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Slag Back

Welcome to this chapter of controversy and general antagonising! Since last time people have enjoyed the idea behind this chapter. So if anyone has a general problem with someone and wishes to convey it in a more beneficial way; send it to the Editorial.

To begin with let's have a look at a small note from Accept.

Challenger: Accept. Opponent: AWT.

"A sneaky AWT by Accept"
Translation of an AWT-internal note!

The Airwolf Team of 1/8/1988 is here again !!! This sending contains Metal Force issue #1/AWT and Scener's Tool #4/AWT. This sending goes to: Courage/AWT, Razor Ramon/AWT, Gonzo/AWT and Lightside/AWT! You belong to the first, who get this stuff, so spread!!! Scratch this note and delete the dir-entry with the dirmaster!

Hi! Cool happening with Sinister. If he leaves Accept, more will follow. At the end Ned will be alone. I've taken Accept into the greets the people will think: "the AWT is very friendly, what are the guys in Accept doing?" Sentinel told me, that some Accept'ers take a distance from Ned. I think that Sinister isn't the only one. Action brotkasten live will begin soon. Instructions will follow in the next note. The tape-side a contains a few starblast-sounds, please send them to MHD! On side b there is the telephone chat between Lee's mother and Jim Knopf enjoy! Send the meeting-tape for recording! Send soon!

We can't meet at your place, as it can't take place on weekend, because Lee needs time for his girlfriend then, else she would get angry. So Lee will come to me on Wednesday already. Until Saturday noon. Maybe we'll drive to Rossmoeller on Friday. Stupid that you have school, otherwise you could also come on Wednesday. We'll see, how we're going to do this, you can come on weekend or Friday anyway, maybe. It depends on the time we will drive to Rossmoeller. You can call me, I can't, as I've already called too much yesterday (with lee). Maybe the votesheet will be published in the next 64'er, Leo told him. The Metal Force is finally finished and Scener's Tool 4, too. Then let's start. The people will wonder. Until soon!

Razor Ramon
Hi! First of all a big sorry for not having send that long and even not to your birthday. So sorry again! And happy birthday! Metal Force was more important than everything else. I haven't sent to anybody in the last weeks. But it's finally finished now! Spread it!! Gonzo showed me Friese's note to you - bold!!! Friese has painted the logo for the "Brotkasten live". We'll react in that way soon. But wait!!! You'll get more detailed infos with the next sending!!! We got big problems because of the Digital Talk our image goes down! So keep back finally and stop all comments!! On some Metal-sheets there are already some fuckings to you... so stop it!!!! This isn't a real send, but reply anyway please! Next time=real send! Bye!

Howdy! Here is the Metal Force. Instead of ST4 I'll send you anything else, on the 2nd disk there is the Ingenious Brain #5. Very interesting!! You can spread the Metal Force now! To make fun of some megaswappers, the release-date is set some days later. So they think to have a ware, which is "-5 days old". hehe. get the addies from PRI. Leo wants to make an interview with Graham or Axis. I hope you like the Metal Force. as told by Courage, Sinister/Accept wants to leave the group. We crumble the group slowly. Master S might be kicked out of Excess soon. then we'll stop Astatin and we'll work together with Excess. okay, until soon and stay fine! bye!

-end of note-

Hello sceners!

I've tried to translate this "secret" note as good as possible, but it might contain some spelling mistakes though. its major sense and the attacks and opinions about several happenings and persons should have been kept anyway.

If you're still wondering about the war between Accept/The AAY and the Airwolf Team of the 1/8/1988, stop it and take the things as they are.

The "glorious" AWT did some mistakes, which they'll pay back sooner or later. The number of members in AAY is rising and rising. Reasonless?!

Make your own opinion!

Rorschach of Accept
November 1994

Editor comments: a quick assumption concerning "AAY" would be that it is the federation being built against AWT. This conflict looks as though it has been unfolding for quite sometime. now to...

Challenger: Holy Moses. Opponent: Sorcerer

"The truth about Keen"

yeah mates....

Normally I give a damn if somebody mean to be on German boards with a fake account, but not on the Sanitarium and not in Excess.

Well, believe me that Keen/Sorcerer/Hartsequenzer is the same person!

Yesterday, 29th of Nov, a dude called Sorcerer, tried to apply on the Sanitarium. due the fact that he didn't fill in the application completely I kicked this dude. he's past I think and today a dude called Hartsequenzer tried to apply on the Sanitarium and he claimed to be in Excess and he told me that he tried to get access here yesterday under the handle Sorcerer/Excess. furthermore he told me that he bought the whole equipment from Chrissie because he wanna setup the board 'Datascapes' again in 1 or 2 weeks.

hmmmm, strange I think... strange, because in the last weeks a dude called Keen (which claims to be in Crest, but it got cleared by Majesty/Talent), claims that he bought the whole equipment from Chrissie to setup the board Datascapes again under Crest flag to support them...

