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News and other old nasty habits

One of the most read chapters in a disk magazine is now in memory. Since the last issue of Domination, many things have been happening in our little scene.

Lets go with A-Z style and then we'll single out in a one liner fashion, remember to read the group status chapter for member status and board numbers.

Alpha Flight 1970:
Seemingly the only group that has no calling card problems at the moment. Not letting the international busts of major suppliers disillusion them, they recruited some new members, especially from the depleted Motiv8. Those that joined were Peacemaker, Racoon, Vortex and Curlin. All from Motiv8. Apart from these, Bizarre/Trance is said to be again back in their ranks. Spectator left them to join in with the SCS+TRC coop.

The Evil Island/Chromance WHQ returned to its original host, as it lost support from Chromance, Who has been finding it difficult to call out lately. TEI also became the "Relax" HQ seeing as The Pulse is dead. This old AFL magazine should be released soon if not already.

Supreme changed his handle back to Skinhead, and should also appear as the main organiser and editor of Relax. A very active group at this time.

This large group has been in and out of activity. Good news is that Ironcat rejoined them as musician after his completion of army duties. Hopefully this musician will be able to use his skills in the rumoured AVT demo which might be released soon. In turn, PBXcellent (EVS) left the group. Some of the larger happenings this month are the very popular Avantgarde WHQ The Forum is down, Pudwerx, their main fixer and sysop of the board left the scene, for more read the NTSC scene chapter. As some rumours say, AVT should gain two American boards shortly and it should be said that Terminal Obsession looks to be back up again soon. Once their boards are back and calling cards are again plentiful, this group should be back on top.

The Hungarian based group found it hard to support their board this issue, with blue boxing dieing in Hungary. They lost The Evil Island to AFL'70 and also for a period of time lost Edge of Midnight, but to their fortune they regained this board and it once again runs under the Chromance and Aristocracy flags. The nigger posse gained another member namely; AMC/Charged, who joined in as an orrie supplier. Splatterhead left them for a short period of time, but then later rejoined. Wozio left them, but not for another group but for something a little worse, the army, in which Jazzy D is also having much fun at the moment. Hope they find their footing soon.

Excess: They seem to be populating the boards more often these days and have proven quite a stable and active group with their own magazine Nitro and some first releases. Excess added more to their posse as the following guys joined: Authentic/Maniax as a swapper. BTS/Mental as a graphician. Spinball/Mental as a programmer. Liquid/ex-X-Ample but in turn some people left or were kicked, among these were; Sgt. Pepper, Mindcrime, Josh and Luka. They gained the US board 'Chaotic Factor' as their WHQ.

Fantastic Four Cracking Group:
A very progressive month for them this time. Firstly Mutant-X returned to the scene and joined them as a hacker, but shortly afterwards he left them due to disagreements with Moloch and the Polish members. Moloch/ex-Armageddon joined in as an original supplier, he has already supplied several American games.

Their former member, Carcass decided to rejoin them, although he has not been spotted on the boards much (rumour says he is just Moloch in disguise). F4CG gained an a inside coder from Tim Soft known as Morris, this should be quite helpful for their release schedule just lately he renamed to Syndicate. They also gained Chiefy/Padua who joined in. Solar also put back up, 'Lost Paradise' BBS (afterhours only).

Rumours say that Mao was killed in a tragic car accident in Italy recently. On the side it appears that this force went through some kind of internal problem, for a brief time a few of their members were seen in the new group Hardcore. But things have been apparently sorted out and now all that troubles them is the calling card situation, which is affecting this group's board presence quite badly.

Genesis Project:
This group seems to be returning to activity in a big way. Apart from organising the mammoth 'Tribute' party, they gained their former cracking duo Satan and Ray, which left the dead and buried X-Rated. They also gained some other talents such as the Goblin, who joined as an original supplier, and the Punisher, who returned to the scene and rejoined his old group. Techno joined them as supplier and cracker. Apart from several releases they also gained another board after their exit from 'The Dungeon', 'Menace 2 Society' now appears as the new Genesis WHQ, which they share with Empire. the sysop is Mizar/Empire (ex-Napalm). Big things planned for them and as rumour goes Raistlin will return soon! More will be revealed at the Tribute '94. Be there or be square!

Most members are pretty busy these days; Powerplant and Rebel have been in the states for university. Due to this they were excluded as a group from The Shaolin Temple, which then stayed TSM WHQ only. The board has since been offline for some weeks.

Their supplier Atmos, was ready to quit but picked up the reigns again and is still happily in Legend despite what other magazines say. On a bright side their former member Goldfish will be returning to the board scene soon so wait for that one!

Still unsure onto what really happened, but internal problems split this group up a bit, however it still remains alive. Firstly, Tricket left M8 and kicked them off 'Dominic'. In turn the leader, Crossfire was also fired from Pronix Entertainment. After these activities certain members started falling from the ranks to join other groups. Curlin, Peacemaker, Racoon and Vortex left to join AFL. Also among the official departure list of the group was Animal. The rest is unknown.

