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corruption 14               october 1992
      * MINE, ALL MINE, ALL MINE *      
dear readers,                           
lots of time has passed since we re-    
leased the last issue of your fav mag,as
usual. i have been in disneyland for    
almost two months that's for example one
reason why the release-charts are       
missing this time. but you can take it  
for granted that we will have them back 
again in the next issue. we found a     
competent reporter who will take care of
the games from now on. moreover we      
developed a new point system in         
cooperation with that new editor. we    
will introduce you the reporter as well 
as the new point system in the next     
a sad thing happened to us. DREAM PARK, 
our beloved hq will go down soon, as    
cyborg figured out that there are more  
things in life than computers. we wish  
you all the best in your "computer-free"
life, shawn. furthermore thanks for all 
your efforts.                           
but we succeeded in finding a new, great
board quite soon. from now on, the dom  
whq will be "DIVINE ULTIMATUM". it has  
all the modifications from cyborg as    
well, moreover it features great        
graphics and is even faster. so you can 
be sure that we will continue where we  
stopped. of course divine ultimatum is  
the new CORRUPTION hq as well.          
there were quite a lot of changes in    
dom lately. read the news chapter for   
further information.                    
  so make sure to call the DOMINATORS   
     * divine ultimatum/ dom whq *      
  * dream park/ dom whq (untill...) *   
   * the lonely island/ dom euro hq *   
  we are pretty sure that you'll enjoy  
this issue. lots of people have spent a 
 lot of time to make it possible. have  
CORRUPTION CREDITS:                     
    graphics.......grizzly adams/dom    
    music...........metal/flash inc.    
    pal/ntsc fix....pudwerx/illusion    
main menu                               
    graphics.......grizzly adams/dom    
    pal/ntsc fix....pudwerx/illusion    
    text packer........dogfriend/dom    
we thanks the following people for their
support and contribution to this issue :
           antitrack/ legend            
           pudwerx/ illusion            
             gene/ illusion             
            richie/ illusion            
            pol pot/ arcade             
            sir tippit/ dom             
               msk/ crest               
              xayne/ crest              
           metal/ flash inc.            
              simon collis              
              cyborg/ dom               
             jihad/ arcade              
            maduplec/ crest             
           s.c.s./ the force            
     wuerttembergische versicherung     
             ffrueh koelsch             
             west quickies              
and the usual rest, you know, we are not
    perfect. especially not at 5am.     
send everything concerning corruption to
          XXXXXXXX X X X X X X          
          X.-XXXX XXXXXXXX XX           
   or call the corruption hq, divine    
deff fell asleep again, so i should take
care of waking him up. enjoy this issue.
                     jack daniels & deff


corruption 14               october 1992
- x-factor is dead! ace, ecco, exulans  
  and spiderman joined dom. exulans put 
  up a board in denmark called..."THE   
  is the dom euro hq.                   
- "DREAM PARK" will go down very soon.  
  cyborg got rid of the scene and lost  
  interest in computing. the new dom whq
  is the former legend+nei hq "DIVINE   
  ULTIMATUM" XXX-XXX-XXXX. chameleon,   
  the sysop joined forces.              
- deff finally started calling out!     
- drake, janec and rockstar of talent   
  joined the dominators.                
- tricket returned and rejoined his old 
- the complete dom member status looks  
  like this...                          
  ace, animal, bladerunner, cosmo,      
  cyborg, deff, dogfriend, drake, ecco, 
  exulans, ghost, idol, jack daniels,   
  janec, rockstar, spiderman, tricket   
  twist and chameleon.                  
  dom freelancers are grizzly adams,    
  pavarotti and sir tippitt.            
- brego got kicked out of arcade while  
  tbb/chromance joined them.            
- darklord, a cracker, who used to be in
  success and legacy some time ago,     
- art got kicked.                       
- triad got 6 years old (congrats!!)    
- a musician called trident/booth design
  joined triad along with tech/wow and  
  wingo/wrath design/oxyron.            
- cop, seal, ream & raven got kicked.   
- sailor and xerr (tranziie's sister)   
  both joined as crackers.              
- skater and mirage left censor design  
  in order to join legend. sh0ck will   
  from now on be released under legend. 
- rcs got kicked out of legend and re-  
  joined brutal.                        
- airwolf didn't join legend!!          
- an original supplier called atmos     
  joined and started calling out.       
- sauron joined the norwegian army.     
- after a short visit in legend baze is 
  back in illusion.                     
- after a short visit in ils,dmc is back
  in genetix.                           
- an australian hacker called MAX MIX   
  joined ils, as jazzman was caught.    
- sorceress + antichrist left. but they 
  will continue with propaganda.        
- motley got busted for carding.        
- rough re-joined chromance.            
- warhead/faces joined them aswell.     
- destiny, a fixer who used to be in    
  armageddon, joined.                   
              SINGLE NEWS               
- duke is back in the dropped
  all charges but the danish telecom    
  will probably charge him for abusing  
- the silver surfer decided to let his  
  old group HOTLINE die once again and  
  joined success.                       
- the syndrom (from east-germany) joined
- t.w.c. and per/curve joined red sector
- scorpie of f4cg quit the scene.       


corruption 14               october 1992
          * GOLD AND CAVIAR *           
sorry, but this time we do not have any 
release-charts in here. the reason is   
simple, i have been in the states for   
almost 2 months, so i missed lots of    
releases. but from corruption 15, i     
won't be responsible for these charts   
anyloner. we gained a new editor who    
will take care of them. we will intro-  
duce him and our new rules in the next  
issue. be prepared...                   
    deff and jack daniels would like    
  to say 'THANK YOU' to the following   
 boys (and GIRL!) either for voting on  
    dream park or for filling in the    
        corruption vote-sheet...        