What should I think now?! I thought, the best will be to call up Chrissie via voice, let's see what he will tell me.

hm=Holy Moses

hm: hi, Andreas is my name, I heard you wanna sell your whole C64 equipment. So is there a chance to get it?!

ch: naahh, I sold it already.

hm: shit! hmmm.. tell me please who bought that crap?!

ch: a dude called sorcerer.

hm: hmmm, I heard that keen had bought the whole equipment.

ch: hahaha, its the same dude you fool.

hm: ermm....strange....

ch: hmmm, why?! aehhmm... could you tell me your name again please?!

hm: holy moses.

ch: oohh, aeehmm do me a favour, don't tell anybody that I told it to you, ok?!

What you think about this?! well, it's a fucking fact that Keen/Sorcerer/Hartsequenzer is the same person. on nearly every German board, he has access, he claims that Keen is the brother of Sorcerer and that Sorcerer got the whole equipment from his brother because he wasn't able to join Crest, as Majesty/Talent told Goldrush/Crest what a kind of dude he really is... and last but not least Keen claims to live in the 06* area, like Sorcerer, so the circle is closed then....

What is the moral of this story?! if everybody knows that you're a lamer, simply change your handle and tell everybody that your old handle was your little brother and everything works fine again! then you're little brother gives you all his equipment, you join a new group and you're welcome...

Hope that everything is cleared now, if not, join the news sub on the Sanitarium to get the latest news about that.

Thanx to Majesty/Talent that he has protected Crest against this dude

Holy Moses/Excess

and moving onto a note from Nightshade of SCS+TRC entitled:

"Crossfire lies again"

Challenger: Nightshade. Opponent: Crossfire

This note will be a reply on the note spread by Crossfire/Motiv8 in several magazines such as Skyhigh and Domination it is really starting to become sick to see how Crossfire tries to talk his way out of things by doing what he always has been doing, spreading false facts and telling lotsa lies around. in his note he especially attacked our Australian member vengeance, which I find very strange as most of the attacks on the boards towards him, have been done by me. but for some reason he thinks it will be easier to attack one person at a time. it is no secret that he is the person on this scene which I really hate, together with many who got sick and tired of his lame acts.

The latest happening is that even his group mates such as Tricket, Curlin, Peacemaker and Vortex left him behind. his old friend Sun Dancer, who also got mentioned in his note is even giving him a hard time on the boards! + vengeance wrote a note together with Derbyshire Ram and revealed several of the re-crackings which Crossfire has been doing and also Active came with a note revealing the re-cracking of the preview from Funball. As Kim wrote in his note, Derbyshire Ram should have backed out by telling he had nothing to do with the note Vengeance wrote. now where did that story came from Kim's head! just ask Derby about it and he will tell you several, other stories concerning the lame acts of Crossfire. this is lie number one in his article note. Derbyshire Ram did not back out and did write the note together with Vengeance. the only defence he gave on accusation of re-cracking the preview of Funball, from Active was that Active was just a lame group. Wow, what a defence, just read the note written by Riddler and you will know the real facts (Crossfire did re-crack that preview so that his group would gain the points for the first-release, the same as he's been doing with his Bingo Team releases! and then comes his defence on that subject.

According to him he got the originals from Met/Mayhem, and yes, he got the originals already only more than a week after he had released them on the boards and this Met/Mayhem guy is not so trusty either. just look in the AVT and Chromance cracks of Queens at $1381 and see that the name CBA is standing there and where did they get the originals from? yep from Met/Mayhem! so it just seems that these two stick up for each other coz they're both in it up to their necks.

I can remember the note from Kim when the scene revealed that he was the same person as Exory/Holocaust. he was beginning the scene with a new chance, but an old fox won't loose his tricks, Crossfire kept on doing the lame things he has been doing when he was Exory!

It all started when on The Highway somebody was calling out under Dr. Zapp's account. the only person who really cared about all of this was Kim posting things which supposedly Dr. Zzap had been posting on other boards, so many people started smelling a rat. then he started to involve Cavron in all of this, as he was a good pal of Dr. Zzap. And that drew the line for me. the funny thing was that a call under Dr. Zzap has been done while I was on the phone with him, so that should prove that it has never been Dr. Zzap doing it. As Kim kept on coming with so called evidence it was obvious the sick person behind all of this was Crossfire! so me and Kim started ragging and ragging on each other. to show a few lame acts from Kim's side I will just report on two facts.

  • Just read The Pulse in which Kim did the release charts as PB's list wasn't good enough he thought. M8 gained the first place and the issue after the correction came. Kim had been cheating the list of the expected mag and was never allowed anymore to do the list.

