Domination 02 ch18 The Summary

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...and so it had passed, after sometime this issue is finally out and about. With each issue I wish to expand in all fields. But of course without your help it's impossible, so thanks go to the artistic team behind this issue and the usual greetings to everyone in the scene...

So what can we look forward to in the next issue? Well some new graphics and a tweaked outfit, plus the usual assortment of text with some special surprises here and there. If you wish to be part of the next issue or have any contribution to make, get your act together and send to the Editorial address. In the form of text, notes, or if you wish to be one of the production staff, with music ($1000-$2000), logos, coverpages and the like, then you're more than welcome!

The scene (institution) needs us all to survive, so come on! Production brings results and in my simple book I leave you all with this rather basic thought...

'if you can't rock'n roll don't fucking come...'

Until next time,


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