monique/stella        action jackson/trc
captain tas/stella    testicle/in access
a-man/arcade                 cash/vision
rygar/network        daniel/scs/tf/image
zore/future arts/wow       baze/illusion
gene/illusion             pol pot/arcade
lazyness/red sector          sodapop/g*p
cosmo/dominators            newscopy/g*p
moon/flash inc.             einstein/wow
arrogance/success          surfer/active
gerwin/fairlight           ziphoid/razor
eddie/presence   bitnapper/comic pirates
walker/light         jason/comic pirates
deff/dominators       stormlord/wow+rush
bizarre/techno        derby ram/illusion
mr.wax/chromance         hi-lite/success
skater/legend        rockstar/dominators
twilight/arcade             radar/arcade
ice breaker/device              spitfire                    dog
shadow/avatar                 benson/rsi
psychobilly/rsi           equinox/empire
scat/red sector inc.          hok/arcade
jack daniels/dominators       tech/triad
pyromancer/curve        janec/dominators
grego                     motley/genesis
marc/titron                  rich/empire
cba/the ruling company           airwolf
code18/dg/ll            twist/dominators
the audience/sunrise      bismarck/triad
uptonogood/t.s.r.         rustler/t.s.r.
vengeance/the force        deadbone/hype
        ...66 voters all in all!        
  if anyone thinks that the charts are  
  cheated by the staff sinply mail us   
   a postcard and you'll receive all    
 vote-sheets and all buffers from DP!!  
  we don't have to fear a single shit!  
            THE EURO CHARTS             
 minimum to enter the charts: 20 points 
        pli.=position last issue        
01.) LEGEND                    455  (01)
02.) TALENT                    365  (02)
03.) ILLUSION                  345  (03)
04.) arcade                    221  (06)
05.) dominators                168  (04)
06.) f4cg                      151  (10)
07.) enigma                    149  (05)
08.) hysteric      (last time)  65  (08)
09.) success                    49  (09)
10.) chromance                  43  (16)
11.) faces                      40  (--)
     genesis project                (07)
13.) red sector                 34  (--)
14.) active                     32  (13)
     genetix                        (--)
16.) image                      30  (14)
17.) fairlight                  23  (11)
     the ruling company             (--)
     triad                          (12)
20.) pandora                    21  (--)
pos. THE BEST DEMO GROUPS      pts. pli.
01.) CREST                     142  (01)
02.) CENSOR DESIGN             109  (09)
03.) FLASH INC.                104  (03)
04.) black mail                 97  (03)
05.) oxyron                     96  (--)
06.) light                      87  (02)
07.) offence                    82  (--)
08.) faces                      67  (12)
09.) triad                      66  (14)
10.) fairlight                  60  (05)
11.) camelot                    59  (07)
     origo                          (06)
13.) beyond force               57  (10)
14.) horizon  (very last time)  46  (--)
15.) pretzel logic              38  (14)
16.) antic                      37  (--)
17.) eternity                   34  (--)
18.) paradize                   33  (08)
19.) grafitty                   29  (--)
20.) padua                      21  (20)
21.) panoramic designs          20  (21)
     visual reality                 (--)
pos. THE BEST CRACKERS         pts. pli.
01.) POWERPLANT/ legend        233  (01)
02.) ANTITRACK/ legend         168  (05)
03.) DOC/ legend               155  (02)
04.) rockstar/ dominators      129  (07)
05.) bod/ talent               125  (03)
06.) dogfriend/ dominators     101  (04)
07.) xxx/ talent                87  (09)
08.) chrysagon/ enigma          75  (08)
09.) sauron/ illusion           42  (06)
10.) crisp/ arcade              38  (12)
11.) benson/ red sector inc.    33  (--)
12.) crossfire/ image           32  (--)
13.) ignorance/ enigma          29  (11)
14.) tyger/ genesis project     28  (--)
15.) burglar/ success           27  (--)
     mr. president/ red sector      (--)
17.) fletch/ legend             26  (10)
18.) amnesty/ pandora           23  (--)
19.) dmc/ genetix               22  (--)
     drake/ dominators              (--)
     nme/ illusion                  (--)
22.) hok/ arcade                20  (--)
pos. THE BEST CODERS           pts. pli.
01.) CROSSBOW/ crest           124  (01)
02.) ZODIAC/ flash inc.         86  (02)
03.) FLAMINGO/ light            85  (03)
04.) glasnost/ camelot          62  (04)
05.) tron/ fairlight            54  (08)
06.) maduplec/ crest            50  (07)
07.) bob/ censor design         49  (12)
08.) yup/ offence               45  (--)
09.) syllinor/ faces            33  (--)
10.) tts/ oxyron                32  (--)
11.) depeh/ antic               31  (--)
12.) walt/ visual reality       29  (09)
     yabba/ light                   (05)
14.) equal/ eternity            24  (--)
     rico/ pretzel logic            (--)
16.) ses/ genesis project       20  (13)
pos. THE BEST ARTISTS          pts. pli.
01.) OGAMI /fairlight          117  (02)
02.) HEIN DESIGN/ black mail    99  (01)
03.) DRAGON/ censor design      74  (05)
04.) redstar                    68  (06)
05.) mirage/ legend             67  (04)
06.) creeper/ flash inc.        65  (--)
07.) bizzmo/ crest              64  (03)
08.) pal/ offence               29  (--)
09.) ans/ spirit                25  (--)
     cop/ faces                     (--)
11.) crept/ flash inc.          22  (--)
     gbf/ crest                     (07)
13.) electric/ extend           21  (--)
14.) alive/ wow                 20  (--)
     johannes/ pretzel logic        (--)
pos. THE BEST MUSICIANS        pts. pli.
01.) A MAN/ arcade             140  (07)
02.) JEROEN TEL                122  (01)
03.) DRAX/ crest               102  (03)
04.) danko/ censor design       96  (04)
05.) guy shavitt/scs/tf         94  (09)
06.) reyn ouwehand              49  (02)
07.) geir tjelta/ moz(ic)art    47  (11)
08.) metal/ flash inc.          46  (10)
09.) the syndrom/ padua         34  (--)
10.) deek/ crest                30  (06)
11.) moon/ flash inc.           28  (08)
12.) bappalander/ light         20  (--)
     louie/ faces                   (--)
     msk/ crest                     (--)
pos. THE BEST MAGAZINES        pts. pli.