On a different note The Fresh Prince/M8 was busted by AT&T for calling card fraud, so he is just concentrating on his swapping at the moment. They did get themselves another Denmark EHQ, this time, Mount Olympus. Maybe they will get back on their feet again soon? who knows?

This legal group has been quiet for sometime now, but they're silently working on their new demo 'Goatology' to help with this production recruitment was made, so, Peace/Oxyron joined up as a musician. Ablaze/Noice should be back again soon to swing the votes with his graphics. Sandman was kicked from the goat-clan. Should expect something from them, as with most legal groups at the next party.

They finally got their magazine 'Newspress' out again with a new outfit and some differently styled text. They both gained and lost some members. It started with Nitro leaving them and the scene and he was soon followed by Mr. Alpha who left them and remains only in F4CG now. Their paper artist, Tristar was kicked. But to replace him, Dr. Who joined as a designer.

Suzuki/Rebels/Dytec left them, but Chaotic/ex-BCD joined in as well. Tuc is back in the group after his failed attempt of a new group called 'Fusion' which was stopped due to the same name as the old famous group. Unknown really what they have planned, but hope to see their mags 'Newspress' and 'Artpress' released again regularly.

A quick re-organization saw the release of Gamer's Guide #24. A great shuffle up in the member status introduced some new members, joining the fleet were Vain, as a swapper, Tao, as a cracker and coder and Slice rejoined in as a coder. In turn Trident and Achilles left the group and the scene. Their graphician Owen joined Agony and Tranziie left the active member-status. Midnight Mover re-opened his board 'Illusion of Reality' which also became the 'Tribute '94' party BBS. their next production should be the demo from Kingfisher, read his interview in this issue. hopefully with some new members things will get a bit more active again.

The coop splitted and both groups finally went their own way. Magazines claimed that OB/TRSI was kicked, well these are false as the confusion started when BO/Dytec was kicked (but later rejoined) Fatman/Dytec: "they've brought nothing into the coop except for 2 orries. They promised us a board, but we got none. they're too inactive, therefore we stopped the coop". It is really unknown what both groups are up to now, but hope to see some releases in the future from them both.

Separate news:

  • Pussyfooter rejoined WOW as their co-leader.

  • The brilliant musicians, Drax and Laxity both live in the same flat now!

  • Stan/Equinoxe left X-Rated.

  • SMD/Motiv8 joined Atlantis as a graphician, others who joined ATL were Ram Jam, Mr. Giga and Gangstar.

  • Zore/Vision joined the Finnish group Palace.

  • Hein Holt and Mirage/Focus are currently designing 'Visual Delight 2'.

  • The scene will have a new disk mag from the United Kingdom soon to be called 'Obituary'.

  • Enigma was rebuilt by Hunter, who has as most know, rebuilt many other famous groups such as Ikari etc. Incidentally his full information will be published in the next issue for those interested.

  • Jason/ex-Motiv8 joined Mayhem.

  • Hulkster/ex-Dominators is about to go to jail. He is accused for doing heavy fire crackers and for pirating video movies and computer software. The law wants 2.8 million dollars to be returned to the software companies to compensate for the income loss.

  • Some new groups were formed, Mental and the failed Femine, whose first ware released was a re-release. Another group which has come across as quite a mystery is 'Hardcore' which was formed by some ex-SCS and RSI members. Their first ware was NTSC fixed by the return of an old group, glory. This consists of Thor, Master Kracker and Shark.

  • Cruise/Elysium joined Taboo as a second group.

  • Some companies have been rumoured to return soon to the C64 production line, among these is US Gold, Grandslam, Psygnosis and Masteronic.

  • Graffity's new demo should be released quite soon, it's called 'Just in Blue'.

  • Black Priest/Antic opened his board called 'Territory', which can be reached on +43/XXXXXXXXXX. Oze/ex-TPF joined Antic as a coder.

  • Regina is dead! the leader Duke, left the scene and now the popular mag 'The Pulse' is dead. it is unknown what path the former Regina members will take.

  • Echo/EQX and Fanta/Plush rebuilt their music label, "Bass".

  • Shazam and Trance are in co-operation. Shazam's last solo demo was "Albedo 2".

  • Rumours from a little bird: concerning fake first-releases, as rumour has it, that it is the usual way with Nightshade/SCS+TRC, just like it happened twice with Alpha Flight some months ago. Rumours suggest that NSD is in fact the one to abuse the accounts and spread those fake-releases, and according to reliable sources, bullet-proof evidence should even exist as well. Moving swiftly on, some persisting echoes tell of an Avantgarde mag to arrive soon. The actual mag will be called 'Corramba' and coding as already been started several months ago.

Well that's all for this issue, look else where in this magazine for other interesting happenings in the scene and remember don't shoot the messenger!

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