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In this issue I wish to bring to the reader's attention two articles.

"C64 alive/Zirc0"

Both have extreme importance in their own states so read carefully, especially on the latter article.

For whom it may concern, 16/9/94

This is Duke of Regina with an important public message, concerning me, Regina and The Pulse magazine in the last couple of months; I have begun to tire of the scene. Not only of the scene, but also of the work a magazine in the magnitude of The Pulse requires. I have a very demanding life to take care of as well, therefore making it harder and harder to keep doing The Pulse on the level we have pushed it to. I have had great years in the scene and made lots of good friends as well, I will never regret my activities, even though they have cost me troubles with the law, school and finances. Up to a couple of months ago I never cared, but now the scene does not give me anything anymore. To cut a long story short, I no longer have an interest for the C64!

Due to all of this, I have decided to leave the scene as of today, the 9th of September '94. Regina will die, and The Pulse magazine will never be released again. It has been a great challenge making The Pulse magazine the best magazine in the scene - now running for over a year without one delay. We managed to do and write about things no one cared about before and our articles and debates about improving the scene will hopefully work for the generation to come in the C64 scene. There is not much left to be said. I think most people know what I think of the scene and how it could become even better. The Pulse magazine was a one timer in the scene, and it could not have been made without the help from the great co-editors I had the honour of working with since I put out the first edition, summer of 1993. I would also like to send a hello to all my friends whom I met through my scene career and the supporters of The Pulse magazine and my great contacts. This note will not be spread by me as I will quit the scene as of now, and not look behind me. it was easy getting into the scene but getting out is the hard part, although I am determined, after all we have to leave the scene at some point of time. That's all. I have nothing else to add but if anyone wants to say anything to me - or question me about something, you are free to write or call me.

ED. Moving from this sad note we move over to one which should be taken into consideration by all who own a C64.

Greetings..! Zirc0 comin' at ya with a little message about the resentment and misconception in the Commodore 64 world. Let's start this note with a little definition of a word which is frequently misused on many of the local boards supporting commodore computers: dead.

dead (ded),adj;adv.

  • 1 no longer living
  • 2 not endowed with life
  • 3 bereft of feeling; numb
  • 4 extinguished
  • 5 obsolete; no longer in general use
  • 6 in-operative

Automatically 1 and 2 are discarded, as computers do not have life in the terms described. 3 cannot be applied either as a computer cannot reason with itself or express feeling of any type. 4 extinguished? maybe if it was on fire. 5 and 6 bingo. These are apparently the definitions of the word that can be directly applied to the popular misconception which lands to contradictions... I don't have to mention specifically who has made these statements of the commodore being "dead, default, worthless" as you should already know who you are and I don't feel like getting into little wars that will last a life time... the thing that angers me about these statements is that these are the same people who continue to call C64 run boards! They neglect the fact that if the C64/C128 were dead as they claim, then there wouldn't be any Commodore boards correct? Another thing that is disturbing, is how people who still own and use C64's to call these boards are boasting about other computer capabilities, when they don't even own one! fact: if you use the computer, it cannot be dead! simple as that. If the power switch is turned on, it ain't defunct!

So after describing those main contradicting statements and paradoxical views on the C64, one must ask: so why do people still claim the C64 is dead, even after proving its not? One word: software. People will always complain about games on the C64 "not enough power", "the graphics stink", "it's too slow", "why can't they make it better?" another simple explanation: the C64 is a 8-bit machine running on a 6510 1MHZ (!) processor capable of handling only up to 16 colours per screen, from a total palette of 16, a 320x200 pixel resolution, and a 3 voice sid chip! Taking these limitations into consideration, and the fact that the computer was created back in 1982 or so, you'd have to expect a little less! it also seems that when people make an effort to produce any form of software for the C64, people are always quick to criticize with the same old line oh, this again? hey man if you have a better idea why not share your thoughts with these developers? and if you don't want to, then stop complaining! I'll be uploading some software soon for the C64, new games, and if you don't like them, delete them! the purpose of this somewhat lengthy note? to let users know that if a computer still has users and is somewhere, somehow being used, it can't be dead! it may be obsolete given today's standard of computers, but if you're using it, it must serve you some pertinent purpose, whether it be running a board, playing games or telecommunicating.



A simple addition to this would be not to quit! we've been around a decade, why not another? The greatest computer scene ever will always be alive in one place that many others are dead, and that's in our memories! make history now!


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