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Some reactions from readers will follow from the first issue of Domination and its impact on the scene, let's see what people had to say...

Steve/Avantgarde: actually I quite liked it David, although I would have liked to see a proportional font. Maybe you should have a title page featuring some apples! :) A joke ok?

Domination: Well thanks Steve, I am trying to get Electric to do some apples in FLI for the next coverpage actually, well seriously I thought about doing a proportional font but most board mags follow this and so I decided to do it different, maybe in some later issue I will change to this style, hope you enjoy this issue!

Derbyshire Ram/Avantgarde: Hi David, well after finally reading the whole mag. I see it is more polished than I thought at first glance. Unlike 'The Pulse', it appeared to be more to the point and more accurate. The whole system, music, graphics etc, are better than most mags and is easy to control. I quite like it, just don't let it get biased like a lot of mags I could mention.

Domination: thanks for the words Barry and I am glad you liked the content, with each issue I try some interesting text that will grab an emotion from everyone. so I hope there's something that brings a smile to your face with this issue, enjoy.

CBA/TRC+SCS: My personal opinion about it all was that it was a nice magazine to read, nice stories etc. The only real thing which should change is the 1x1 charset used because that makes your eyes go flickering after an hour or so... keep on going and I am looking forward to the next issue.

Domination: Thanks for the reaction Niels, with the charset, maybe by this issue there will be a different char or char colour and I hope it pleases you, the idea of grey shades in the text and background helps create a relaxed feeling for the reader, with larger response I will try some new sets and styles, hope you enjoy this issue and stay cool! (Bobix #1) :)

X-Radical/Chromance: its one of the better mags in the scene today, most of the mags that are getting released these days, are mags with no style and no new ideas. And as they're are less than five good hackers in the scene today, it's nearly impossible to get someone to writing some chapters about hacking for a magazine. That's another of the good sides of your magazine (and it will become even better if you use my exclusive music next time!) so keep on the good work, Frankie!

Domination: thanks for the cool reaction and also I think maybe your music will be in this issue, hehe cool! as you told me too here is your addy for those who want to contact you: Frankie boy, XXXXXXXX, Carlsberg, Germany, XXXXX. Just for known people! ok I hope you enjoy this issue "Frankie boy" and also check out the hack/phreak section! Laid'er..

Megmyx/Storm: the intro was nice, even on NTSC and the IRQ loader, music swapper, etc were all nice touches. The content left something to be desired (but personally I thought the extra articles were hilarious) I realise that since the first issue there will be better content next time, so my judgement is lenient. The gfx were all really pretty, the tunes fitting (especially the one that changes mid-song ruled (ED. Zyron/Antic)) and the format was easy to understand (as if magazines are difficult!) all in all, for the first issue I give it 8.5/10

Domination: thanks for the reaction Chris, I am glad you especially like the intro as it had your music in it! :) But with further issues and a noticeable expansion in the Domination staff I am sure the text quality, content and variation will improve. With this issue several improvements and modifications have been made, I hope you like it!

Sledge/Fairlight: about the new Domination magazine, I would like to say this: the magazine is a direct competitor for The Pulse magazine, I think they will have a tough time now when Jazzcat is around... I have only been taking a short look so far, but it looks good... download Domination everyone!!

Domination: Well with competition it is with Propaganda! I have no problems with The Pulse as its dead, and other mags improve my texts, so I strive to do better with this one, as they're mags get better I will try and stay up with them!

Crossfire/Motiv8: I read Domination and was surprised a lot. I like the mag, and although I still prefer The Pulse, I think Domination is gonna make it big. It sure a hell brings some more light over the scene after we've started seeing failures like Vandalism News around.

Domination: well thanks Kim, much luck with The Pulse! as I used to work for Vandalism I don't think it is a failure as every magazine has its good and bad points. But I will try to make this mag as objective and readable as possible and that is my main goal, then maybe competition comes second.

Bob/Censor Design: with much text written about Censor then the mag is always good. If not then well!! Imagine hehehe. There is some flicker thing when you go back to the main menu which I don't like. It looks like a bug even though it isn't. Domination logo should flash or be mixed and manipulated by the colours. The planets in the logo should rotate by manipulating the colours or flash a bit! I love colours and then well, write more about Censor then its ok! Anyway otherwise I like it!! And please more demo news!!! Even though the mag is almost totally 'crack' orientated. Hmm, let's see I got one superb idea!!