01.) SHOCK/ legend             405  (01)
02.) BRUTAL RECALL/ brutal     278  (02)
03.) SCRIPT/ clique            204  (04)
04.) propaganda                137  (05)
05.) hotshot/ flash inc.        93  (03)
06.) internal/ wow              76  (09)
07.) update/ ???                56  (--)
08.) immortal flash/ atlantis   52  (16)
09.) addybook/ blaze            46  (12)
10.) a.w.t.b./ chromance        37  (16)
11.) world news/ cross          30  (20)
12.) explorer/ antic            24  (--)
13.) flash back/ proxyron       22  (18)
14.) bitmania/ curve            21  (11)
pos. MOST LIKED PIRATES             pts.
01.) BOD/ talent                     64 
02.) HOK/ arcade                     28 
03.) SKATER/ legend                  27 
04.) prodigy/ illusion               25 
     rockstar/ dominators               
06.) jack daniels/ dominators        24 
07.) deff/ dominators                20 
pos. MOST HATED PIRATES             pts.
01.) NARC/ legend                    77 
02.) TYREE/ arcade                   65 
03.) PARSON                          61 
04.) thor                            58 
05.) radar/ arcade                   55 
06.) antichrist                      53 
07.) powerplant/ legend              44 
08.) bod/ talent                     27 
09.) sorceress                       23 
11.) horizon/ nei                       


corruption 14               october 1992
        * GOT YOU BY THE NOOSE *        
          this time we annoyed          
          PUDWERX of ILLUSION           
 with our questions. they were posed by 
              jack daniels              
?: hi jason, please give us some infor- 
mation about the person behind the      
!: i'm just a regular sorta guy.        
   75 kg, 183 cm, dark brown (short)    
   hair, mustache, sideburns (what did  
   deff call them?!?), and all the      
   usual guy-parts in working order     
   (thus my handle...)                  
   i am 31 years old, have 3 cats, and  
   of course, a lovely wife - christina.
?: you've got a very interesting job,   
and only very few people can afford     
to do it as a primary job. tell us some-
thing about it...                       
!: about my job... yes, it is true that 
   it is a bit unusual that one can make
   a decent living doing it as one's    
   primary job.  but, i am very         
   fortunate to have done so.  i play   
   keyboards (synthesizers) in a dance  
   band full-time.  i have been doing   
   this for almost 13 years now, and    
   there's no other 'job' that compares 
   to it.  i mean, in what other job    
   can you get dressed up, get on a     
   stage, play music real loud, drink   
   all the beer you want, have pretty   
   girls dancing in front of you all    
   night long, and then --- they pay    
   you for it !!!                       
?: what do you do in your spare time?   
!: in my spare time, i do mostly        
   computer-related activities.         
   i started disk swapping a couple     
   years before i got into the scene,   
   but after i got my first modem, i    
   was hooked !!!                       
?: the usual question, which three      
things would you take with you onto     
a lonely island? (no, not our euro hq..)
!: the three things i'd take to a lonely
   island? that's easy:                 
   cindy crawford,                      
   paulina porizkova,                   
   and a big can of whipped cream !!!   
(ed.: and what about your lovely wife?) 
?: if you could be a person of your own 
choice for just one day, who would you  
to switch bodies with and why?          
!: hmm... very good question... i've    
   pondered your question here for      
   quite some time now, and i have no   
   fucking idea who else i'd want to    
   be !!!!!   generally, i find it      
   challenging enough to be myself,     
   let alone try to be someone else.    
?: you are a time-traveller and have the
chance to visit any historical event you
want, what would it be?                 
!: if i had a time machine, i'd really  
   rather go forward in time (and       
   according to einstein, that is the   
   only direction in time one can go),  
   but your question asked about a      
   historical event, so...  i think i   
   would be most interested to visit    
   the ancient incan or mayan empires   
   just to see precisely how advancced  
   their civilizations had become.      
   unfortunately, the spaniards         
   destroyed them, and their entire     
   cultures ceased to exist.  i truly   
   think that the human race would be   
   far more advanced than it is today   
   had they been allowed to continue    
   to exist and evolve.  (how's that    
   for a thought-provoking answer? do   
   i win a prize now ?!?!?) (ed.: yeah, 
   a bottle of pudweiser!)              
?: is there any person around in this   
world, you would really like to meet?   
!: there's not just one single person   
   in particular that i'd like to meet. 
   however, i'd really look forward     
   to meeting face-to-face many of my   
   friends whom i've met through the    
   computer scene.  i have a lot of     
   very good friends who, while i've    
   never seen them before, would be     
   most welcomed into my home.          
?: in general, what makes you happy or  
!: in general, polite/courteous people  
   make me happy, and rude/thoughtless  
   people piss me right off...  pretty  
   simple, huh?                         
?: how did you get involved into the    
scene and how does your "career" look   
!: i got into the modem/cracking 'scene'
   in 1987.  as i mentioned, i was only 
   doing disk-swapping until i got my   
   modem.  then i discovered all the    
   cracked games one could amass just   
   by making a phone call, and i was    
   hooked from then on!  i got involved 
   with a couple of local-lamer friends 
   and we put together my very first    
   'cracking group' named: 'a.o.k.' -   
   or, american organization of krackers
   ... and it sucked pretty bad!        
   i didn't know shit about cracking.   
   i had never heard of a char-packer.  
   i had no idea how to make an intro.  
   and i didn't even know what the      
   concept of ntsc-fixing was about...  
   how's that for a humble beginning?!? 
   quite luckily, there was another bbs 
   in town that seemed to get all the   
   latest games fast - it was 'the      
   lighthouse'.  so i started calling   
   it, and ripping it off by uploading  
   junk files, and then downloading all 
   the cool 'real' wares!  it turned    
   out that 'the lighthouse' was in fact
   the headquarter bbs for 'atc', and   
   'cheap shot' was its sysop.  once i  
   realized how lame i was acting, i    
   spoke to him, and told him that 'i   
   might just be able to help atc crack 
   games'.  i didn't know that i could, 
   but i thought i'd give it a try.     
