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Welcome to the chapter where most "one" sided text from different sceners is published for the scene to draw their own conclusions. I think it best to publish different people’s beliefs or opinions in one chapter, rather than to spread it through the entire magazine. Because of certain actions and lameness from the members of the "Tribune" magazine I apologize that the latter half of this chapter is almost completely on them. I regret to give them even this much attention, as lamers, criminals that kind of people are always seeking attention, but in the wrong way.

Here comes some reactions to the "federation" against Onslaught and the intro used...

Federation? Well why for starters, here's my side... It all started on the boards, with the forming of a new group, started some new problems. Some bullshit began first with Peacemaker and I having some disagreements on the releases of several games, namely Orbits and Misfortune Prv (mail version) both from Alpha Flight. I was discussing whether Orbits deserved points because even though it was 100% 2-3 people complained of bugging in certain parts. It was my job to examine the games for "The List" and I eventually gave points to AFL because Peacemaker was whining about points. He took it the wrong way and before long, small then larger raggings on each other began. At this time I had some phone problems and my line was disconnected for a few days, during this time someone used my account on Deadzone and uploaded a fake first release original which Homeboy/[O+H]/<C> downloaded. He obviously thought I uploaded it, so he put an intro infront and thinking Ignorance cracked it (he was in both AFL and [O] at this time), released the game. Peacemaker saw this and got quite angry, because of The Ignorance crack credit in the intro scroll text. Of course the release was fake but this didn't matter as Peacemaker never knew of Ignorance being in both groups at the one time. Thomas left Onslaught and remained in Alpha Flight only after this to avoid both AFL and [O] getting on uneven terms. (Ed: Ignorance's own words). Then other arguments broke out when Curlin and Vortex started calling out and other members of both Onslaught and Alpha Flight got into arguments that completely left the original minor disagreement. Onslaught and I think most "other" members of AFL never wanted it to turn into a group thing, but the way AFL did a anti-campaign against us, which included a "Fuck You Onslaught" intro, it would seem AFL meant to involve entire groups. This time Chotaire and Deff/AVT had finished some small war between each other and I had minor dealings with Deff also. The X-95 party in Holland swiftly rolled up and discussion was made concerning the starting of a federation against Onslaught. Groups to be involved were: Avantgarde, Angry, AFL and F4CG. The idea fell through though because of a "lack of support", but why the lack? Answer: because F4CG had nothing against us, AVT really only meant Deff, as we have quite some pals in this group being Darklord, Freestyle, D'ram etc... Angry was in mainly because of their usual magazine disliking and arrogant style, also their friendliness with certain AVT members. Alpha Flight seemed to almost succeed, but their members involved; Peacemaker, Curlin and Vortex had left the scene, no point really and we in [O+H] have many pals in Alpha Flight. So now an anti-intro is used against us, why do AFL get the feeling of a group attack? I think maybe because of the way we were attacking Peacemaker in the end, he was a major member of AFL at that time and one with organisational responsibilities. So naturally any frowns were forwarded to him, being the only active AFL board caller to the states. We NEVER attacked AFL as a whole group. But how could you blame us on the mocking of certain AFL members? They released a Misfortune 1 level prv + intro which was for mail purposes, this was uploaded to several German boards by AFL members and Irata/TRSI and eventually word of it reached the USA boards.

But why a worry about a mail crack??

Simple: The original was one way or the other from RRR of Oxyron, former member and close friend of AFL. The preview original was NOT meant to be spread, but it some how reached AFL hands, each directory of this game was changed when we spread it to people on the purpose of selling. So when Peacemaker and Curlin posted the directory, proof was at hand instantly. Upon consulting RRR about this he said the original was STOLEN from him by Marc/AFL (his words). Questions may be asked by us such as: Why did AFL cover-up the original supplier in the intro texts? Why release a 1 level prv of a game when... A) We had 8 weeks before released a 3 level prv with intro of the same game. b) Success*TRC did the first release of the same 1 level prv minus intro sequence over ONE year ago. c) Shazam released and mega spread a 1 level version with intro over 8 months ago. The preview from Shazam, Success*TRC and Onslaught was already mega spread by the likes of Nightshade, Spectator, Vengeance, myself and others through the mail and board scenes. Releasing this "mail" prv version is in the same field as per say TRSI releasing a mail prv version of the game "Turbo Charge" and spreading it by mail. a) There is no point. b) It presents a lame image. It wasn't anything about this way of releasing, it was just the particular game involved, a game made by close friends of the Australian section of Onslaught. So of course questions had to be asked. Incidentally AFL paid RRR/Oxyron to do the full screen 16 colour anti-ONSLAUGHT pic used lately.

