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Party Time

The most inspiring chapter for the scene is presented in Domination at last. Firstly some reports from Freestyle/AVT on the ECTS party.

Over to Thomas...

Hey dudes this is gonna be a short(?) report about the world famous ECTS show (European Computer Trade Show) written by none else than the faithful yearly visitor called Freestyle/AVT.

As usually the show took place in the business design centre, the first weekend in September and a lot of cool C64 pirates promised to show up in London to have a good boozing session. In fact I doubt that anyone just showed up because of the lame show. No! the main motivation of all pirates turned out to be the good English beer and cider and all the kicking mixtures between those 2 traditional English drinks. Try to mix a Guinness with cider and you will get a awesome result called HOK's black velvet if you mix normal bright draft beer with cider, you will get a snake bite a la freestyle. Whatever, the first pirates who showed up in London were HOK, Communist and an Amiga dude called Nike and last be not least me (if there's a party I'm always amongst the first guests, haha).

Thursday evening nothing really special happened, we bought some booze at a close liquor store and drank it at our hotel. Friday evening we picked up Jack Daniels (AVT) and were so enthusiastic about that, that we forgot to buy new booze. The dudes among you readers, who already have been to London before can confirm, that you'll find no open pub or liquor store there after 11PM. Damn this sucked major! We all went back to the hotel after we found out that all the clubs were too fucking expensive. Going to bed in England completely sober really sucks so Communist and I managed to organise some good pot, which we got pretty cheap from the hotel manager. and I can tell you guys: this pot was sent from heaven! We got a crazy laughing-trip and simply couldn't stop laughing while every single muscle was hurting like hell. I guess we went on the other people's nerves or they thought: -rookies-!

Saturday we've met Deff, Solar, Sneaper, Newscopy, Antitrack and the Chief at our hotel and later Richie and his cute girlie called Jenny and Raze and his girlfriend downtown at Trafalgar square. After having checked out some good pubs, a few of us decided to go to a close and cheap club recommended by Richie. It featured two different dance floors: on the big upper one the played some strange mixture between rap and garage and on the lower one the played 70's disco music (I just love that).

On Sunday, we were all heading for the show. First we met Steve, Bod and Ninja at our meeting point and entered then altogether. What can I say about this years show? Hmmm... it was pretty lame. I would like to say which companies are still involved into C64 production, but I cannot mention a single name although we nearly asked every exhibitor! Sad... though I'm not involved into consoles, I have to mention that Activision's new version of -Pitfall- for the Megadrive looked awesome (gamer lamer Deff was playing it for such a long time, hehe). The most popular formats at the show were surely Megadrive and PC CD ROM wares.

Sunday evening we again all went to a pub for a little bye-bye beer coz most of us left on Monday. Back home at our hotel Newscopy was grabbing his guitar, inventing some accords while the rest of us (mainly Solar with his golden voice) was composing the lyrics to the Debbie song! Maybe all of you guys can hear the result of this at -- The Tribute -- in Sweden in November. Still worth mentioning was the quarter-game in the early morning hours played by HOK, Solar, Newscopy and me! This was a really funny drinking game, although we all felt like puking after having played it for like 2 hours with rules like: no name, no burping, no pointing, no cursing.

So I would like to end this article by saying: we've spent a really nice time together in London and be sure to be there (again) in September 1995!



Now a advertisement for the big one....

Tribute 1994

Yes, there will be another party!

A tribute to the Commodore 64, its scene and everybody on it. Join up and salute our roots in the biggest, most massive 64-only event ever organized in 8-bit history.

Background: over a period of 8 months we've been tracking down legends and others who quit years ago, but left us with splendid memories. The result is stunning. The official invitation will be distributed to over 3500 people active or linked to the C64 through 1984-1994.

"Tribute 1994" will be advertised in both national and international computer-press such as Commodore Format, C+VG, CU Amiga, Commodore Force, making it a rather spectacular event. Tons of legends have already declared to show up as well as active ones. Even software companies have been alerted on the event, and have shown great interest in attending - for the pure fun!

What we've got for you:
+ competitions with great equipment! you are welcome to compete in demos, graphics and music.
+ nostalgia bonanza, to synchronize with the roots. Not as lame as in Herninge/Denmark.
Alphabetical order, starting with 1001 Crew.
+ demo of the decade awards. an event presented by well-known profiles.
+ live-TV with interviews, results, competitions, events and programs from the official party studio.
+ scene jeopardy on stage! book yourself ASAP! Amount of contestants is limited. Hosted by big profiles.
+ nightclub downtown.
+ 24 hours cafeteria, snack bar, stands and kiosks.
+ pizza deliveries on request.
+ C64-musician live on stage!
+ movie rooms, good washing/sleeping facilities.
+ more is being planned.

Competitions: coders! It's time you start working on the double! A lot of groups and people have already declared their participation and contributions will be top quality. A jury consisting of 10 of the most successful coders through all time will be judging your creations: top-3 overall demos best designed demo and most technically advanced demo. Pay the easy way! Unfortunately we will have to charge you for the event. To make things easier for you, we've seen to it you can pay the entrance fee in advance. Paying in advance is cheaper, allows you to book rooms and space for your group and gives you massive extra service and facilities at the party itself. All you do is pay "SEK-180" to the bank account: skandina viska enskilda banken, Per Jacobsson, XXX XXX XXXX. Both national and international. Swedes can also pay at postgiro #XXXXXXXX

Entrance fee for non-pre-payers will be "SEK-210" at the door. With no reservations made whatsoever.


Genesis Project WHQ
41680 Goteborg,
+46-XX-XXXXXX line #1
+46-XX-XXXXXX line #2
+46-X-XXXXXXXX line #3
+46-XX-XXXXXX fax line

Note: the date as now been changed for the party from November 4th - 6th to November 18th-20th. Make sure to be there! or send money to my address in the editorial for my visit. But seriously, I hope to be at the Christmas party in Denmark held by Camelot, we'll see what folds out.

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