Domination 03 ch06 Interview with Atmos of Legend

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Welcome back to the interrogations for this issue. A warm response was again meet from last issues line-up; hopefully I will be getting some other assistance in this field from my fellow editors Steve and Freestyle!

This first interview is an introduction to one of the most active card suppliers around these days. Introducing... Atmos/Legend.


Please introduce yourself to all the readers.

My name is Filip, I'm 20 years old, I don't have a moustache or beard. I certainly don't do phone sex (Bod/Talent, Solar/F4CG, Hok/AVT) at this moment I don't have a girl as I'm really fucked up, I own two Dobermans and one of them got shot by my neighbour (Deff/AVT?). 1,87m tall. Brown hair, blue/grey eyes. My work is a truck driver, it's a family business, and it's a very profitable job and a hard one at that.

Cool, lick your dog for me a bit :)
Please give us a run down on what your scene life has been like since you joined.

In 1988 I entered the scene, I started my own cracking group, (back-up group) I decided to join WOW as a card supplier, and I left to join F4CG as orrie and card supplier for one day, then rejoined WOW again. Then later I joined Legend, I was good friends with Goldfish. My service in Legend was supplying originals and cards and by sending money for first releases. We were beating Illusion as they had no calling cards. Then I joined Illusion and became an active board caller, I joined only as a card supplier. I was in 4-5 months, Freestyle and Derbyshire Ram was arguing as Illusion was practically dead. So I left and joined Success only for a week. Some discussions were later had with Power plant/Legend and I rejoined Legend in which I still remain.

Please list some favourites of the following:
Real music = Roxette, Meat Loaf.
Food = fries.
Movie = Terminator 2.
Women = just a handful, brunettes.
Demos = Dutch Breeze.
Cracking group = Legend.
Cracker = Powerplant.
Drugs = no.
Hacking scene = scary, dangerous.
Musician = Jeroen Tel.

Could you give us a run down on some of the equipment you own?

SX-64, 4xC64, 1x1561, 1570 drive, 4x1541, 2xFinal Cart, 2xPower Cart, Action Replay, 1 TV, 3 monitors, 1 modem, printer also a IBM-286 PC

Wow! Some collection, but why do you call yourself Atmos? Have you had any other handles in your scene life?

V-Man was my original handle, when I joined legend I changed it to Atmos, I had seen a commercial on television with the name and thought it was cool.

What do you think about rebuilding of old and famous groups?

Lame. Once a group has died it should stay dead.

What are your plans in the future for both real and scene life activities?

Well I've been asked to join several Amiga and PC groups as a card supplier but I doubt whether I will. The board scene on the C64 at the moment is a bit lame, need more full-price games, but I guess everyone feels that way. In my real life I'm planning on driving for 5-6 more years, and then I will work from home. Driving eventually gets annoying. To be happy, is my goal.


What's some of the things that we could do to improve this scene at the moment do you think?

Demo groups should make more games or even have game making competitions at parties (I have to improve my English). The relationships between the mail and board scene should be improved.

Do you have some greetings for anyone in particular? Here's your chance...

Einstein/WOW, Cruel/WOW, Jazzcat, PWP, Goldfish, Westbam, Hero and Dog. Special greets to Deff/AVT -:)

Ok Filip thanks for the interview, see ya on the boards.

No problem, besides that you're using my calling card...

Press fire for the menu and also check some more interviews in this issue!

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