   'atc' had just lost its previous     
   cracker, and so the job was mine.    
   i had never been 'taught' how to     
   crack by anyone, but the lessons i   
   learned in college programming       
   classes helped a lot.  i knew ml, and
   could fumble my way through much of  
   the coding that existed at that time.
   well, the rest is history...  after  
   much trial-and-error (and error,     
   and error) i got a very good under-  
   standing of how to crack games.      
   i owe a large part of my success to  
   cheap shot for providing me with     
   many, many originals to 'practice'   
   my cracking skils on...              
   to anyone interested in breaking     
   onto the scene, all i recommend      
   is: practice, practice, practice...  
   and don't bother going public until  
   you truly know what you're doing!    
   (if i had done so, i would be known  
    as 'that lame-ass cracker from      
    that grroup a.o.k.'...)             
?: how do you feel, when you have to    
realise that you cannot fix a certain   
!: it feels quite frustrating when i    
   begin to consider that a game simply 
   might not be possible to run in its  
   entirety on ntsc.  first of all, at  
   that point, i would have spent (or   
   possibly wasted) many hours trying   
   to fix such a game.  then i must     
   consider the possibility that it     
   might work 100% if entire section(s) 
   of code a re-written in a more       
   time-efficient fashion.  that sucks  
   for sure, because i've re-written    
   many routines in a faster way, only  
   to find that it still takes too much 
   time on ntsc...  finally, as a last  
   resort, i must consider removing     
   one or more routines altogether to   
   gain the needed time.  normally, i   
   hate to do this, because most of the 
   routines are quite necessary to a    
   preserve the game's playability as   
   it was intended by the author.       
   removing the music entirely, or      
   removing an entire set of 'enemy     
   sprite' routines is definitely out   
   of the question!!!  it renders the   
   game not at all as it was intended.  
   on such games, i'd rather not put    
   it out on ntsc at all.  that simply  
   is not 'fixing'; i'd characterize    
   that more as 'butchering'...         
?: how does it feel to live so far away 
from where things happen? i mean, how is
it for an american to be in the scene?  
!: that is simply an inescapable fact   
   of life here in america.  i think    
   i'd much prefer living in europe     
   for this reason.  everything there   
   is much closer.  you can actually    
   get in your car and drive in one     
   direction to another country; in     
   another direction, to a completely   
   different country.  different money, 
   different food, different people.    
   what fun that would be!  here, you   
   get in your car, and drive, and drive
   , and drive, and you're still in the 
   same fucking country!!!  (unless, of 
   course, you drive to canada... but   
   who would want to do that?  there,   
   cigarettes cost $6.00 per pack!      
   plus, they talk funny... eh?)        
?: now tell us your favourites:         
   best/worst group, best/worst phreaker
   best/worst ragger, best/worst board, 
   best/worst mag, best/worst drink,    
   best/worst person...                 
!: are you kidding?                     
   who/what is the best/worst:          
   group, phreaker, hacker, ragger, bbs,
   mag, book, movie, drink, person,     
   car, truck, toilet paper, condom,    
   drug, musical group, blue jeans,     
   computer, country, cheese, wine,     
   crispbread, typewriter, skier,       
   animal trainer, astronaut, and god?  
   that's simple: yes, all of the above.
   (except on the 3rd tuesday of each   
    month that has a letter 'r' in it)  
?: yeah, right! do a small comparison   
   between ucbbs and c-base.            
!: a small comparison between ucbbs     
   and c-base:  c-base has a minus      
   sign (-) in its name, and a backdoor.
   ucbbs does not...                    
?: okay then, when will ucbbs 1.4 be    
!: ucbbs v1.4 will be released on:      
   decvobner y3277km129397u©            
   tell your friends!!!                 
?: brainstorming...                     
!: a) newsmaker - money, girls, beer    
   b) michigan - boring                 
   c) george bush - president           
   d) bill clinton - weenie             
   e) rodney king - stupid, drug-addict 
   f) illusion - the coolest (really!)  
   g) the forum - fill the drive,       
                  clear the drive...    
                  fill the drive,       
                  clear the drive...    
   h) the environment - what's that???  
                       (american humor) 
?: you may throw out some greets now... 
!: quick greets to all my friends       
   (you know who you are!)              
?: i don't like it, but it is usual that
   the interview partner has the last   
!: last word?  this has been the most   
   in-depth interview i have ever given.
   i hope you found these responses to  
   be insightful and entertaining.      
   (i hope i didn't use the word 'fuck' 
    too much... you know, there could   
    be young impressionable children    
    reading this interview, and if they 
    see the word 'fuck' over and over   
    again, like: '.....fuck....and that 
    was fucking great...but what the    
    fuck.....oh, fuck yes.......well,   
    fuck that fucking fucker' etc...    
    well, they might get the wrong      
    fucking idea... and i really don't  
    want that... i really care about    
    all these little fuckers, ya know!) 
?: fuck yeah! (you see...)              


corruption 14               october 1992
           * LIVE COVERAGE *            
 our steady reporter: antitrack/legend  
on thursday 3rd, 9.30 am, the train from
graz started its way to gleisdorf, which
is the small village that has been      
chosen as a party place. "why do they   
always choose small towns?" i asked     
myself. well, even the light/phenomena  
party took place in a small town, not   
to mention the ikari/zargon meeting     
in easter '89, remember?                
my thoughts were soon to be stopped     
because after just 30 minutes the       
train arrived and i started to walk to  
the party place. i arrived quite early  
- the party did just open - thus hardly 
any guys were present: some energy      
members and the reaper/legacy were      
actually the only guys besides me who   
were present on the early beginning of  
the party.                              
the place itself was not so bad, it was 
the town's hall, or, should I say, the  
village's main hall. it is enough room  
for maybe 200 people but definitely not 
for the expected crowd of 500 people.   
the hall featured: a tiny bar with a lot
of refreshment for sale, open all the   
day; two sleeping rooms; a very big     
screen and some real nervy LOUDspeakers 
which, as their name implies, poisoned  
the air with some really loud noise all 
day and night long.this turned out to be
especially painful in the night when    
people actually just wanted to get a    
little bit of sleep!                    
