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  • Domination issue #5 *

Welcome back my friends to the bi-monthly stimulation of your scene mind, the independent production known as Domination.

Very positive response was given after last issues release with the new outfit and music, and I hope they are just as entertaining and pleasing in this issue also.

Glancing at the scene these days forces you to see the obvious changes... An expansion in the demo industry and a continuous stretch in the endless (!) binary of the Commodore. But one's self expands also and new consoles, updated computers and real life situations and the ever going fight for money has caused much less game releases compared to yesteryear.

With this publication I intend to cover to my best ability all areas of the C64 world. The rises and falls of the many areas in the legal/illegal scenes, the latest news, interviews with old and new sceners and the normal work a magazine editor performs with his release. But I also intend to add that special Domination touch, with a little more work to try making this magazine as entertaining and rewarding as possible.

Simplicity is the key I believe, the outfit is perfect in this sense, easy to handle, fast and compact. The text I try to keep at a good English level, which most sceners from all over the internet, bulletin boards and through the mail scene can easily understand. But to make this entire production work to its full potential I need YOUR help!

Take a careful look at the basic mould of this magazine its graphics, intro features and music execution.

Appreciation is given and work from you, if in satisfactory condition, is used inside this magazine. Exclusive music is always welcome from any composer. Locations can be from $1000-$2800 in speed single, double or quadro, in any editor. Intro Pictures in any format and any size are accepted if deemed average to above average quality. Domination logos as appear in the same size as the one featured in this issue by the brilliant Dane/TriAd in hi-resolution 16 colour format, or a format which doesn't interfere with the magazine format, music or possible NTSC enjoyment.

Lastly the most important thing would be the text. Any articles, reactions, addresses or generally any thing to do with this publication may also be forwarded to the address at the end of this chapter. But for now lets have a closer examination of the people who put their time behind this issue...

Domination technical realisation credits

Introduction: Binary manipulation by Jolz/Onslaught Amiga ported picture by Mr.Unknown Musical entertainment done by Drax/Vibrants

Magazine: Coding and design performed by Hain/F4CG and Shades/Onslaught IRQ Loader by Brush/ex-Talent and Hain/F4CG Graphics performed by Carrion/Elysium and Dane/Triad Proportional Font by Brush/ex-Talent

Exclusive music by: 1.Fanta/Oxyron 2.Moog/Keen Acid 3.Orcan/React 4.GRG/Shape/Blues Muz' 5.Ragman/Comic Pirates 6.Morbid/Onslaught/Bass 7.Cubehead/Resource 8.Morbid/Onslaught/Bass. Proportional font by Brush/Ex-Talent.

The Text: General Editing and slavery by Jazzcat/Onslaught Additional support by Mason/Motiv8, Crossfire/Motiv8 Freestyle/Avantgarde, Homeboy/Onslaught, Vengeance/Onslaught and Bizarre/Onslaught.

The Spreading Fleet: Postal manipulation by Splatterhead/Success*TRC, Stan/TRSI, Spectator/Success*TRC, Vengeance, Code18 & Bizarre/Onslaught.

BBS and Internet cyberspreading by Crossfire/Motiv8, Shades & Homeboy/Onslaught.

Call the Domination bulletin boards:

Down By Law: 1-xxx/xxx-xxxx The Domination World HQ! Mount Olympus: +45/xxxxxxxx The Domination Euro HQ!

General comments: Scanning through some recent magazines I found some more interesting texts that certainly need some kind of reaction. My friends in the Propaganda magazine have printed some strange news about me in issue eighteen According to their news reporter, I have married a 300 pound woman and was kicked out from my home. I view this in a funny perspective, sure it caused me some problems on the boards, but only in a fun gesture as most people would know this was no true. Of course it wasn't, the last thing in my life I would do is get married, and I have never been and (hopefully) never will be! I went on 1 holiday this year, which was for seeing some friends in New Zealand. I also have the tickets, time dates and such while I was there stamped to prove it! Anyone want a copy?!!

