacklist in the past were of an international basis, no USA numbers affected AT&T cards even if they were blacklisted, just the international blacklisted numbers would kill the calling card after the call. Now the numbers are not even reachable!! Another solution for callers using AT&T or MCI cards is to call through another American number that allows credit cards or third party billing (with no call victim verification) to go around this problem.

1800/240-VISA 1800/444-9606 Amnex. 1800/748-6685 Express Tell.

In this issue I’ve decided to print an interesting story on Kevin Mitnick, due to his latest exploits and hunt down. Thanks to Bryan Clough and 'ThunderHawk' for information proceeding...

File: Mitnick, Kevin.

One of the most know cases of recent and through the late 1980's is the Kevin Mitnick affair.

Mitnick was said to be obsessed with computers. In 1979 he and a friend hacked into NORAD (North American Air Defense) mainframe in Colorado Springs. Mitnick has since said that they never tampered with anything, but just got in, looked around, and got out. Mitnick first ran foul with the law in 1981, when he and three friends were arrested for stealing technical manuals from the Pacific Telephone Company. He was convicted and served six months. Later he was accused of breaking into a TRW computer. In 1987 he was arrested for stealing software from a Californian company and was sentenced to 36 months probation.

Mitnick belonged to a bunch of Los Angeles area H/P's called the Roscoe gang. He and the gang allegedly used PC's to harass their opponents, to break into Defense Department computers and to sabotage businesses. He was also accused of breaking into a national security computer and downloading information on the agency and several of its leading employees. More seriously, he was charged with defrauding the computer company Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and MCI - the known long distance company and was transporting software across state lines. The software was alleged to be a copy of DEC's Security System, which made it possible for Mitnick to break into the DEC mainframe and cause $4 million dollars (US) worth of damage.

Mitnick was arrested in late 1988. He was refused bail by several federal judges, who said there would be no way to protect society if he was freed. He was also denied access to a phone while in jail; for fear that he may have pre-programmed a computer to trigger off damaging programs by remote control. In 1989 Kevin was sentenced to two years in prison. After release Mitnick gained access to thousand of internet user's information, which included thousands of credit card numbers and private details.

On the run. Kevin was running from the law then on, using a re-programmed cellular phone, he caused much damage before eventually getting caught a final time earlier this year. He was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, but he pleaded to the jury and 'promised' to eliminate his addiction to computer and phone systems. The jury then later gave him 12 months and 2 years probation.

Next issue I hope to get some history details on both LOD and MOD from several original members that now work in a Houston/Texas computer crime agency. Any contributions are still welcome, either leave email or place a message in one of my existing voice mail boxes.

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