but i'll better keep some order and tell
the whole story in chronological order. 
after me, the first c64 guys who arrived
were sneaper/f4cg and mr.alpha/asg,later
on airwolf/gp, aslive, dense/hys showed 
up. the sales in the tiny bar, by the   
way, did not go very well because a     
cheaper supermarket was just located    
five meters besides the party place!    
some more dudes arrived during the      
day, but otherwise, life was as boring  
as the text in a typical adventure game:
"nothing happens".                      
some guys who arrived in the afternoon  
were: laysoft/idiots, alex and          
painkiller/chromance, mr.spock and some 
more guys from t'pau, stax, charlie and 
andrea from varsity, ayatollah and      
alligator/tat, the sir (a legal coder,  
as any "64'er"-reader should know),     
megabyte/crest, black priest/cross and  
last but not least the voice! the       
journalists from the german "64'er"     
magazine did not show up at all, by the 
way. they promised to do so! suckers... 
still, not so many people actually!     
meanwhile it was friday already, and the
partyplace was still very calm, except  
the bloody loudspeakers, that is! so i  
took a little trip to graz and back to  
the party place, then i decided to copy 
some amiga warez for me. on the main    
hall, there was a stage, and behind the 
stage there were the computers of the   
party organizers, where hannes sommer   
(mcsprite) showed quite many games,some 
of them which are not released yet,e.g. 
"cosmox". as i had nothing better to do 
i drank a lot of beer, bailey's (liquor)
and other alcoholic drinks, then i went 
to the sleeping room and tried to sleep 
which was difficult coz of the loud-    
speakers, remember!                     
when i woke up saturday morning i saw   
ayatollah/tat/flt running around in     
anger. as i asked him what was up he    
told me that his 1764-ram expansion was 
stolen! when i checked out my own bag   
later, i, too, noticed that some of the 
party dudes must have been quite experi-
enced thieves because my own 512K ram   
expansion also was gone and never       
appeared again. i searched the party    
place for a long time but without any   
as a consequence i'll never take any    
hardware to any party anymore! if some- 
one helps me to find the thief, i       
would also be very glad. my commodore   
1764 ram expansion is quite easy to     
recognize: on the back of the ram       
expansion there is usually a sticker    
with the serial number. in my ram       
expansions' case there is an old cosmos 
sticker saying "antitrack". over the    
front of the expansion there is a       
white adhesive tape because it wouldn't 
close otherwise. inside, there are      
eight blue sockets with eight 41256a    
ram chips, 120 ns, which i installed    
if anyone has suddenly seen this ram    
expansion around, i would be glad to get
informed about that. my ram expansion   
means a lot to me, i cannot work at all 
without it, and it is nearly impossible 
to get another one.                     
oh, by the way, despite the $20 entrance
price the demo competition prizes were  
not paid, because the organizers of the 
party realized that their debts would   
heavily increase otherwise.             
as i was told by the energy guys later, 
cosmos designs didn't do anything for   
the party organisation except that they 
"borrowed their name for the party"     
(quote from stranger/energy). maybe     
they really should have also participa- 
ted in the organisation, shouldn't you, 
to sum up:                              
nice: * big screen,                     
      * enough sleeping rooms,          
      * a few cool dudes                
      * lots of refreshment on the bar  
      * supermarket very near           
not so nice: * high entrance (dm 29)    
             * thieves !!!!             
             * too few people, mainly   
             * loud loudspeakers        
(and when i with my bad ears say "it's  
loud!!" then it really is very loud!)   
             * bar: nice but partially  
the organizers of the party did their   
best, especially stranger/energy, but   
if there are mainly the wrong sort of   
people there, it doesn't work! (oh, and 
stranger/energy told me that with the   
party, his debts increased by $2000...  
better luck next time, dude!!)          
rating: not soooo bad...for a local     
        43 % (out of 100%)              
by the way... if you have any ideas who 
the thieves were, or if you simply want 
to swap wares on c64/ibm pc/amiga/vhs   
(yes it's correct! i just got an a500!) 
write to:                               
          X.X.XXX XX                    
          X-XXXX XXXX                   
i am off this lame report says          
             ECTS SHOW 1992             
     reporter : richie of illusion      
september had finally come and every one
in then computer scene knows it's around
that time the pcw show, no, i mean the  
ecs show, no it's been changed again,the
e.c.t.s show comes to england. usually  
this is very well advertised but i found
out the date from a belgian, and just   
the same as last year it's TRADE ONLY.  
i called bod/talent up the night before 
to see if he had any free tickets other-
wise i was seriously doubting the event 
but he did so i agreed to meet him out- 
side at noon. i arrived with my girl-   
friend, found BOD + XXX of talent, SOLAR
SCORPIE and WIM of f4cg and JUST ICE    
waiting in the recpetion. i got my      
tickets and went inside.                
there was one new release called SLICKS 
by codemasters which was stolen by bod  
and xxx, blocked by me and the          
representitive kept talking by solar and
scorpie. in fact it seems codemasters   
were the only company that showed any   
interest in the 64, companies like ocean
and us gold who usually hold massive    
stalls weren't there. all we did after  
that was walked round the complex in    
which we saw AJ and someone else of trc.
we tried to get a deal off a company for
wim's newest game which looked pretty   
nice, solar got a lot of adresses,who is
wim's senior advisor. by this time about
an hour and a half had passed and bod   
had scratched his chin and played with  
his hair about 100 times.               
we got hungry so we went down to        
mcdonalds, ate, went back, had a BEER   
with bod and solar.                     
by that time we had all nearly gone     
crazy with BOREDOM!(it was nearly three 
hours!) so we decided to call it a day. 
solar called a taxi (me) and we all said
farewell, i dropped solar,scorpie and   
wim back at their hotel. and that was it
i'd still like to thank the europeans   
that did manage the short ferry trip to 
england as otherwise i could have been  
walking around all by myself. lets hope 
all the guys who have promised to make  
it to belgium at CHRISTMAS will be there
and let's hope the PARTY is arranged    
because i'll see you there!             