Most of the arguments and bitterness towards each other has cooled down. RRR himself stated that he wants nothing much to do with Alpha Flight no more after this preview thing, so more research will be done to unveil the truth concerning who stole the game or who supplied it in the end. Either way a conclusion can be drawn on a federation. This is how easy it is to understand the full intentions of certain people these days. Why the need of joining together to fight a certain amount of people? Weakness? Needed strength? How can someone who has group loyalty to their group even think of starting a "group" federation without first consulting with all members, aren't they the ones involved? That's why Onslaught is not at war, arguments or nothing, just the members of [O] involved. Think about it.

Domination: -------- whooah! A breath of fresh air from all this anti and one sided text, I just hate it, but this chapter is for people’s opinions and so must continue. Now lets move over to the latest crap published in issue #51 of the "Tribune" magazine, the following is NOT directed at Angry or any other sceners involved with the Tribune magazine, EXCEPT... NTI/Angry and Mistress/Angry (hey been drinking and piccolos?? 8)

Firstly most people in the scene no how this bullshit started between the mentioned people and the editors of both Domination and Vandalism News. Well, editors took insults to the arrogance and general slagging in two simple mag reviews in issue #49. Here is some interesting dog shit I found amongst other things (!) in the Tribune lately, with replies.

  • Firstly I safely skip through the first 2 chapters of this magazine. Then I come to the "smelly" chapter by NTI. He says how I have cheated the Domination charts. But I of course sent the voter counter by Doxx/Noice with data throughout the mail scene. But what does NTI reply with; he now claims through this chapter that I cheated the vote data. bahaha! how lame, do you think I would type handles, groups, names into a editor with some categories reaching over 1000 points, this would take me days to get the exact amount. What other evidence do I have? Perhaps if I send him over 160 votesheets through the mail which will cost about $25 to post?

NTI also claims I sent the note for Tribune excluding vote data to Wile Coyote. Answer: WRONG! I don't trade and have NEVER sent any thing to this person, I spread the vote data and note through the mail as most people know.

People sometimes wonder why Tribune complains about arrogance and how other people (Mendip, Dom, VN, Pulse) claim that they are arrogant themselves. Everyone just look at their past history of disliking, raggings, controversial situations and other crap which has generally labelled them as a "Trouble" group. There is also complaints concerning Vandalism News issue #19 mail charts. Boo hoo hoo, Tribune are not in the charts, when they were in Mendip and Newspress. Well what can you say, a mag aiming at one thing only, a position in a charts section... Well little editors, did you ever examine Vandalism News issue #20?? Tribune entered the charts at position 13. and did you ever examine Vandalism #21?? Tribune jumped from #13 to #7.

But of course all charts are cheated! Yeah, right! The only reason you guys were complaining is because Tribune wasn't in the charts, how fucking PATHETIC!

NTI also says something about a position Starlight had in the charts of A-Head. Can't you ever understand fool, that she spread the bulk of the A-Head votesheets. Your knowledge of magazine editing should of avoided this mistake, as most editors know if someone spreads their sheets bulk two things happen: a) The spreader sometimes gets more votes from his pals he spreads the sheets to. b) The spreaders group/mag or other sometimes gets votes as well, because of the friendship between to spreader and contact.

How can you DENY accusations from MANY people of arrogance. When you read texts in the Tribune stating Pulse is dead (good riddance) is this a "Fair" mag?

Apart from this one more mistake you wrote.. Extacy is NOT dead, as they did their comeback issue in January and are only slow releasing each issue. They also only just finished interviewing Bizarre/[O+H] for their new issue.

The Pulse dead? I don't think so, incase you have noticed Mistress and NTI, Duke will soon be releasing the new issue with Crossfire soon, and we will have more good texts to read. So wrong again Tribune people.

Perhaps if you stop accusing/slagging and generally starting trouble with a dumb lame arrogant attitude you guys have in your text, you may achieve what you want more easily, a silly position in some chart.

The readers can make draw their own conclusions..

Domination: -------- Phew! finally through that, I am quite positive many people want their own views or opinions broadcasted through this chapter. Or that the parties involved wish to print a reply.

Publish them in either printable format, a seq file loadable and printable using CCGMS or in a typed or written letter to: Jazzcat/[O+H] XX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX, XXXX, Tasmania, Australia. or #128 on Down By Law, #55 on The Pirate Island or #32 on West Point.

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