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Slag Back

Introducing this part for the first time, selected articles from scene friends that they have wished me to put forward to the mainstream through my magazine. Firstly as I believe in complete objectiveness, the following segments may seem antagonizing or indeed shit stirring material, but it is to do with the individuals who wrote them and nothing to do with this magazine, here you have "your" say. lets stir a bit.

Dear audience of the world. of the wondrous things about the scene is the fact, that you can't just accuse another scener of having done something wrong if you don't have any evidence.. this is what made me write the following article, so enjoy it!!!

Lately, you have all witnessed some very feeble attempts from the sides of the so-called "ruling" co-op Success+TRC trying to put me and my person down...

Small lines in Steve's frozen cracks like eg. "hey crossfire, don't re-crack this, ok?" has really made me laugh hard over the last months, but there has to come a time where someone has to put the finger down, and since it seems that I am the only adult in this matter (in spite of the fact, that Steve is supposed to be 29 years old!). I've decided that the time is due..

I, in case you haven't guessed it yet, am Crossfire of Motiv8 and I just wanna make a few points straight after all the crap the lamers in Success has been spreading lately. Personally I have nothing against the TRC-part of the co-op, they sure as hell are the ones who makes sure the collected group-IQ stay at an ok-place, but I guess this article will prove that the lamers in Success are definitely fucked up beyond all chances of repair..

It all started, when Vengeance wanted to defend Cavron and Homeboy/Chromance against the vicious rags Sun Dancer (at the time in Motiv8) could come up with. Those boys really had something going, in which I didn't wanna take part, cause I had important things to worry about.. before I knew it, Vengeance started spreading rumours about me, obviously because he couldn't handle Sun Dancer, so that somehow gave him the idea he could beat me. Lately, when we in Motiv8 and Chromance decided to call a truce over our war, Vengeance was left out in the rain, and yes people, the lamer actually started whining and crying over the fact that his "buddie" Homeboy/Chromance wasn't in war with Motiv8 any longer. What is that? That is so incredibly pathetic that I can't begin to describe it...

Well, that is the stage we are at now, but before anything went this far, Vengeance started a lot of bullshit, he even wrote a note "together" with Derbyshire Ram/Avantgarde who later denied having anything to do with the note in a letter addressed to yours truly. Ergo - Vengeance brought in the name of Avantgarde to make it look like something well knowing that SCS+TRC would never gain enough respect from anyone. See, my point is, Derbyshire Ram didn't even know he was apart of this note, so what does that tell you? I guess the people of the scene has a high enough IQ to figure that one out..!

Then, when Vengeance suddenly stood alone again, he licked the ass of Steve who just recently joined Avantgarde. He persuaded Steve into making some "funny" remarks in his cracks, and ignorant as Steve was, he suddenly turned into mister bigshot comedian, only his jokes were sick and pathetic and not the slightest bit amusing...

Sentences like "hey Crossfire, don't recrack this!" was seen several places, despite of the fact that Vengeance's lies were never proven, he only had speculations to run on, and since I could prove my innocence in the matter I considered the case dismissed, but no-way, we were just getting heated up...

Vengeance spread several rumours about me, saying eg, the huge flow of SEUCK-games released under our budget-label "The Bingo Team" should be recracks... What could I do? I contacted the guy who supposedly should have cracked them. A certain Met/Mayhem who immediately told the scene that my cracks were ok and that he in fact did supply the originals to me, which was also the very truth...

To put it lightly, Vengeance was darn pissed. He then came up with some English games I should have picked from the private drives of "In Living Color" whilst it was still Illusion-HQ. Eddie/Motiv8 was visiting Grego/Illusion (now in Motiv8, but that's another story!) at the time and according to Vengeance, Eddie admitted to this and Grego should have been the one to tell the world, and according to Vengeance he talked to both of them...

Guess what? not happening.. as it turned out, Vengeance was lying through his teeth well knowing that he wouldn't get the answer he wanted to get.. he never contacted Eddie nor Grego and still he claimed they admitted it... funny, isn't it? the truth is, I never did recrack one thing ever since my days in Holocaust 4-5 years ago..

Getting back to the Holocaust-thing, it is very obvious that this is exactly what Vengeance is driving at... he simply tried to use my past against me and some people even believed him and to those I've shown my deepest disrespect - but even in the end, they all figured it out the truth..

To those who saw the very funny crack from the quality-label (!) of SCS+TRC, namely Garbage+Troep named "Afterlife" I can only say that I haven't seen it myself, only heard a few things from some members of Alpha Flight and a few other groups. I couldn't care to leech it, though... My only comment is "SCS+TRC - have your fun, while you still can!!!" put it perfectly straight, I did not recrack anything. we discussed this so much on the boards that I'm getting tired of the topic, but I have proven my innocence quite a load of times by now, and Vengeance, the ignorant jerk he is, still keeps nagging. Steve is just a brainless chicken doing whatever he is ordered to do, private ass-kisser he is! Anyways, I guess you all heard about Vengeance's latest deeds about this preview he "supplied" for SCS+TRC named "Lazer Duel", right? haha.. that was a good one.. he simply picked the game from "Tunnel of Wares" which was the only board it had been spread on.. the guy actually recracked it and spread it under the SCS+TRC label as a first-release.. now, how can a lamer who actually does recrack himself act big and accuse others of this? was he by any chance trying to turn the attention away from himself? - I think so!

