Domination 04 ch22 Summary

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The Summary

Welcome to the final pages of issue #4.

I wish to congratulate all people involved with this issue and thank you all personally for helping me make this magazine possible.

Greetings fly from us to... AVT, Atlantis, AFL, Byterapers, Crest, Chromance, Citadel, Dytec, Beyond Force, Focus, Excess, Censor, Fairlight, Triad, Angry, Camelot, Oxyron, Reflex, Cosine, BCD, Slash, Flash Inc, Demonix, Empire, Style, RPG, Success*TRC, F4CG, Equinoxe, Tranziie, Jeroen Tel, Vibrants, TIA, Oneway, Ultimate Hacker, Eliminator, System 3, Apex Ltd., Jaguar Soft, Bad Bytes, Wildstyle, JCH, TRSI, Motiv8, Padua, Megastyle, Light, Taboo, Elysium, Agony, Mayhem, MDG, Cosmos, Accuracy, Darkside, Lithium, Extreme, TDR, Antic, Topaz, Wrath Designs, Graffity and to the missing ones...

With the next issue comes some more modifications to this new outfit and as usual, some really big interviews. With this issue passing I would like you to read some text from Scapegoat of Topaz Beerline and to remember Scope/F4CG.

Desert Inside My Sandbox.

...Another breath escapes from his mouth, through the dry lips. Avoiding the white sharp teeth, as sharp as razor blades. Not only a human, half machine he passes the hot desert having no fear giving no thought to the certain fact he will face his coming death.. Since there is nothing, nothing but hot sand. He opens his eyes after a long time. A reflection of pain appears on his face when he collapses to the ground, having no strength to go on.. The sand plays in the air.. the silent whisper of wind goes on while the man moves no more.

Rest in peace Mathias.

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