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No Control by Triad (118 blks)

At last a new Triad production, and not only that but the return of their residential madman, JFK. This time a one file demo with several parts in-between. Quite a few people liked this small production because of the original and weird design, let's take a look..

Description: Some typical Triad-style music begins and a 4 inch wide static bar goes down the screen from top sideborder to bottom sideborder. Over this appears a simple Triad logo made up of characters. Then runs a 1x2 scroll under the logo, introducing the demo, Triad: Dealer, Quality, Software! Pressing space presents a small part giving demo credits in a 2x2 format and below screen appears a weird but certainly cool designed logo by M. Thy space is pressed after the cool music finishes. The next part depacks and begins, firstly a 3 colour high defined pic swings left to right. The picture contains a kind of slide, which goes down from far top right, to bottom left.. towards the viewer. Then some filled balls roll down the slide towards the screen, a quite original and cool effect. After pressing space a 2 half-screen pics with logo in 16 colours appear, again by M. These after a few seconds are swallowed up out of the screen by Pacman style sprites. Some weird music begins the next weird part which replaces the pictures. A stair case and ball are shown, the ball journeys downwards the stair, music speeds up and the ball goes faster, very simple but kind of cool. This routine ends and disappears and the final part begins. A 1x1 scroll with some cool "mind-games" style text starts at the bottom of the screen. Then some ant sprites crawl all over the screen both vertically and horizontally. Underneath these ant creatures, which suit the music, appears some left to right swinging pictures of eyes. There are four rows of these and all rows depict the same but with different colours, swing timing and eye size. At this time the ants crawl all over the screen. The part is quite hard to explain, but very enjoyable. Especially the cute scroll texts!

Overall: A cool, one filed demo with the main key being originality and style. A very down to earth style production that will hit you in a different spot than say, a world record code. Very nice, 85/100.

Ritual 2 by Taboo (939 blks)

At last a new production from Taboo and the fourth graphics collection from Cruise. This stunning collection is on two disk sides and has most graphics painted in late 1994 and early '95. All pictures are in IFLI format... let's take a peek at the collection, picture by picture. Description: Some music begins after the main file is loaded and some Cruise presents fancy styled text appears on the left portion of the screen. On the right side appears a picture of what appears to be an evil clown, I give this picture and intro seq. 87/100

Picture 2: is loaded and displays a skeleton hooded rider on a horse, the horse is running towards the right part of the screen and a "Ritual 2" logo is also displayed. 83/100. Picture 3: is loaded, this shows a front/side on view of an old sailing ship. This picture is absolutely in the best of its kind, with great combination and fade in and out of colours, 93/100. Picture 4: The next is a piccy of an odd two story mansion with interior lights on, its a pity no serious back ground graphics accompany this picture as this would have made it even more superb, 90/100.

Picture 5: This next IFLI sample shows a demon or god spewing fire down a staircase onto a "Godflesh" logo and seems for some reason to be in the near completed stages, quite nice but no real back ground graphics, 82/100.

Picture 6: This next one was a coverpage used for the cool magazine, Skyhigh. Its is a sort of rolled old paper with the name "Skyhigh" scribed into it, it looks very effective, but I can't remember if its even been used before or not! 85/100. Picture 7: This next picture mainly uses the blue colours such as cyan and purple. It depicts an Air balloon of a foreign civilization flying towards the viewer. Another excellent and original piece from Cruise, 90/100.

Picture 8: This next piece of art shows a diagonal front on view of a female from the thighs up. She wears a type of catwoman style clothing and assumes a position of discretion against a wall at night, brilliantly painted - a deserved 95/100. (ed: touchable breasts too! heh)

Picture 9: This next IFLI pic has been used several times and was a competition winner. It depicts a naked woman and an evil flesh demon viewing her over a silver disk which takes up the majority of the screen. It appears to have a resemblance to some Roman civilization, and is one of the best IFLI pics I've ever seen, 97/100.

Picture 10: Next is of a skull which centres and dominates the screen, behind this, and to the sides is drawn the eyes lips and nose of a female. A very different style pic which shows careful detailed gothic, 88/100.

Picture 11: The next pic shows a woman laid down with no clothing on her upper portion of her body. A winged demon cowers over her feeling her breasts with her claws. Another girl similarly clothed stands next to the demon, she looks partially at the viewer and appears to be sedated or in some kind of trance. Obviously a sacrificial picture. 87/100.

Picture 12: Next is my favourite picture of the whole collection, it depicts a barbarian female with sword at hand riding on a white stallion into a wall of flames. She turns slightly in her saddle and gives a passing glimpse, different evil looking background graphics surround this centring picture, excellent. 97/100.

Picture 13: This is the final pic and it shows a side on stance of a girl with large breasts she wears leather style clothing (i.e. a whore) She looks up to the top left of the screen. To the right of her is a "The End" logo, 83/100.

Other: The actual loader system is quite fast and a spacebar is optional to load next pic, although after a time the picture disperses and next part is IRQ loaded. In between graphics loading, some text swings into the screen giving credits, turn disk part and greeting. In the top right of this text is a cornering Taboo logo.

Overall: One of the best graphics collections I’ve ever seen, a simple must for any true c64 fan to have. More votes will certainly flow to Cruise who will maybe grab the number one painter, a deserved 94/100.

Parts by Oxyron (231 blks)

Great to see yet another Oxyron production on C64, you just can't keep a good group down! This demo is entirely coded by Graham and with supporting graphics from RRR. As some would have noticed, Graham has tended to be the main coder with semi-work in Coma 12 and then Lameness and now full work in Parts..

Description: Some familiar music by the classic Rob Hubbard begins this new German demo. An Oxyron logo and tiny picture appears and then eventually fades away to reveal a full screen pic from RRR, which shows a full chess board on a tilt. Over this the presents and parts characters slide before the whole lot fades out to the next portion of the intro. Then a side on narrow picture of city is displayed in the lower part of the screen. Some scroll text appears in the upper portion of the screen, which soon departs to reveal a vector city. The city should look a little nicer, but the routine is quite nice. Space is pressed. The next part is loaded and some cool music by Jeff/Camelot begins. A 1x1 scroller runs in the bottom of the screen, whilst the majority of the screen is covered by a grey pane which goes into the sideborders. To the far bottom left is a small "OXY" sprite logo. Then the main routine of this part begins with a sphere which rotates in the centre of the grey panel. The sphere presents a projection of two female face portraits in four pictures which are bended around the sphere in such a way as to give an illusion of roundness, the portraits are quite nice! Space. Part three loads and some music by JCH begins this great part. A FLD scroller bounces in the bottom sideborders of the screen. Then one at a time, two Amiga ported pictures are distorted in and out from the on-looker. This effect looks quite startling, especially from a distance, and is another new and cool routine on C64! Space bar.

The last part is not very complicated to say the least, after a short load, a THE END text appears then the screen transmission goes fuzzy.

Overall: A nice to the point demo, with some great cool routines. I am eager to see their next Trackmo, come on guys! 85/100.

Quite a few demos reviewed this issue, if you or your group wants your legal product reviewed from the Domination spotlight simply send a demo disk to editorial address.

Top productions reviewed for issue #4

  1. Ritual 2 from Taboo (94/100)
  2. Radio Napalm from Reflex (90/100)
  3. No Control from Triad (85/100) and Parts from Oxyron (85/100)
  4. Contraflow from Cosine (75/100)
  5. Wo.i.i.t.f.d. from F4cg (71/100)
  6. World Demise from Slash (62/100)
  7. Nation from BCD (60/100)

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