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Bored Talk by Jazzcat

Another newly styled chapter in the magazine market, with this chapter we make a focus on board raggings, using the 'actual' texts of these to let the scene make their own assumptions and have a few giggles in the board scene and warfare! All texts are buffered directly from the boards and have the EXACT punctuation and spelling as these, which include grammar and general English mistakes, excluding of course misfeatures such as line noise or typo's... Please take these as the evidence and with them a type of "Advertisement' for the boards they are taken from!

Description: The brief war between several members of Onslaught and Moren/SCS*TRC as captured on State of The Art! (+49/XXXXXXXXX)

Msg: 1400
Skating Boards

2.16.95 :7:37 pm

Topic: -*-

Bahah, I would be proud if they were, but unfortunatlly they were too young but I bet your father (yeah, the guy that crowled over you every night while mummy was sleeping or watching, I don't know what perverts they were or still are..) was a poor guy that followed the rest to their doom. Fuck off, dumbfuck, be like your father, breed, reproduce your lousy genes, so the dumb Nazi generation won't die. That's all there is to it, but as I stated before, you are not worth my time, so go and spank yourself I won't please you with the truth that hurts next call. I would only excite you and give you a hard one. Afterall it remembers you of your father you every night your mum had pms.

Skating Boards

Msg: 1401

2.16.95 :8:48pm


AH, hum, now that’s what I call a quite X-Rated war chapter! :] btw: Anybody out there interested in E.G. X-Rated film swap? Okay..

Chaotic Accept/Atl

Msg: 1402
-DomiNatiON EDitOR!-

2.16.95 :9:51 pm


MorOn: falling off his old high horse again.. Seems he fucked up already though with altering Marco's account. But suppose that isn't too much lameness considering he changed his handle from Moron >> Moren when he found out what the word meant in English.. Haha, this is going to be a joke..


Msg: 1403
Skating Boards

2.17.95 :3:22pm


harharhar, I think your "joke" is quite boring considering the fact that this is actually the ONLY one you can think off and you've used that now for the past 1.5 or 2 years for at least 6 times, so I won't even bother telling what I’ve always posted after your silly attempts to gain sum popularity. Fuck off, kangerookie, coz it's what you can do best.

Suckers to the wall
Skating Boards

Msg: 1404
-DomiNAtiON EDitOR!-

2.18.95 :11:20 am

Topic: barf[!]

..And I also remember about the lame dumbfuck MorOn getting ragged off TD and all he could do in reply was to boast about some skills in cracking.. Everyone check out MorOn's version of Diskovery, you try to use the level skipper and it brings you back to level 1 all the time.. Haha what a pathetic fuck you was then and still probably are now..


Msg: 1405
Skating Boards

2.18.95 :7:31 pm


Idiot, that wasn't the topic, it was Fire's recrack of it and the levelskip per was the proof. So go and fuck yourself, you can't even limk an intro, I remember you asking how to link an intro infront of your pathetic mag on the partyline, where I used to slap you every evening out of boredom because had too much spare time those days. Oh, and I never bragged about my skilles, like you do. After all my job in SCS isn't just cracking, it's nailing your balls to the wall.

Suckers 2d wall.
Skating Boards

Msg: 1406
C B A / T R C
Offspring Rulez!

2.18.95 :10:01 pm


Excuse me... that are OZ balls haha! Oh man this is getting silly..., all the sudden a new group is born and they start as war against us.. Hmm makes you wonder why?... this is getting nowhere!

C B A / T R C

Msg: 1407

2.18.95 :10:50 pm


Just something which Marco wrote. Are you really that proud that 6 million people died in camps you referred to. Then I can't start to imagine how low you must be. But well, it is the only thing a German can be proud of as it's only thing in history that they will be remembered of. And of course the defeat in 1945!


No - Daddy - No

2.19.95 :4:27 pm

Topic: Response to Msg [1407]

Well Nightshade it was your homosexual group mate Moren the moron who thought he'd be smart to talk about Nazis and the like.

Moron: You are lame! No, not only lame, it's plain incompetent from your side to accuse me of anything since I rule you, your miserable life (you even said you still call partylines, if that ain't lame..) like you rule the pink asshole of your own 7 years old sister. Moron, is there anything in real life you think you can beat me on? education? work ? Money ? girls ? Anything except for your homosexuality and your bad breath? Get a life you duard!

Your Idol!

Msg: 1409
Skating Boards

2.19.95 :11:56 pm

Topic: -*-

Hey, re-read it, idiot, seems that your english isn't so good afterall. I used PAST TENSE, loser. Yo are the idol of your father maybe, after you've swallowed his cum, but definatly not mine. That Nazi shit only proves how dumb you are, so everybody can notice, it speaks for itself, cocksucker.

Skating Boards

Msg: 1410

2.20.95 :1:05 am


Damn, I have figured it out! Dear lil' Moron spells his real name bad. It should be like Sixteen (16) with double 'e' and it's referring to his years.

Msg: 1411
Kicking Morons Butt!