  • Another point is that Kim is making his own games and previews to have more releases, the full games of these previews have never been seen! and a game which he re-coded and of course also recracked as he didn't have the original was the Ash 'n Dave game Dynamic Bench, which he gave to Empire to fix! he released it under the name of Dynamic or so. but the truth came out and no response from Kim has been seen on that one. at that time he couldn't blame me as I wasn't even on the boards, else he would have done that! plus Kim also brought up a fact that we in Success+TRC released the preview of Lazer Duel, which Vengeance got from The Dungeon (not Tunnel of Wares as Kim wrote!) and was telling what a lame act that was. yep, we have indeed released the preview which we got from that board, but what is so lame about that. several other people had already downloaded it to release it and I have seen many version of the 'crack' of that preview by other groups being spread in the mail-scene. Kim describes it as a real lame act, while in fact it is not. what I find lame is making your own previews and releasing them! now I already know what Kim will write to attack this one. We released the prv of Troddlers, a game coded by Enno, but we just released it for everyone to see it as most likely the whole game will never be released as you can see in The Pulse of that month it said Troddlers by Enno (Burglar) Designs. and as it just looked real good we threw it out! now I will tell you the latest event release-wise from M8 a preview hit the boards called Wardeal which turned out to be a fake. it has been uploaded by Mason/M8 and further being spread by another M8 member, who doesn't have any blame, as he probably just saw the game on the boards and spread it onto other boards. now the funny thing, was that mason doesn't even have a modem anymore so something was wrong and first Steve and CBA (Kim says in his note he doesn't have anything against TRC, well CBA is a member of that group) but in a few days I was the one who got the blame for all of it I also got a strange mail on The Dungeon from this 'Mason' saying that M8 would get me real hard, so I was convinced it was Kim, and another fact is that I can't even link an intro in front of a game prv so how in god's name could I have done it. but a fact is that Mason for sure hasn't done that release as Kim kept on blaming me for it. some ragging it has been done by the both of us until all went down in M8, with the members leaving and Kim not calling anymore now some months after Wardeal Prv I know who is responsible for doing that release and it hasn't been any M8 member now has it been a SCS+TRC member and also not Steve who in the first place got the blame for it. yes him, I'm telling the truth, I could've done the same as you just making up a story out of the thing but for one stand for the truth word which you give a strange meaning to I guess this is all I have to reply on that low article which got spread by Kim. you never have told the truth about Kim and will probably never do it either that's your problem!

As I have said several times, I'm really looking forward seeing you at the Danish X-mas party at the end of this year. this note is only meant against X-Fire, who I also referred to as Kim! as I have some cool swap partners in M8, this note is not meant against them, but they know that already I guess. one last word, Kim also tried to put the blame on me for releasing those games under AFL such as Party game and Aftermath which turned out to be re-releases and exchanged some mail concerning this shit with Marc and he knows that we didn't do it.

But at that time we had some raggings going on between AFL and SCS+TRC about the release of Lemmings. but that had already been solved before those games came out maybe another attempt on Kim's side to drag SCS+TRC down. no proof on this one so just speculating! ok, now you all know the difference between facts (this note) and fiction (note from Kim). he might try to pull more stunts in the future but at least all of you know that whenever Kim writes, something against some group (mostly SCS+TRC and AVT) just read the opposite. you've reached the end of this note I hope you all learned something from it, if you didn't already know that a dirt thrower Kim is you know it now!

NSD/SCS+TRC speaking for the whole SCS and TRC crew! may u live to see the dawn!

a new newsletter got spread from X-Fire and today I received a newsletter which Kim has been spreading to all the mags again, containing more lies. he claims (again) that I put an intro of AFL's in front of the games Afterlife and Partygame, hacked the password of Limit/AFL (who doesn't even exist!) and uploaded those games to let AFL look lame well as I mentioned earlier this I spoke with Marc about this and he does not blame us for it, so I wonder why again, Kim is so interested in all of this, might he be trying to hide another deed done by him, by blaming others for it? Steve has done a joke when he still was in SCS+TRC, under Troep+Garbage he cracked the game Afterlife and if you press a key in the trainer menu it saves that game on the disc with a M8 intro, in front of it, at least we still see the fun of the scene, Kim doesn't! now Kim also claims in his newsletter that every group who is in war with us gets accused of re-cracking. well, we have not been in war with AFL, it was just a lot of arguments over the major release of this year, being Lemmings and we didn't accuse them of recracking, Dytec did the same for the example Kim gives about Legend we didn't accuse Legend of re-cracking, AFL did. so again Crossfire has been doing the only thing he is good at spreading lies. how long will he continue doing this, Exory in 1989-91, Leech/Coldcut and all the other handles he has been using and now X-Fire but again Kim, the x-mas party is only 3 weeks away, we will meet there and you won't enjoy it!...


Comments: well again the Crossfire saga continues. Also included in the 'Mixed' chapter is a small reaction from me concerning texts printed in The Tribune issue #48. a very detailed and factual approach to them from me so I suggest it be the next chapter for your selection.

"Man can live with failure, but he cannot live with the excuses that take away his right to fail".

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