well, we received a reaction to our     
special edition of corruption, from the 
author of the article, we published in  
"dear corruption staff,                 
when i saw your special edition re-     
printing my article, i thought that i   
really had to write in and correct you  
on a few points.                        
you called me an 'outsider' to the      
scene. this is, in fact, untrue. i have 
been a member of entropy for all of the 
group's life (and before the name       
changed) and have, during that time,    
been the main-coder on the 64, as well  
as doing a little (but now more and     
more) swapping.                         
the article that appeared in computer   
front wasn't actually written to appear 
in computer front, but for an english   
magazine called COMMODORE FORMAT, which 
carried the article 3 issues ago. (the  
current issue, number 26, has the game  
BOMBER on the covertape - which i       
coded.) (ed.: duuuuuuuuuuuh!)           
whether computer front is a whole or    
partial reprint of commodore format, i  
don't know.                             
although i didn't give away who i am in 
the article (i'll explain why i did that
in a moment) there were a few clues -   
the interview with whw design should    
have given one or two clues, for        
example, and the a-z of demo groups     
(which was originally a selective list  
embedded in the text, rather than a     
seperate box)                           
i don't blame you for your mistake,     
because i don't give my real name out   
very much, if at all. and i tried not   
to give the impression in the article   
that i was trying to push entropy's     
work over other groups, to the point of 
not mentioning who i was.               
on reflection, perhaps i should have,   
but i think the article turned out      
fairly well as it was.                  
i'd be interested in reading any comment
about the article you receive - whether 
you print any is up to you, but i hope i
was pretty fair to the scene, and i did 
try to do my best.                      
on the other hand, however, the article 
wasn't written for scenefreax, and as   
such, your mistaking the writer for a   
non-scener seems to have shown that i   
managed to remain pretty impartial, i   
                            SIMON COLLIS
ED.: we couldn't know that you are      
     involved into the scene, as there  
     was no allusion to it in your essay
     it was just our opinion that the   
     article was interesting and that's 
     why we published it. the main      
     reason why me reprinted it, was    
     because it was not written for     
     scene-guys, as you already         
     mentioned. that gives it an other  
     perspective for the scene-readers. 


corruption 14               october 1992
             * CHAMPIONS *              
 the HELGE for the best crack goes to:  
        DOC AND FLETCH OF LEGEND        
so why did we chose this one? simply    
read on and you'll know why! this time  
we let somebody else write about it and 
it really is someone who knows what he  
is talking about, named...              
well, i have forseen that something like
that is possible, but as the first      
cartridge games (e.g. shadow of the     
beast) did not use this technique, i    
guessed they'd never really do that,but 
i was wrong. what is it about? the trick
is, that when you have plugged in a     
cartridge, you have actually more memory
available than "just" 64k, you can have 
8 or even 16 k extra, at the same time. 
the trick is: the program first fills   
the complete ram memory with important  
program code and data, and then, the    
program code in the ram not only needs  
the data (sprites, graphics etc.) from  
the (overfilled) ram but also partially 
from the rom! or/and, the program in the
ram does some bank switching and sudden-
ly makes use of a e.g. subroutine in    
the rom. toki is doing both of these    
tricks. the cracker now has to cope with
the fact that he cannot place the extra 
rom data/code anywhere and thus the     
game becomes more and more uncrackable  
the more important the rom data is for  
the game and the less ram space is to   
put the rom shit anywhere.              
in toki's case, however, there was a    
large piece of ram memory occupied with 
a music which can easily be left out    
without affecting the rest of the game. 
the free ram now was used for the rom   
code and data, which was mainly the     
monkey main sprite and animation. sounds
easy? it is definitely not! all rom     
code had to be moved/rewritten, all     
rom data had to be adapted to ram, as   
well etc., so it was definitely a       
horrible bunch of work, a bunch of work 
that is almost not worth the average    
game. but doc+fletch did it, so all     
congratulations from me to them. some   
of you probably still can't imagine how 
much work that was, but i sure know it. 
i myself got stucked when I reassembled 
all important rom code and when i ended 
up with a 2300-lines source code, which 
still bugged heavily.                   
it was also not very easy for doc and   
fletch: as far as i know they worked    
three weeks on that one. it is still a  
little miracle to me that the crack     
works so well. that's all i can say.    
  the SUPER-HELGE for the most stupid   
             note goes to:              
            TANIS OF NIRVANA            
taken from a note called "tanis is dead"
"this is tanis of nirvana for a last    
 time on yer screen! yeah, you read     
 right! it is sad, but true! I AM 100%  
 DEAD! this is no joke! i am dead."     
rest in peace, tanis. but it takes me   
wonder how a dead person can write notes
            zombie attack?!             


corruption 14               october 1992
        * BANNED IN DISNEYLAND *        
             THE USA CHARTS             
 minimum to enter the charts: 20 points 
        plI.=position last issue        
01.) EMPIRE                    312  (03)
02.) NORTH EAST IMPORTERS      309  (01)
03.) THE SHAOLIN MONASTERY     231  (02)
04.) illusion                   57  (07)
05.) avatar                     20  (05)
pos. THE BEST FIXERS           pts. pli.
01.) HORIZON/ nei              203  (01)
02.) PUDWERX/ illusion         174  (02)
03.) BOOZE/ empire             152  (03)
04.) zaldron/ tsm               77  (04)
05.) extremist/ empire          48  (11)
06.) grim reaper/ nei           43  (06)
07.) massive onslaught/ legend  42  (06)
     master kracker                 (10)
09.) rockstar/ dominators       32  (--)
10.) stealth/ tsm               21  (10)
pos. THE BEST BOARDS           pts. pli.
01.) DREAM PARK/ dominators    239  (02)
02.) TERMINAL OBSESSION/ ils   192  (04)
03.) SECOND TO NONE/ legend    123  (01)
     MYSTIC CAVERN                  (06)
05.) shaolin temple/talent+tsm 117  (05)
06.) the forum/ illusion        92  (03)
07.) holiday inn cambodia/ arc  86  (--)
08.) divine ultimatum/ dom      63  (--)
09.) south of heaven/ nei+f4cg  49  (--)
10.) forplay/ red sector inc.   41  (--)
11.) tunnel of wares/ f4cg      37  (07)
    we continued the opinion poll on    
               DREAM PARK               
     so this time these results are     
       even more representative!!       
    blue box       61 votes - 33,5 %    
    calling card   61 votes - 33,5 %    
    credit card     3 votes -  1,7 %    
    pbx            14 votes -  7,7 %    
    divertor        6 votes -  3,3 %    
    direct         18 votes -  9,9 %    
    other          19 votes - 10,4 %    
     182 guys voted for this topic!     
