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Hack/Phreak and other assorted bits by Warchild

What a time it has been! After having my phone temporarily disconnected and several dying pbx's I STILL manage to call out! But what's been happening lately in the world of H/P?

International News:

  • Hain/F4CG (Leeroy) got busted for phreaking but was let go, his phone line is apparently monitored.

  • SOD (Society Of Doom) members got busted with their VMB city, Thrasher, Ogre, Phantom and Satan got popped. The reason? International pbx's, in their Albany/New York area. Thrasher, was at first mistaken by FBI to be me and some questions were asked about me, but fortunately none of them budged! They haven't been charged as yet, but probably won't anyway.

  • Eliminator/AVT left AVT and the C64 scene, but will still call out on his new Amiga sometimes, with his 1800 routing came some problems, AT&T have been cracking down on routing fraud and both Eliminator and Ultimate Hacker have laid low.

  • Kevin Mitnick, a famous phreaker/con artist was finally caught after several years on the run from the law. He pulled an estimated 3000+ credit cards from internet users. Life in jail is what he got.

Getting down to the business, I’ve found an interesting technique for American ca$h. In all cities there are special machines called "Change Machines" which accept only notes, (obviously) but if you need change just insert say a $10 bill and the type of change you want (nickels, dimes, quarters etc). The way the machine reads the denomination is through the treasury seal. By counterfeiting this seal of say a $100 bill and obtaining say 100 $1 notes and putting $100 seals on them, there you have $10,000 in change!! :)

Moving on, "Kinko Copy Centers", there is a way you can call any number in the world from the two courtesy phones located from within. This includes 700, 800 and even 900 numbers! 700's I hear you say!? yep, 15 lined AT&T conferences can be set up discreetly, in the courtesy room. Choose a LDS (long distance service) such as AT&T, MCI or GTE. NEVER use Sprint or Oncore as these are two services "Kinko" work through and get billed by. Also don't use WilTell. Pick up the phone, wait two recordings and call prompts to pass. If a live operator comes on, ask her to place a call and say you’re having trouble dialling number. MCI is best for international calls where as Alnet allows better quality lines nationally. The call is then placed. Not bad hehe!

Calling Cards rules and how do you make them last? Rules I hear you cry? Well in the past years things have gotten a little more sophisticated compared to the early days where a calling card could last for a month or even longer. But over the past 2-3 years certain security methods have been advanced upon to help reduce calling card fraud. I will explain some of these security methods to you in some detail.

On all AT&T (excluding business/corporate cards) you have an option to dial another number once the party or board has been disconnected, by pressing the # sign. Excessive use of this sign will give a fast busy signal when you dial another number, this means the card is dead. Too many numbers dialled in a specified limit of time. AT&T introduced a sneaky option that allows only one person to use the card at once (except special cards). If say, I used a card in Australia and rang someone in Germany and gave them the card. If we both used the same card at the same time it detects a "one-party" card being used in two different areas. The card is automatically shut down. Any abnormal duration of time per call also quickens the death of the average AT&T card. It is best two just place calls say 2 or 3 times a day per card. If the origin country of the phreaker is Germany and person "A" used a card 2-3 times a day to America and person "B" uses a card 2-3 times calling from and back to Germany, then person a's card will obviously last longer. Although this is different concerning "World Plus" cards as they have a movable "Origin" card holder location, so where ever the card is used. It’s only billed for say local calls if within the country of the card being used or an international rate if it’s used dialling outside the country you're located in. MCI cards have a way of prolonging its life. When setting up or obtaining a MCI card, it is best to use the card as the table next screen shows...

Day: Calls:
1 1
2 3
3 5 etc, etc..

This sets in the card and MCI don't get to suspicious. Unless you didn't "set up" the card and the original owners uses it in-between your calls!

Sprint cards are nice in several ways. Firstly after successfully obtaining or setting up a sprint card. You don't have to worry about it dying if you don't use it. Cards can last for weeks if you don't place a call on them, until they realise the fraudulent way of the card being activated. MCI cards that are set up however only last a week at average. Sprint cards also have the availability to dial almost any number in the world, even countries such as Columbia and China which are very difficult to dial from certain areas of the globe, because of drug traffic (e.g. USA).

Now to the drug world. Most people think that a person who has drugs or addictive stimulates has LSD, amphetamines, ecstasy, crack etc.. This is WRONG! I myself like to smoke pot, mellow out and sometimes load a "Censor Designs" demo to bend my mind. Hardcore drug users are often harder to find in Europe, most just use Marijuana, hash and the occasional acid trip. With each issue in this chapter, I will write some details on several drugs, this time I’ve chosen Ecstasy and LSD.

Making LSD in your own kitchen!

First, grind up 150 grams of Morning Glory seeds or Baby Hawaiian wood rose seeds. Then soak the seeds for two days in 130 c.c of Petrol. After this, filter the solution through a tight screen. Dispose of the liquid, and then allow the "Seed's Mush" to dry. Afterwards allow the mush to soak in Wood alcohol for a further two days. Filter this solution again. Saving the liquid and labelling it 'A'. Re-soak the mush in 110 c.c of wood alcohol for another two days. Then filter and throw away the mush. Add the liquid from second soak to liquid marked 'A'. Then pour the liquid into a cookie tray and allow it to evaporate. When all the liquid has evaporated a yellow gum remains. This should be scrapped and put into capsules. 30 Grams of "Morning Glory" seeds or 15 Hawaiian wood rose seeds equal ONE trip. Before you obtain the seeds, some companies have been known to coat their seeds with a toxin. Order the seeds from a Wholesaler.

Making Ecstasy by Motion of Noice.

Obtain: 40.4 grams of Methylenedioxybensadehyde and 16.6 nitro ethane in 160m glacial acetic acid and 16 gram of ammonium acetate. Reflux for 1.5 hours; cool, filter and re-crystallize from acetic acid or methanol to get nitropropene. Reduce the nitropropene as follows: Suspend 0.2m of the nitropropene and Zn-Hg from 200g Zn and 20 G HgC12 in 2 lethanol and with vigorous stirring portions of concentrated HCI until the colour disappears. Continue stirring one half an hour, filter, and evaporate in vacuum to get about 0.14m or 3.4 Methyenndioxy Amphetamine. If you want the hydrochloride salt of the amine, dissolve it and mix with one third of its volume of absolute ethanol. Slowly and with continuous swirling an ice cooling add concentrated hydrochloric acid until no more crystals precipitates. Cool to 0 and filter to get Amine Hydrochloride.

Next issue I will have some large details on everything to do with Marijuana and Hash. As most people have great interest in these two, "natural" addictions. Also more on blue boxing and I hope also to finish my article and research into voice mail systems.


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