2.20.95 :1:51 Pm

Topic:Response to Msg [1410]

And that’s almost the same amount of years his mother sells her body in the red light district of Amsterdam. MorOn you retarded lil' dullard, I am your idol or why do you have that big 6'2 Portrait poster of mine at your bed room's wall and pray to it like twice daily? So you announced you'd actually post stuff that's true, yet there were only the same hilarious lies. Like I was asking in my previous post, is there ANYTHING in real life you can beat me at, I’ll prove you wrong, as always.

Everyone’s Superior
The Majesty!

Msg: 1413
Skating Boards

2.20.95 :9:26 pm


I don't need to prove myself like you. I just know what I am to you. I simply am your god, except for the fact that I do not have mercy with geeks like you, like god has. Look, punk, while you are getting welfare, I am having an education, I am going to university. But as I said YOUR real life doesn't interest me the slightest, nor the one of Homotoy or Jazzcraps. It's real funny actually, the three retards in the one group. You dumb fucks make me indeed LAUGH. Onlaugh#1. You try so hard to impress everyone in this scene, while in reality all you are capable of is having a big mouth. Digging up this Nazi topic only proves once again to all newcommers in this scene that you are full of shit. Sure, re-write history, idiot. Oh, yeah, I forgot, you never had no education. I refuse to brag about stupid topics like girls, jobs or any other silly ones, since these topicsare not open for discussion, since it is not open for discussion, since it is non competitive. What are you getting at? "hohoho, I fucked 100 girs in one year, you can't beat me.. huhuh" "I make 3000 dm each month.. I rule you" Talking about childish topics.. sheesh go and login to TD and see if you can steal another diskside of our next fiirst-release, boldhead, like you did with Lemmings. Thats only thing you actually do well, or dig up one of the old Bomico games that are still in German, so sum Onslaved-loser can translate it for you and voilla another killer supplied by Mudjesty!

No Mercy

Msg: 1414 Jazzcat/Onslaught
-DomiNAtiON EditOR!-

2.21.95 :12:58 am

Topic: barf[!]

Looks like I am also denied to the 'friends' sub.

Iron Eagle: shut up you transsexual sucking worthless fart!

MorOn: Perhaps if you look at your own history of people generally 'disliking' you rather than at other 'kinder' people. You are probably regarded as "THE LITTLE CUNT" of the scene. A worthless piece of shit that goes ballistic when his candy bar is taken from his small, small, hands. Why not just stay in your small world and then rot and die there you silly dumb cunt!


Msg: 1419

2.22.95 :12:59 am


Guess who's back in the motherfucking house to put the fat disk in your motherfucking mouth. Listen you worthless piece of garbage. You are only jealous because the situation for Scs*Trc until ONSLAUGHT was born. You thought you'd be no.1 but hell you're so fucking wrong and we will prove everyone this. All the groups were unable to release more warez but now we are here. I still don't have anything against the rest of your co-op but you are so disgusting. I can feel your smelly odour. Majesty was right when he came up with your mother's job. Maybe you are also from a visitor of a 'Redlight house' Who knows?!? I know for a fact that you are just a genetic garbage. You are still shitting in your pants unless your mother changes your 'PAMPERS' anyways, everyone's intention is to make a lot of money, maybe even yours. Look, Majesty has made it and he can be proud of it. He knows how to make money unlike you. Go and stick to a school until you grow old (but will happen later as you are sixteen). It doesn't mean if you are more intelligent than others. By the way, would you send me a copy of Majesty's portrait, because I would check it. What's your position on that one. Sucking? Could be...

YOUR P . I . M . P . ' 95

Nice handle+loc. Change. Just keep in this good work, can I get some nice colours as well, KIDDO?

Msg: 1420
Kicking MorOns Butt!

2.22.95 :12:56 pm


'Hey I'm MorOn of Sucksess, I rule them guys on the German board because I got remote and change them GFX whenever I log on' BANG! 'But mommy'.. MorOn: You forgot to change handle and location on Ignorance's and Jazzcat's account. Go ahead you dullard, but remember, your boards still have them old backdoors. Once you fight like a man without plain stupid tricks they used back in 89-91. I'll leave them aloe, if not, your fault. Lets see; while you still go to school I already done with my education and own 33% of a computer store. (and people like TRSI PC buy HD's and stuff from me!) and yes, I’ve got around 3000 buckers a month just from work, that’s about 300 customers of your mom.


Msg: 1421

2.23.95 :10:13 am

You guys are stoned!

Msg: 1422
-DomiNAtiON EDitOR!-

2.23.95 :2:43 pm

Topic: barf[!]

MorOn/Suckcess*Trc: You stupid little dork, a fucking losing IRC junkie that’s ugly as some of his 'turd' friends next to him. Why don't you just go rake your dirt in Holland and stay what you were since birth... "A little Cunt!!"

MorOn's God!

Domination: That just shows some action on SoTa, now lets switch over to the Motiv8 EHQ and Domination EHQ, Mount Olympus (+45/XXXXXXXX) and see what happens there. The fighting is between the Danish scene only..