He also got a group named "Active" on his side. there isn't much to say in this matter, except I can only quote the lamer himself to put it up namely Riddler/Active.. he told me that, "he was afraid that people would think Active was dead, cause they had been inactive lately..".. well, it's all very clear, isn't it? Riddler got what he wanted and a whole lot more as well.. at least Active made it clear, that they weren't dead, but how did they do it? they started spreading a lot of lies and diversions of the truth against me.. nice, I must say!!! Active simply wanted to make it clear that they were still alive and they didn't care if they had to lie through their teeth, and since this was obviously the one solution, that was what they did. I and Riddler had a deal about this "Funball"-preview and I followed my share to it's maximum, but it still wasn't enough to mr.attention-seeker.. no, he wanted a lot more.. Riddler, you are not worth it, you are a lying bastard and if I ever see you again, you'd wish you never met me in the first place, comprende?

Riddler buffered everything (e-mails, notes, etc.) from the beginning, which proves that he planned to make a big issue out of it from the very beginning! Let me do some summing up here...

SCS+TRC is full of shit, all their latest attempts to make me look silly went out the window, they have absolutely no evidence at all and they just want a little attention..

Active is facing the same problem.. if you don't have the abilities to become famous, you can always do it on someone else's behalf, just too bad they picked me cause I won't stand for it..

I'm looking forward to see what vengeance is gonna reply in his propaganda pile of junk named "Vandalism News", but I guess it's nothing that proves he has gotten the slightest bit of brains.. they've been ripping off The Pulse ever since he started - so much for originality... These are the words of truth and remember - next time some lowlife wants to accuse me of something, you better have some evidence, otherwise I'll nail you the exact same way as I've been doing since square one.. anyone who still wants to question the origin of these facts, leave me e-mail on one of the following boards and I'll reply ASAP.... leave mail on: Dominic, In Living Color, The Evil Island, Forplay, Down by Law, The Dungeon or Holiday Inn Cambodia..

I don't know if this answers all questions, but I do have better things to do than always cleaning up people's mess.. Vengeance, you are a disgrace for the human race and your little faggot-buddie Steve can probably relate to this as well..


ED. Well from Crossfire we will venture over to the troubles of Tuc/Rebels.

The truth about Fusion.

Two months ago a new group has seen the light... it should be a cracker group which only has a target to make short, good cracks. Fusion was built by me, Tuc/ex-Rebels. The last memberstatus looked like this: Mav (also in Equinoxe), Prof. Megabyte, Troop, Tuc and Xposer. Some weeks ago I got some letters by my contacts telling me that there was already been a group called "Fusion". The first to tell me about this was Neotec/Rebels/F4CG. but as I had just left Rebels at that time I thought it was only a trick to take me back to them but later I got a letter from Jerry/Triad. He explained to me that Fusion was the #1 in 1988's charts and sent me some proofs like an intro by Fusion and a paper mag called Illegal.

This is just the beginning.. it came like it had to come, some sceners started ragging on us before we had even had a chance to act. Prof. Megabyte got a call from Cavron (I think he's in Nirvana?) who really wanted to know what's the matter with all that. Prof. Megabyte explained that we hadn't known that there already has been a group called Fusion and that's it. Not one of us has ever been in the scene before 1990 so it was impossible for us to know that there has already been Fusion. So we apologize and let the illegally built Fusion die. Nevertheless, I think pissheads like the editors of Vandalism News directly start to call us losers and so on, that's not fair, as they even do not know the ground of the thing as it really is! (actually: the handle Jazzcat has already existed, I saw it in a greetings scroller of an old intro by the group "UCF" (dead)).

I hope you'll understand and accept our explanations.

Tuc '94
Crush the army

ED. Well in my brief response about my handle Tuc mentioned, in fact there never has been a handle "Jazzcat", that name comes from a Norwegian group from 1988 and I was around in 1988 under that handle as well, as I wasn't modem trading then I never realised whether they had copied my name or I theirs! But putting into comparison with an example situation, say if there was a guy called "Fusion", would be people call him a ripper? hmm I don't think so... anyway moving swiftly onto a piece by myself entitled.

