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Quality, Design, Labour. The familiar words from 'Wrath Designs', these three words easily fit into commercial game making. Where are all the quality games these days? Only the occasional will slip through, but it’s still always great to see the return of old game companies, and the building of new ones.

In this segment, there will be the latest company reports, news, advertisements and anything else that may come to light from the commercial scene. The commercial scene is quite tough at the moment though, I should know. As head of "First Blood Entertainment" I found it hard to get the ball really moving. People these days are just interested in money, not the success and joy of the crew behind the game upon completion. Just the selling of the game, some coders, graphicians and musicians get caught up in arguments over the money... This splits people up, drains inspiration and can lead to one less talent in commercial game making.

In here you will find the honest facts, real game companies and more from people who still believe in getting the job done and doing an honest days work. In particular I may mention a forming of a Software label made from an American distributor company and several talents from already existent freelance labels.

With the success of last issues article, we continue this time with a report on the new company.

Best regards;


EVERLASTING STYLE on the move...

Well here's what you've all been waiting for, a game company with a difference. EVERLASTING STYLE has been built up by various members from many different labels and other companies, and we will be distributing COMMODORE WORLD magazine in Australia which has just taken over the bulk of the subscribers from the infamous COMMODORE FORMAT. Let me tell you more. EVERLASTING STYLE is a game buying, selling and also a label which will distribute your games. We will buy games and we can market them in GERMANY, ENGLAND, POLAND, and the U.S.A. if they are running NTSC. If not we can fix games for a small percentage of the sale. So this means we sell games which we don't want to buy ourselves anyway. For titles that aren't brought by any company, we also have a very large mail distribution centre which we can sell games over so your job hasn't been wasted. Want to know more? Well I guess you do. In issue #4 of DOMINATION I wrote an article about another company but since then circumstances has changed and we have teamed up with an elite team of buyers and sellers around the globe. And hope to bring you the best software money can buy on this now depleted 64. We have under construction 8 titles and already 3 full games are finished. But don't let this scare you off at all we do want to buy other titles so if you have something to offer don't hesitate to drop us a line. We also search for more people to join our label as we have concepts and the like already written up. We want to offer a job to those interested in making particular games of our fancy. This basically means we give you a concept and a contract, you tell us what you need in the way of graphics and music then we assign the best graphician and musician for the job. We then MARKET and SELL the game. Being an AUSTRALIAN distributer for COMMODORE WORLD magazine makes it easy to get our latest titles reviewed and also sold to them for the cover disk. But we can also offer you the chance to get the mag on a European basis as well still drop us a line if you are interested and your request will be passed on to our supplier of the magazine, so they can distribute it to you without delay and on time each issue. Here’s the address, don' hesitate to send us any examples of your work, for reviewing in our own mag, and also your full game for sale. Write to us at:


Or phone us on +61/XXXXXXXXX

Send now for all the latest insight on our upcoming releases and for joining this new label/company of ours.


Commercial News July - September '95

  • Legendary musician Markus Siebold returned to activities once again and is composing new titles.
  • Swedish label Cherry Software are working on a full price game called "Future World", the preview version was has been released. The crew behind the game is Nemesis Productions, with Mathias Hedblom/NP doing the graphical work.
  • As printed in the magazine "Propaganda", CP Verlag and Loadstar have struck some software deals, former CP-Verlag games will now be made to run on the NTSC computers and several former CP Verlag titles will see light again on Fender Tucker's Loadstar disk magazine.
  • Everlasting Style is distributing the magazine "Commodore World" magazine throughout Australia.
  • Timo Buschmann former member of the Australian based team Bad Bytes, formed a new group based in Germany called Phuture. The label is also responsible for the Relax magazine. Planned are some full price games and several budget titles which will be sold through American Loadstar and German CP Verlag magazines. Bad Bytes on the other hand are still very much alive with the 'original' members still intact. Their mega game Misfortune is fully completed and is just waiting on the sale.
  • Cosmos Designs, legendary budget game label from Germany have released the fourth episode in the Fred's Back saga, once again containing graphics by the brilliant Dario "Gotcha" Krobath.
  • Newcomer, the Hungarian mega game is being soon distributed by full price label 576 Kbyte.
  • In the meantime Australian software firm 'First Blood' are working on the killer beat-em up "Godflesh" are planning the advertising on a massive scale. Similar to 'Mayhem in Monsterland', a pre-6 month Public Relations act, with the preview soon to be distributed to most major companies and magazines. For more information on this particular project contact them in the address section of this very chapter. Recently their game Shatterlands (in hands with Bad Bytes) successfully distributed the game through Commodore World. Interestingly the original programmer of this budget game was Matt NME Hooten.
  • Czech Republic crew New Entry have been working lately on their full pricer "Decent Strip Poker" which has 2 sides of Amiga ported graphics. They've also been at work on the Amiga conversion of "Las Vegas Casino."

That's it for this issue, hope the serious amongst you out there have found what you needed. This chapter will expand each issue. Any contributions, advertisements are welcome to the Domination editorial address. Best wishes in your legal endeavours...

General Editor.

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