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The Reactions

Welcome back to the reader's opinion. We had some great reactions with issue #3 that will be published over the next pagers. A good presumption would be a very mixed reply after this issue with the outfit changes. But these should be minor. The reason being of a pure concentration on the TEXT output, rather than outfit and intro priorities.

Domination needs as much constructive support as possible to make the magazine as good as possible for the wide branch of tastes our little scene has.

On with the show!...

Midnight Mover/TRIAD: I had a look at Domination for the first time.. Dude, be sure this is a BIG compliment for you because I am very selective with magazines. But your mag is damn cool.. Yeah, I enjoyed reading it! Keep on this work and give me the next issue as soon as you can.. kewl!

Domination: Thanks for the reaction, I myself think that most mags have their own style or "peak" parts to make them different. Hopefully Domination doesn't fit into the "norm" category with this issue and you enjoy it much, thanks..

Tranziie: (Editor of Propaganda) David, just a quick one, while I’m at it. Morbid's music in the mag was the lamest I’ve heard. Ripping music from Skyline is as low as one can go. OK, he did some slight changes, but it's still Skyline's music.. The Danko Music from Sh0ck is to me untouchable. It was and still is so special, so using that music is more like using the Gamer's Guide logo in your mag. The music is connected to Sh0ck, just my opinion. There was not very much more to add about your mag. Still loved the magazine!!

Domination: Thanks for the constructive comments Peter. With the Skyline music, this was done exclusively for my magazine and in my opinion was quite a good cover from the Skyline original. The tune from Danko was in fact from the old Censor Design's intro which appeared mainly in front of the Sh0ck magazine. I used this and the Skyline tune to bring a sense of nostalgia for the reader and also memories of the old scene, inside a new scene styled magazine.

It was just made for the "feel" and nothing else, and as always a concentration is made on text quality and the presentation comes second. Hope you enjoy this issue and especially its music.

Stan/Equinoxe+FLT: (Editor of Shout!) from issue #2)) The second issue of Domination was as good as the previous edition, probably even better. Particularly I like the interviews, in the first edition, Jeroen Tel and Bacchus. Now, Kingfisher/TRIAD, JCH and Cyborg. That’s exactly what I like to read. Moreover, finally someone again who takes care of the American scene, continue that chapter in any case. Something you might change is to keep the addy chapters a bit more updated, I myself do not care that much, but honestly it has shot my eyes that the addies are rather outdated... A well-edited first-releases list is quite appreciated, continuous this one, too.

To sum it up, you are already on a high level, though it's just the 2nd edition, but let’s see whether you'll even climb in the charts more than you're doing now. But all the best for the next issues in anyway. See ya, Stan/Eqx+Flt [SHOUT EDITOR].

Domination: Thanks for that long reaction Stan. Hope you again in this issue enjoy the interviews and other chapters that fire your heart. As you can see since the third and this edition the Advertisements chapters have been much updated and improved. I'm not too concerned on chart positions in other magazines, just a general improvement of text quality and variety. Hope you enjoy this and other editions of Domination to come.

Xenon/Alpha Flight: (buffered from ESCapade) Again, no problem. Domination is in my option a bit better than Vandalism News. (Hey Vengeance, it’s only MY opinion).!!! I really like the totally cool coded magazine in/outfit. It's fucking nice. The graphics are okay and the text, (The important thing in a mag) is very interesting. Good work pal.

Domination: Thanx for the comments. Well, I work for both Vandalism and of course this magazine, Domination. Hopefully between our two differently styled magazines, we can keep the scene with a smile on its face! (Drugs? me? naah!!:)) Hope you like this outfit and brilliant intro as much as the last issues..

Draz/Noice: (buffered from WAQ :+46/XXXXXXXX) I really enjoyed reading it 'coz it’s written in a very good way. The outfit isn't what I call brilliant but that’s not what counts anyways. The chapters I enjoyed the most were the ones where you ragged heavily on the Tribune staff..

Domination: Thanks Ingemar, Hope this outfit improves your enjoyment of this mag even more! With Tribune, well they got what was coming to them and quite a few people in the scene were annoyed with them at that time. It seems they have a general hate for 'board based magazines'. I myself what this magazine to range from modem-mail-demo scenes. Hopefully my English isn't too bad, but I suppose people such as Nastiness Inc and Steve of AVT think otherwise, oh well. Best of luck with Noice!! (goats are never sober!!:))

Riddler/Active: (buffered from WAQ) Great outfit, and great texts that you really put down a great deal on making the magazine perfect! You really succeed in being neutral as far as it's possible, and an example of this is the fair release charts! It's my favourite modem-based disk magazine at the moment, and I hope (and think) that you'll keep it up!

Domination: Thanks for that inspiring response after Domination issue #3. Hope to see a smile on your face and tickle in your taste bud with this new issue with a brand new outfit and slightly restyled texts. The release list is done on a perfect points system, which can only bring the reader up-to-date with all data taken directly from the boards. Anyway hope you enjoy this new issue...

Rap/Jabole/No Name: As regards to your magazine, Domination, latest issue was rather cool but I saw some text bugs, like Nes/Axel! He's now Spark/F4CG, so where did the votesheets lie? Keep it cool, like it is already.. Rap.

Domination: Thanks for the short but to the point comment Rafal. Not sure where that votesheet came from, might have been a sea-mail delayed one from over a year ago. Anyway, the problem is now corrected. What only four issues in nearly a year?!! That maybe might explain the age of some of the votesheets. Hope you enjoy this issue...

That's all the reactions received this issue, but hope to see more flood in with the launch of this new outfit. Any reactions or submissions for this magazine can be sent to this address:

XXXXXXXXXX, Australia.


C/O Budgie

Enjoy the rest of the mag!

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