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Game Scene by OverDose/Wildstyle Productions

At the beginning there is always doubt, doubt that people are able to do what they promise in a decent style. This is why we are called WildStyle. Yes, Overdose of Wildstyle here, you may not have heard of me, but I am the main director of WS and we are producing games still on C64. Why come to the scene then? Simple answer, it has been a long time since a group has been producing/buying/selling games on 64, we will. At the same time we will be a legal group in the scene as well. We will produce a magazine about the latest demo/game productions created around the world, etc... But at the moment the Domination Staff have asked me to write a little bit about what games are expected from us in the coming year. Well as per usual there are a lot of games we will not even bother to tell you about, but prepare to be shocked.

Misfortune: The full version of this game will be a Wildstyle Prod. How, strange? Not really, Mathew Cox/Bad Bytes was sick of being pushed and shoved and decided to get the job done himself by selling the game through Wildstyle Productions.

Twin Terrors: Full version, unlike the preview version spread earlier this year. This game is looking rather cool, nice graphics from the creator of Misfortune and things of that sort. It is a platform game, well sort of, with many levels...

Furry Madness: Yep, another new one to hit the street. It is going to be a game in the style of Creatures, but no design other than the storyline has been produced as yet. This will either be a solo project or the sequel to Misfortune. Although there is still some talk over planning the second Misfortune anyway. We will in the legal side of the scene bring out a mag named “Wildstyled" not a bad name I guess, suits the style of the group! It will look at the legal aspects of the scene. Interviewing the top in the field in the efforts achievement. Also it will contain the usual scene chapters like the charts and so on. But the release lists will not be present. It is against our own policy to see crackers steal our games and then read about it in our own magazine. Sorry, but any cracker is not about to steal our games of us. Mathew Cox had told us of his problems with this and we won't be spreading or giving anything away until its in the shops. Wildstyle Productions will also produce demonstrations and the like but not very often. We will be active, but not extremely active. Maybe one or two demos a year. If you want to sell us your game then mail to us at:

WildStyle Productions:
C/O Jason Brennan
Po Box XXXX,

Some other games will follow in the next days, be surprised, and be very surprised! Don't judge us yet, just get in touch and receive an introduction package for selling a game. But any letters or disks seeming to be a cracker look out and expect no reply at all!! If you send us your game make sure its only a preview on the first mail. We don't want to take the blame for something not under contract. I'll leave you all here and let the normal editor continue the chapter, thank you for your time.

OverDose of WildStyle Productions

Article performed by Jason Brennan.

>>> Thanks to the Wildstyle team for that small offering. Firstly lets cut back into some game industry news from the people themselves.

News Section:

  • X-ample from Germany seem to be soon back in the light again, soon to be released will be Genloc 2. An excellent jump and run adventure. Also from them will come a shoot-em up of epic proportions.

  • Rumours go everywhere concerning Apex, apparently they've been working on Creatures III along side a PC Multi-Media contract for 12 months with System III and Jaguar Software. They profited quite successfully with Mayhem in Monsterland.

  • No sign yet of Batman Returns from Denton Designs, this game was handed to them from Ocean, and only preview shots have been seen.

  • Cosmos Designs have been working with some guys from Denmark lately (maybe CML members?) on Lions of the Universe 2, namely Born is Space. Also Fred's Back 4, featuring more great cutesy graphics from Gotcha/Ex-Crazy.

  • First Blood Entertainment are still busy coding the double sided "IK+" wonder called "Godflesh", perfecting and getting the multiplex routine smooth as possible takes sometime they say. The game will be marketed from the United Kingdom & Australia on a mail order basis and a preview version will be distributed soon.

  • Codemasters are holding quite a number of games back, including a full price arcade game called FireHawk. Perhaps D'ram of AVT knows? hehe!

  • New Entry from the Czech republic has yet to come Arc Doors 2 and Las Vegas Casino. Their other game Walkerz has been marketed through Electric Boyz Software. Which are also producing Defence. * Taboo productions released their first game preview called Zone of Darkness, and from the preview unplayable version, it looks magnificent. With graphics from Wojtek Niemczyk (Cruise/Taboo).

  • The Turrican III clone, Liberation seems to have gone underground, although much work was done on this game and maybe a buyer has been found. Expect this to be one of the biggest hits on this computer!

If you have anything that you deem to be published in this chapter send to the editorial address. Also articles, news, etc are quite welcome.


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