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The List

Yes, just two words. But for some it gives great inspiration and a push to strive harder and get better, whilst for others such as myself it doesn't mean much. Since last issue a steady flow of wares have been released, although thinning out towards the completion of this issue let the list begin.

Alpha Flight 1970 (16.4 pts) Rank #04

After starting off quietly, things got happening again in the flight with calling cards in abundance, they managed to release some wares. The first of these was the very sad MASTERMIND 64 (2.2) from Magic Disk. This was simultaneously released with FLEX PRV (0.4) from Sector Soft. Then came the controversial release of MYSTERY (4.6) from CP Verlag, which was also NTSC fixed. Next came yet another preview, DOZO'S QUEST PRV (0.4) which had a very well styled intro in front of the ware which is regarded better than the game itself! The flight then released the Markt und Technik game ROBOX (4.4) plus fix. After a short break, they came back with THINK TWICE PRV (0.5) from Direct Design the next two weeks were a blur between gaining another board and work on their magazine 'Relax', but to finish off they released BRAIN SPASM (4.3) plus fix, from CP Verlag. An average rate from AFL with more to come as promised.

Atlantis (4.5 pts) Rank #09

This all-round group delivers two small titles this month. Firstly SPACE BATTLE (1.1) from More Gore Soft. This was apparently given to them by Talent as a joke. Then came THE SESSION II (3.4) also from More Gore Soft. Some good talent in this group they just lack the suppliers.

Avantgarde (14.3 pts) Rank #05

They seemed to take a bit of a tumble from their usual standard, but games haven't been as plentiful. AVT started off with FAST FUTURE (4.7) plus fix. Which was joint released with Laser, the game was never sold. Shortly after came REACTOR II PRV (0.7) from the German group Twice Effect and then a utility from CP Verlag called COLORS (-). They then released an updated ABUZE CRUNCH 3.5+ (-) improved by Steve/AVT which was followed by the rather cool BABY BLUES (4.5) plus fix from Magic Disk (graphics in this one by Deff). Next came a joint release with Excss called SMASHER II (4.4) plus fix from Commodore Format. More releases next month as we head towards Christmas.

Chromance (16.7 pts) Rank #03

Not letting the code situation discourage them in the least, they did good with some nice releases. NO LIMIT (5.7) a full price game from 587 KByte was release by them to begin with followed a few days later by TRICKY (4.5) by Rom Soft and was fixed by the newly formed Aristocracy. Then came BATTLE PRV (0.8) followed soon by AMOBA PRV (0.4) from Thunders and TETRISACK PRV (0.6) after this short burst of previews things returned to normal once again with ANTROCK (4.3) from Contrive Section and fixed by Aristocracy. To round off the session they released BALLA BALLA PRV (0.4).

This posse should be back strong when cards are like stars in the sky.

Excess (4.4 pts) Rank #10

Their solo performance for this month was a joint release with 'AVT' called SMASHER II (4.4) plus fix. From Commodore Format. Nice to see this group releasing some first releases now and then.

F4CG (32.7 pts) Rank #01

For the first time in many moons do we see this old group on the top once again the ball started to roll with the release of MINEFIELD PRV (0.5) and then SLATERMAN PRV (0.6) from Inflexion. Next came the great graphics tool known as GUNPAINT (-) which was fixed by TSM. The flow continued with SPOOK PRV (0.4) and then the nice DRIP (4.8) which was later fixed by their partners in crime Empire. JUMP PRV (0.7) was put out by them followed by the very useful MC RELOCATOR (-) a nice tool. After a short break and a card recession sinking in out came THE BIRDS (4.5) from Single Density Soft and fixed by Empire.