Domination: well thanks for the point outs there and the ideas which will be taken into careful consideration. This is the type of reaction I like to get with points on how to improve and keep to standard good and bad points of a magazine, great! Maybe you will play a part in it Bob? Anyway thanks for the reaction.

Cheetah/Lithium: cool mag, cool tunes, cool gfx, cool text. "Domination" was magnificently launched. This is one of those very few mags in which I read every little detail I don't see much fault in it! Domination is top stuff (simply awesome) so keep it up David!

Domination: thanks for the kind reaction there Chi, a different array of tunes will be used with each issue and also different gfx every two issues, I am also pleased that you liked the text, don't fall asleep on me!

Cruze/TRC+SCS/LTM: hey, what can I say, a cool mag, especially for its first issue. A 10 out of 10 for the funky menu presentation, text and the cool gfx. With the up scrolling of the text, try making it scroll each character instead of chopping it in half when you read it. The idea of the editorial loading straight away is cool, as many sceners, hardly read the damn thing! One important thing to do for the next issue is to space the text out in paragraphs or like a small sentence in the news chapter, it would be much easier to read it that way and present the mag better! But in all, I do find it a nice mag to read! Keep it up...

Domination: thanks for the nice comments there Richard, as you can see I have done a small favour for you in your own reaction above :) But seriously, one of the reasons why there wasn't as many proper paragraphs in the first issue was because of no room on the disk, I had to squeeze the whole thing in and this issue looks like it will be an entire disk side as well. But this will change as you may have noticed in this issue. About the scrolling effect, this will be one of the tweaks in the next issues outfit and I already have some ideas for it so stay tuned! Glad you liked this issue and hurry up with the new issue of Epic!

Splatterhead/Chromance: Domination issue #1 looked quite promising, perhaps some more H/P support would be cool and shouldn't be a problem for you eh?! Outfit looks cool! Keep up the work.

Domination: Rene, with next issue I will hopefully expand the Domination staff slightly by obtaining a editor for the illegal chapter, this person will most likely be American. Some small modifications as stated above, will occur also in issue #3. I hope to also include a boot-file for the American readers to by pass the intro if it should cause any problems.

Stan/Equinoxe: (editor Ingenious Brain) yoho David! I'd like to congratulate you for the first edition of the Domination. I didn't expect to see such a well styled and interesting mag to read in the first issue. Well done! Especially I got amazed when seeing the interview of Jeroen Tel who has been rarely seen on the C64 lately. About the charts, I still don't know why there haven't been deleted yet inactive or dead groups and mags. Since as long as they are mentioned some guys will still vote for Addybook and Splash. Furthermore, to state something OB/TRSI is definitely not kicked out, why should a living person kick himself? Read the article "Truth about TRSI" in the Ingenious Brain issue #5 written by OB/TRSI. Ok see you soon and I'm curious to see the next issue. Later.

Domination: nice constructive criticism there Stefan. With the charts I try to exert all dead groups, inactive groups I don't emit, as they may release something and deserve the votes, a good example of this is Byterapers, they have been inactive now on C64 for ages, but now look! If you liked the interview with Jeroen Tel, then hope you're impressed with this issues interview schedule!! Ok take care and thanks for the comments.

Enduro/Fairlight: (editor Reformation) Wonder why the English is so good! Give me some lessons Jazzie! Well, the other mags fall like Dominoes, hope we in the Reformation have a true competitor.

Domination: hello Martin! Thanks for the comments, it's a shame how some big mags have died over the last years but be sure with more issues under my belt things will get larger, so watch out Reformation! Hehe. All the best.

Diamond/Gothic Designs/Inzane: yoo! Jazzcat, your mag is very good, but try to use a IFFL-linker with the fast loader. Maybe you can put a new chapter for people that need it for their coding or crack help. Nice logos and music. I say go so on with your mag and don't change it!

Domination: thanks Remco for the comments, I will consider a IFFL-linker with the later issues as it sure does save a bit of time, but also makes it difficult for our friends in the NTSC scene. More chapters will be introduced as more room is found, I am trying to keep the mag to one side only. But with improvements in the outfit, text format and so on, hopefully there will be more room left out for such chapters. Hope you like this issue pal.

That's all we received for this issue, some reactions from the first issue will also be included in the third, for those that sent in late.

More improvements with next issue and a much wider spread base will improve this magazine a lot. Stand up and support it!

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