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As announced in part 1 of the mag reviews, this 2nd part contains the review of SPLASH issue 18...


Still the old one that they have used for 2 years now. It has been improved of course, but it's almost identical to the one they used in 1993. Score: 6.3

Prologue: One of the better editorials. Yeah! Keep that up! Score: 8.0

News: Well... a good idea to let it be edited by NSD. Yeah... and the news were good - if they had been published 2-3 months ago - I can't understand why people write a news chapter that gets released ages later. You should edit the news, when everything else is finished... because old news are cold news. At least they added some hotter news as one-liners... Score: 5.0

Charts: The charts were really disappointing! Yes... they got a lot of sheets... nothing special after a 5 months break... but why the heck only top 15? I mean No.15 had about 70 points or so... lazy bastards... hehe :) Anyway... you could easily see that these charts were very old... some sheets must have been collected in 1994, I guess... well... Score: 4.0 Reactions: Only a very few, too few, but I can't blame them for not getting any reactions... hehe, anyway... only a SCORE of 4.7

Magentapress: A long list of addies. not that may as in Skyhigh, but still enough if you plan to become megaswapper... Score: 6.8

Magging around: Wow. Some mag reviews... and they were good, because of the detail. One thing that struck me was when they mentioned the speedy Vandalism, they talked about issues 18 and 19 that were released very fast, but issue 20 and 21 were also released before this Splash-issue was... strange... why has it lasted sooo long to release the mag, if most articles seem to be edited back in February... The cool comments increase the score though... cool work! Score: 8.0 European something: Well...‚ÄĚsomething" hits the point very well... some facts about European peoples' habbits are listed such as favourite food, amount of cheese per year, kinds of pets...etc.. Not that scene-related (hahaha)...and not that interesting either...but nice research work and a new idea... hehe... Score: 7.1

Ships and crews: Some member lists... the most important groups were missing! Score: 5.8

Screwed Hitler: A REALLY serious chapter done by Mr.Brain! Read it! Score: 8.0

Meet your friend: A good idea, because sceners have the chance to introduce themselves a bit... (by the way... where was this issue's interviews?) Score: 7.0 (only 7 because only a few sceners took part this time.)

A step beyond: Some information, such as future plans of various computer companies. New hardware and stuff like that. Cool idea! Score: 7.2

Cinematique: Movie reviews... well... only a few ones and not that detailed. Score: 5.9 Epilogue: A small disaster in my eyes... it's the list of voters, but sooooooooo old... old handles/old groups, etc. This kind of confirms my thesis of votesheets having been spread in Autumn 1994. Score: 1.9

These were all chapters. The average, and the final result is 6.1

The text itself is far better than 6.1 .The problem just was the really long delay. The text quality is about 8.0, I think. So if you manage to release it as often as you want to, it will kick ass...

Section 3:
Amount of text in all: 8.7
Time since last issue: 1.1 (looong delay)
Text-quality (interesting or not): 9.5 (yes, they really try to impress and amuse us with they way of editing. Cool comments everywhere. Great. They don't only try to impress me... they do it... hehe) But because of the loong delay, the average/final score is only 6.4

Section 4: (Intro, Zax, Spelling mistakes, English)

Intro: 6.0 (A bit boring)
Zax: 9.9 (!!!) ...Every chapter has got its own zak! GREAT!
Spelling mistakes: 9.1 (very few only)
English: 9.3 (really high quality work)
Overall... 8.6 Points

Section 5: (Charts/News)
Charts: 4.0
News: 5.0
Overall: 4.5

My overall impression is 7.9 points! It would have been much higher if the text was newer! This issue offers some specials...

A nice crossword- puzzle! Cool: + 1.0
A cool picture of a mouse: + 1.0
A Board commercial for Deadzone: + 1.0
One negative point is that the same main menu has been used since 1993: -2.0

Time for the result.

Splash #18

Outfit: 6.3
Text: 6.1

Section 3: 6.4
Section 4: 8.6
Charts/News: 4.5
Overall impression: 7.9
Extras (+) 3.0 Extras (-) 2.0


A good mag! If you release the next issue soon and keep the text standard you can reach 50 points for sure! Any comments are welcome! Either on any Board (E-mail), by phone +49-XXX-XXXXXX or send it to PLK XXXXXX EXXXXX Bremen, Germany. Also for cool swap! 100% reply of course.

See you next time with some more mags...

Bizarre of HCON!

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