Msg: 58 From: Crossfire/Motiv8
Locat:Adrenalin Supreme
Time: 2/24/95 / 5:56 am
Topic: *

You think those imbeciles defeated me? Haha.. let me tell you, that the winner isn't always the one's writing the most abusive posts. IF that was the case, then they probably would be.. But they all LOST, sucker! I've beaten Radar/Ex.Arcade and he even called me and suggest that we stop the war. I have been in war with Chromance and Alphaflight, and I consider both groups friends of mine now. The war with SCS+TRC is over, after CBA and I had a little chat on the internet.. I've fought AVT single handidly and WON!.. Don't think YOU are any competition! Besides, we al know that Sun Dancer and Mongrel was the same person, so stuff it, will you?

Msg: 59 From: Heavy Head/Onslaught
Time: 2/25 / 1:30 am
Topic: -//-

Hehe.. you are sooooo easy.. just like the ones I beat in the DJ compo today.. HAHA! Well I can only tell that only a fool like you would brag about his past, when he has a past like you.. Exory.. Uhh.. have you learned a new word from your mommy? socialist?!? Nope, but a true anarchist so fuck u loser! you are going to hurt yourself while laughing?!? well, who's surprised about that, only a shitbucket like you could do that, eh? But please go on laughing, that way you'll spare your mother a day’s work.. but who am I to speak? with you being the son of a hooker, you could have anyone for a father. And YES, you lost that war at WestPoint for sure.. you were to afraid to call, and still are, 'cause you know that when you call, you'll be slayed...! Well, perhaps you have been in wars before, but then again, WHO CARES! Little (and I do mean LITTLE!) X-fire, you gotta stop living in the past.. Just think back to Herning'93 I know what you look like so fuck you and your mother..

About Mongrel, I can only say that it was NOT Sun Dancer, but a former scener, who knew you before as Exory and hated your guts like many of the other sane members of this scene...! So find a dog shit and make it your home! Oh, sorry, you already did..!


Here to SLAUGHT you...!

Msg: 60 From: Vengeance/Scs+Trc
Locat: Born to Shake you
Time: 2/25/95 / 1:44 am

Hmmm Ok what’s the deal, first you wanted a finished war now again you are slagging me behind my back, I am quite willing to continue you know, the choice is yours Kim.


Msg: 61 From: Crossfire/Motiv8
Locat:Adrenalin Supreme
Time: 2/25/95 / 5:56 am
Topic: *

Now, where do you see this alleged rag-behind-your- back-attempt, Matt? Please tell me, cause I can't see it!

Dear HH, and you say that I am easy? My god, didn't your mother teach you any manners? Besides I don't think YOU are one to talk about my past, since you weren't even born back then, and you don't even HAVE a past, so give me a fucking break, kid! Newbee, you! Sure you saw me in Herning - So what? A lot of things change in one year, you know! I bet you wouldn't even recognize me now - Maybe i'm not esp. tall, but atleast i'm not a little goofy nerd, like YOU are.. att, this is between me and HeavyNerd - Not between Motiv8 and Onslaught, and He is the one who felt he had to play big, NOT me! Please bear THAT in mind! Oh HH, i'll never forget your reaction when Jason asked you if you were a hip-hopper and you said you were, and he told you he would cut you.. People running for cover like that really DOES put a good old smile on my face!

Msg: 62 From: Bird
Locat: Motiv8
Time: 2/25/95 / 9:06 am

Hehe and it was only Jason... :)

Msg: 63 From: Crossfire/Motiv8
Locat:Adrenalin Supreme
Time: 2/25/95 / 12:02 am
Topic: *

Yes! ONLY with CAPITAL letters.. When he even gets scared of Jason, then how am I supposed to fear HIM? HH, you act like Dishy did before I threw him around at the Herning'93 party.. Next time it'll be worse, so i'm giving you this chance to call it quits, but don't think for one second that I have any fear or respect for you as a person!

Domination: The rebirth of DreamPark also causes some more battles to be created on the electrical grid... (619XXXXXXX)

3.13.95 5:59 am

You aren't atleast a bit arrogant, are you? Anyways I am expecting your number in mail and I will make a call. Hmm, I am not gonna make war or shit like this Deff or whoever, I never start this shit.. If Deff stops nerving me, I will stop proving his real life problems, that’s it.. I can be damn friendly if you try that out..

Europe's No.1 +49-2152-XXXX

3.13.95 12:12 pm

Fact is that you didn't follow the rules on our bbs! Fact is that you started crying when your tune made it number 4 in the compo only! Fact is that you disappeared from the US boards after Freestyle and me gave you hell on HIC! Fact is that you won't call here for long as well! Fact is that you refused a 2nd class train ticket payed for you by AVT to the TRC*SCS party! CHICKEN!


Next issue will be the same people with different arguments! I prefer this type of 'fun' chapter rather than the ones seen in either Vandalism or The Pulse, the satire style idea originated from Sh0ck by Censor+Legend and not by The Pulse! Other "crap" hehe, can be read in the 'lighter' side chapter of Vandalism, where the Vegetable BeanPole has his say.. If you wish a board rag displayed within the time period of this magazines release and two weeks before completion of the fifth issue, just leave some email.

"Like a world DOMINATOR, the Cimmerian warrior"

/General Editor

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