The mystery of Mystery by Jazzcat/Legend

It all started when I was in Alpha Flight around Christmas, RRR/Oxyron/AFL at that time approached me with a game called "Mystery" which was made by him and some Oxyron and Crest members, and it had serious tie-ins with Alpha Flight. The game was made under the games label known as "First Blood Entertainment" which was created by myself several years ago as mainly a budget label, so being the main organizer of the group, I decided to sell this game to an English company called "Visualize", who a good friend of mine known as Jon Wells (coder of Sceptre of Baghdad, 10th Dan) said he would buy it on a royalty basis of 50 percent. The original of "Mystery" had been uploaded onto The Evil Island which was then the AFL WHQ, I downloaded this and it was the final version after (a preview had been released previously by AFL) to my unknowing someone in AFL had put some type of codes somewhere in the game, this wasn't very good at all, as the game would then be released and any group that obtained the original as first would be accused of some sort of ripping or as AFL claim "recracking". When actually, as most people could work out, it would be quite hard to recrack a game that had never actually been cracked. the game had needed a joint FBE/Visualize intro so one was made and linked in front of the game (which the company would have done anyway as they had the copyright) and was then sold as stated before on a royalty basis, which means the programming crew and the marketing company get paid money as people buy the program. A lot people had then accused me of ripping off RRR of the money, well how could money be paid until the final person buys the actual game? As with most people who sell their own games to German and Polish disk magazines they are paid in a lump sum, which is only good if you have made a below average program. The game was sold and Visualize have the address and name of the nearest correspondent, RRR/Oxyron.

Another thing I only recently found out about and that could have caused serious trouble was the fact that certain people in AFL and RRR had an offer from the German group CP Verlag, this was under-mining in my opinion as I should have been told about this as if I had sold the game earlier, the copyright would have been in two places! But eventually I managed to get a hold of Timo (RRR) by telephone and tell him that I had sold the game to a budget English company which paid in royalties. Having successfully sold the game and remembering Timo's own words. "I don't care who gets the first release" the game was fixed/packed and released under legend. The game worked 100% on most NTSC systems, but for some reason with some cartridges the game IRQ/intro/loader crashed so a fix file was also released. After this AFL were a bit pissed claiming all sorts of things and released their own version which was supposably then sold under CP Verlag and if it had been sold I ask the question did Timo get paid the money? Anyway that's the story, if anyone needs the address or phone number of Visualize to verify the selling of the game then please feel free to contact me, either way the game now looks to be sold under two companies which looks very beneficial for the programming team!

Now onto a story from Deekay of Crest.

Well, well, well.. this is just another amusing tale from the weird world of computerized maniacs.. it's about some 14-year-old dude you all know very well.

This shouldn't be taken as some proclamation of war or something, its just a little information section to make you think to whom you donate your kindness to... okay, it all started with him asking me if I could do some opening gfx for State of the Art (SCS+TRC BBS) and I agreed. So, some weeks later (lazy I am!) I sent the gfx to my friend Chrissie/Rebels all I know is that I didn't hear one single word of gratitude from this guy...

Well, someday I felt like pushing the limits a bit so I decided to do some really big and cool (?) opening-screen for Chrissie's board, 'Datascapes' I started to work on it and it surely was a hell lot of work and turned out to be 79 lines high! After some problems (my 1200 lynker's may rest in piece!" he, what's that noise? where is all that smoke coming from?..") I managed to send it to Chrissie and told him to tell everyone who wants another one for his board that I don't wanna do this again in the next time. He (Chrissie) uploaded it onto State of the Art and this dude said "whoa, I want one too!" ("haben wollen! rabaeh!") and after Chrissie told him I was not going to do another one in the next time (and because he just got one from me!) then he got really upset and started to behave like you'd expect it from a 14-year-old and said that we're all idiots and I would only talk shit like Crossfire/Motiv8, (I don't know if he talked shit, but as I surely didn't it might as well be the case with him!) who am I that a poor unimportant wretch can judge over what I'm saying when he's not even able to understand it?

This kinda pisses me off. No, I rather should feel pity for him as he never understood what the scene is all about (he's one of those why I stopped modem trading!) its friendship, boy! You may have heard this too often, but it is still true. For you computing probably is a substitute for a lack of social contacts, something where anonymity and pretending replace the need to present yourself in public in a nice way, be it through dressing up or having a nice conversation etc. To inflate your ego through pretending to be a strong, bad character is not the right way! This may sound like another 'shit-talk' to you but there surely lies some truth within, so consider giving it a closer thought... This is an advice that somebody gives you that has never had any hard feelings about you! Someone else just might have called you a lamer and started to rag on you. (no problem, that!) Remember this you just might be too young to understand the full meaning (and the English words) of what I've written (no offence) but you should know that you did disappoint me and brought me one step closer to jumping off this (sinking?) ship of computer business..

To all the others I can just say that you should be careful about this guy and maybe reconsider the truth of some story being spread about him!... But give him a chance if you think he deserves it!..

P.S. First releases are nothing to cause wet dreams, some people should remember that! I think values are set wrong nowadays...



Feel free to send any comments or replies to any of the articles in Slag Back to the Editorial address.

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