            THE BOARD REVIEW            
             sysop: pol pot             
  as usual, we start with a little (?)  
  introduction by the sysop himself...  
the bbs first went up in october, 1984, 
because i wanted people to call and     
give me games.  i ran it on a vic-1600  
300 baud modem and 2 1541's.  i lived   
with the 1600 for 2 weeks until i got a 
1650 which was auto-answer.             
i was at college in ohio at the time.   
i first ran the original 64 exchange v2 
which still haunts us in ucbbs.  i then 
went through hal, the keep, and finally 
got ice bbs in 1986.  i kept it until   
1991 when i bought C*BASE 3.            
there is no way i could detail all the  
hardware i have used. the list is long. 
this bbs has moved frequently, but has  
kept the same name.  by 1987 the bbs    
was much more h/p oriented, and it hit  
a high point on 3/11/87 when the NEW    
YORK TIMES had an article on capt. zap  
on the front page.  the bbs name was on 
the front page of the nyt that day.     
7/1/87 i moved to fresno for 4 years,   
and the bbs moved with me.  i toned it  
down and it went mostly public at that  
time.  the bbs grew to be huge, and the 
debates on politics and philosophy were 
a big hit.  i had lots of non-64 users  
calling and many good messages, most    
very long and intellectual.  I got out  
of the wares scene and collected text   
7/1/91 i moved back home to the SAN     
FRANCISCO bay area and the bbs started  
to go more toward the wares scene again.
i never joined a group until 1991.  i   
had contacts over the years with the    
bandit jr., sauron, eaglesoft inc.,     
mutant-x (a hic user since 1984),       
elite circle, headbanger, psycho        
smurf, many others. they come and go.   
in order to boost the bbs i joined      
garden of eden in 1991.  it failed.     
in 1992 Moloch took the advice of       
DESTINY/ARMAGEDDON (local to me) and    
took on my bbs as hq.  rough, bod,      
and others called regularly.            
last may some guy called "radar/arcade" 
logged in asking me to take on arcade   
support.  i was sceptical and almost    
deleted him.  but, his wit, charm, and  
english accent won me over and i joined 
ARCADE and have done my best for them   
ever since.                             
current setup                           
64 running at 4.09 mhz.                 
1541-II for unzipping arc+emp releases  
cmd 100 mb hard drive                   
212 mb scsi drive for more room         
9600 v.32 modem at 2400 (until plum or  
 someone manages to hack 9600 routines) 
c*base 3.1 lightly modded by cyborg/dom 
 (i hate the d00Dz!!! bullshit.)        
i have almost 1/2 my text files online  
now. not a thousand yet, however.       
i have hundreds of old commie wares     
online, and more whenever i get time.   
of course, we have all the best support 
for anarchists and government-haters    
everywhere. (greets to majesty)         
      - anarchy - action - agora -      
                THE TEST                
          by jack daniels/dom           
             +++++ : great              
              ++++ : good               
               +++ : average            
                ++ : forget about it    
                 + : lame               
SUBS: ++++                              
the board has five public subs. some of 
the sub-names reflect the sysop's       
attitude. they are called :             
1) anti-social-interaction              
2) the soap box                         
3) warez + requests                     
4) radars favourites                    
5) hack & phreak                        
the board gets quite a lot of new posts 
per day and there is always a nice      
discussion going on. the reason for     
reducing the amount of points to 4 is   
that they were not able to avoid that   
people post something in the wrong sub  
so far. probably because the board is   
run by an anarchist? j/k dave...        
WARES: +++++                            
the wares section is distinguished into 
52 directories. the first drive includes
the 0-3 wares and after 3 days (+/-) the
wares will be seperated in alphabetical 
order. there are 26 directories for all 
the letters a program can start with.   
there is a hell lot of oldies, so this  
turns out to a perfect board for someone
who is into collecting wares.           
moreover it has several drives for text-
files, as dave already mentioned in the 
introduction. it contains lots of files 
about e.g. poetry, humor, current events
h/p and so on.                          
in addition to that it has drives for   
pd games, requests, tools ect.          
STAFF: +++++                            
the sysop participates a lot in the     
discussions going on, which isn't too   
often these days. the staff takes care  
of applications and wishes from users   
quite fast.                             
USERS: ++++                             
it has 81 users and most of the "elites"
are calling there. but some more users  
would be nice.                          
it gets apx. 40 calls and 50 posts per  
the graphics, which were made by several
guys over the years (e.g. guppie,over-  
lord), are quite decent. there aren't   
too many mods, but the few ones were    
done by pol pot and cyborg/dom. the bbs 
has 12 games online for the users to    
play. especially empire attracts the    
callers attention.                      
especially the wares section make this  
board worth (at least) a call.          


corruption 14               october 1992
      * DE DO DO DO DE DA DA DA *       
          THE BIRTHDAY CORNER           
 we changed our opinion a little bit..  
  from now on we will print the birth-  
     dates from the actual till the     
scheduled release-date of the next issue
             of corruption.             
          happy birthday to...          
wildstyle/ grovin' bits           26.10.
effy/ guardian angels             31.10.
excellence/ ex-x ray                    
bitnapper/ comic pirates          08.11.
alchemist/ rmjcc                  11.11.
parson                            13.11.
dr. stein                         14.11.
arrogance/ success                17.11.
rcs/ brutal                       18.11.
antichrist                        20.11.
psychobilly/ red sector inc.      21.11.
airwolf                           23.11.
cash/ vision                      25.11.
l.a. style/ genesis project       27.11.
tricket/ dominators               05.12.
rimtrix/ wow                      06.12.
ses/ genesis project                    
duke                              08.12.
ratman                            09.12.
twist/ dominators                       
rainman                           13.12.
jackknife/ panoramic design             
pol pot/ arcade                         
cevin/ extacy                     17.12.
gabriel/ the force                19.12.
riddler/ acrise                   20.12.
tch/ brutal                             
communist/ f4cg                   22.12.
smooth criminal                   23.12.
gangstar/ brainbombs              24.12.
hi-lite/ success                  26.12.
mr. wax/ chromance                27.12.
nightshade/ success               30.12.
eddie/ presence                   31.12.