Also one may note, I lived in my OWN apartment before and not with my family and my postal addy has remained the same, oh well we all get the 'stick of wrong news'.

Moving over to issue #52 of the Tribune. This issue was a good improvement over other issues, the text was more even and not entirely one sided, and I accept the apologies the staff gave me after accusations of me cheating the charts of this magazine. Mentioned also in the same chapter was the Domination and Vandalism News was going to form into one mag. Well from my side this will never happen, this mag will always remain how it is and also independent. But maybe something else is planned??!! Let’s just wait and see...

More Propaganda?!

Having read issue #19 of Propaganda, I must admit, it was another great issue. But some minor problems.. As most would read in the NEWS section, my own group 'Onslaught' were called "a giant soap for the wide public." A magazine editor's job in my own mind would be to publish news, not access and make own judgements for the entire scene. Sure, our group is new and of course there is going to be lots of rumours, ideas, status changes and the normal things that occur for a new group. I only hope in future issues of the Propaganda magazine, they publish news in a more suitable and correct way. This is of course not a rag, just a point on the fact of calling a group a name in a public magazine and printing one page of garbage about me in the mag. Also one should observe the brilliant picture made by Scope used in Propagraph #09. This picture was done for me exclusive for Legend , I created Onslaught not long after and told Mathias that I would emit the 'LEGEND' from the picture to be used in a Onslaught intro. I then placed emails to Motley and maybe Newscopy and said to NOT release the picture without a monthly notice. They agreed, but the pic was released. I'm annoyed slightly not because of just the picture, but because Scope had done it for me, and I would have like to have used this picture in the constructive way we had planned together. This may all sound very heavy and negative towards Propaganda, but its not, learning from mistakes is the best way to improve, and that’s what we have been doing since the scene began. Learning, improving and getting where we are today.


After a small delay (compared to this magazine) The Pulse - October edition makes it to the boards. A splendid new outfit designed and made by The Syndrom of Crest/TIA and Earthquake of Cosmic Style/Antic.

Text wise, this issue they present their largest. As per usual a really nice issue, but a few small corrections. Some people disliked the "News Journal" this issue because of wrong news. Bizarre/Onslaught, co-editor of Vandalism, did NOT join Accept. The news should improve, hopefully as this is one of the main and essential elements of a magazine.

As of October onwards I have been delighted at the offer of doing the release charts and legal game scene chapters of this informative magazine. This does not mean any slower release of Domination. In fact I intend to speed up the slow process of this magazine, and not try to starve you for so long.

Some new chapters hit the horizon with "Introducing" and "Dumb & Dumber"... Dumb & dumber covers scene satire, something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while. "Introducing" on the other hand, is a basic group informative chapter, where each issue we concentrate on a scene group, enjoy the reading! * Domination staff wanted..! Hard times call for drastic measures, editing this magazine alone is a hard, but certainly possible task. But specialists in different fields are wanted to make this magazine of more mixed contribution. Applications are available for.. * Co-editor * Interviewing Editor * European Correspondent If your English is decent and think you have what it takes and take your responsibilities seriously, contact me at the editorial address.

Domination is a copyright of Jazzcat/Onslaught and is independently released. Distribution is permissible, but modification or partial removal of graphics and code is strictly prohibited.

Contact the Domination Editorial at:

Mail: C/O David, XX XXXXX XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXXX, XXXX, Tasmania, Australia. VMB: 1-518/XXX-XXXX (USA) +61/XXxxxxxxx (Australia) or 008-XXX-XXX + XXXX (Toll free, Australia only)


Down By Law: 203-XXX-XXXX (#128) Mount Olympus +45/XXX-XXXXX (#18) Wares Aquarium +46/XXX-XXXX (#177)

Domination (dom'na,shan) 1.The act or an instance of dominating. 2.To rule or sway; to control. 3.To tower over & above.


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