To the surprise of most in the board scene an American full-price game was released and supplied by Moloch. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A PREHISTORIC MAN (5.4) from Creative Pixels and already working on PAL/NTSC. Then came FIVETEEN (3.4) from BIW Soft and later fixed by Empire and then MINEFIELD (4.5) also from BIW Soft, which was PAL released and later NTSC abused by Empire (again!). BLURBIA PRV (0.6) was put out by them and then another American ware called SHERWOOD OPEN (3.7) working PAL/NTSC. After long delays and no F4CG members calling out, SUNDAY OF MIRACLES (3.5) was released on PAL and later fixed by Empire. More points could be obviously gained if they NTSC/PAL first released their wares but a good job from the fantastic crew.

Genesis Project (4.2 pts) Rank #12

After a huge 'no ware' situation they finally came back with some more releases under the familiar G*P label. First up was KILLER (3.6) which was NTSC/PAL first released, but the Empire fix was perfect on the first version so a (-1) was deducted. Then the nice DOOMED WORLD PRV (0.6) from Cherry Software. This is a Wolfenstein type game. More releases are promised so lets wait and see.

Hardcore (4.3 pts) Rank #11

This new group made its debut with a game coded by Sneaper/F4CG called SPOOK (4.3) which was fixed by Glory. Maybe their first and last release?

Laser (4.7 pts) Rank #07

Their joint release with Avantgarde of the FAST FUTURE (4.7) plus fix, earned them seventh position.

Legend (4.6 pts) Rank #08

MYSTERY (4.6) plus fix from Visualize. A (-1) for a fix file of the TSM fix. This game also got points as well as AFL due to the game being sold to two different companies, one a budget and the other a low budget, explaining the difference in points. For more read the 'Slag Back' chapter.

Mental (0.8 pt) Rank #15

Another new group and a nice preview, which at first glance looks like a re-release but is not. IKETA PRV (0.8) from Golden Disk earns them the last position.

Motiv8 (7 pts) Rank #06

Most wares from this group were released at the beginning. First came the CP Verlag game called STEEL HEROS (3.4) plus fix. The followed shortly by TECHNOPLYN (3.6) plus fix. Empire was beaten on this game. DMC 5.1 (-) was released by them and was there last official release up to present. They're not dead so more expected.

Shazam (1.2 pts) Rank #14

A solo release this month for the Australian based group with the small HAMMER BROS (1.2) probably their last solo first release due to the newly formed Shazam+Trance co-op.

Success+TRC (19.1 pts) Rank #02

The Ruling Success Company started off with BOUND (3.5) plus fix, followed soon by the cool CJ 4 (3.8). After a while the nice New Entry game QUEENS (4.5) was released by them on both NTSC/PAL with STARBUST PRV (0.6) next came KILLA PLANTS PRV (0.6) and a non-complete HEAVEN BOUND (3.8) from Cosmos Designs. Meridian mail and blue boxing affected their regular visit to the boards but they released the brilliant preview to the sequel of Lions of the Universe called BORN IN SPACE PRV (0.8) from Cosmos Designs. To finish up the co-op just lately put out FUN DUEL PRV (0.5) another nice round for the co-op, lets hope blue boxing holds out in Holland for them.

Trance (2.4 pts) Rank #13

Probably their last solo first release now as well, because of their co-op with Shazam. IMPEROID V5 (2.4) from Cosmos Designs.

The overall charts September/October'94

Pos: Group: Pts: Releases:

1   F4CG              32.7       14
2 SCS&TRC 19.1 8
3 Chromance 16.7 7
4 Alpha Flight 16.4 7
5 Avantgarde 14.3 6
6 Motiv8 7.0 2
7 Laser 4.7 1
8 Legend 4.6 1
9 Atlantis 4.5 2
10 Excess 4.4 1

NTSC fixing group September/October'94

Pos: Group: Pts: Releases:

1   Empire            16.4       6
2 Avantgarde 13.6 3
3 Alpha Flight 13.3 3
4 Aristocracy 8.8 2
5 SCS+TRC 8.0 2
6 Motiv8 7.0 2
7 TSM 4.6 1
8 Glory 4.3 1

Comments: games still being released on C64, although the majority from German magazines. But things will heighten with the Christmas rush and rumours still persist of comebacks of certain companies. Lets just hope and wait.

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