            DID YOU KNOW...             
...that action jackson/trc was once the 
   dutch champion in dancing along with 
   his sister MONIQUE?                  
...that tim follin did the music for    
   GAUNTLET III together with his       
   brother geoff follin?                
...that penthagon of enigma has 515 (!) 
...that triad got a FEMALE member called
   mercy? she's the girly of stiff/triad
   and together they build the gfx-lable
   snd/triad! and now they even got a   
   2nd female member... xerr, who's     
   tranziie's sister!                   
...that a-man of arcade has to do 90 (!)
   musics for the soon coming game from 
   bomico called 'chartbreaker'?        
...that a-man/arc is the member of a    
   real HIP HOP band called 'literal    
   punishment'? they will release their 
   first album very soon.               
...that fairlight started to crack on   
...that majesty's girl-friend NADINE    
   started calling the boards under the 
   handle "sex goddess"?                
...that SPITFIRE crashed another one of 
   his cars?                            
...that JIHAD wants to concentrate on   
   coding games on the 64 and the pc?   
...that SODAPOP/gp visited his friend   
   tronic/gp for some weeks in japan?   
...that JAZZMAN/ILS was busted by the   
   cops for prank calling 911 and the   
   cops? they picked him up at school   
   and confiscated his equipment. he    
   has a court-date set and 25 charges  
   against him. rumours say that he     
   even disabled the 911 system for one 
...that AARON and his family moved to   
   belgium? the main reason was the     
   swedish tax-system.                  
...that GENE/ILS admires james bond and 
   can hardly believe that he is not    
   007? he likes to be a spy...         
...that two old "legends" united in the 
   ACTIVE? injun inc., who was in agile 
   and viper, who used to be in fair-   
   light some years ago are the ones we 
   are talking about.                   
...that you did not know?               
  this is something i always wanted to  
write about! it seems like some guys in 
the scene are even too stupid to come up
 with an own handle or group-name. they 
 simply rip off the name of old legends 
 and in my eyes it only makes them look 
 even more stupid. let us in corruption 
        blame them! the wall...         
THIEF                           INVENTER
macro nit/rebels           macro nit/dom
mj/maniax                       mj/crazy
zap/epic                      zap/sharks
speedy/majic 12              speedy/f4cg
talent/pulsar                     talent
shine                  frank/shine/crazy
magic/---                   magic/d.c.s.
tiger/i.c.s.                 tiger/crest
new lame 711                good old 711
lloyd/rebels                  lloyd/s451
design/image                design/x-ray
psycho/gamma studio        psycho/censor
mixer/active boys            mixer/0rig0
rygar/network                 rygar/s451
falcon/success             falcon/r.t.i.
duke/parados               duke/tetragon
dna/pulsar                     dna/logic
new lame confront      old cool confront
shadow/extacy              shadow/legend
crazy/clique                       crazy
matrix/collision        matrix/domintors
stormbringer/wow        stormbringer/atc
dave/climax                  dave/legend
extacy                            extasy
tristar/wow                      tristar
welcome to a nice little section of     
this issue of corruption, done by       
GENE of ILLUSION. i do feel kind of     
head-hunted from SHOCK which is the mag 
i usually write for, but i promised jd  
i would write an article for him (about 
a year ago, but one who waits for some- 
thing good never waits in vain, right   
jd?). oh well, on with the article:     
about 2 years ago, FBR, led by candyman 
and oahawhool, released a sequencial    
magazine called INFLUX. in some of the  
issues they had different surveys, and  
some of them were pretty interesting,   
so i decided to steal the idea and do   
a few surveys for corruption in this    
i will start by thanking the people who 
have buffered some system-logs for me:  
jack daniels (dream park).              
powerplant   (2nd to none & divine ult.)
sorceress    (mystic cavern)            
apart from this, i have collected logs  
from our two hq's, FORUM and TERMINAL   
OBSESSION. ok, enough bullshit..        
the first thing i wanted to check out   
was how many pirates on the scene who   
are 2400 baud. the problem here,        
however, is that the connection differs 
from board to board, so the numbers i   
came up with might just differ a little 
bit from reality (max.2%, i think). this
does not reflect how many 2400 baud-    
calls the boards get (as you might have 
anyway, i checked the baudrate on 88    
persons.. 22 americans, 62 europeans,   
1 australian and 3 guys I do not know   
where they are located.                 
all together, 70.5% of the scene are    
2400 baud while 29.5% are 1200 only.    
the 2400-percentage has increased       
considerably the recent years, yet i    
do think 29.5% 1200 baud users are too  
much! another thing that struck me is   
that some of the most elite people on   
the scene still hold on to their slow   
modems.. (i.e. bod, d'ram, majesty,     
psychobilly, rebel and tyree).          
anyway, the next thing i thought about  
was how many euros who still are 1200   
and of course compared to the amount    
of americans...                         
well, ONLY 63% of the euros use a 2400  
baud modem, while 95.5% of the yankees  
have one. this is probably a result of  
the price being way lower in the us,    
but the percentage still surprised      
me quite a lot! the next time the       
dollar is low, i suggest the 37% 1200   
euros order a 2400 from the states,     
damn, they are almost for free now!     
finally i wanted to take a look at the  
percentage of europeans vs americans    
on the boards.. i actually discovered   
that 74% of the users are euros while   
only 26% are americans (out of that     
31.8% are canadians and 68.2% are       
citizens of the united states).         
that's about it for this issue. i'll    
conclude my article by writing the      
handles of the people in the survey (in 
no order):                              
bod, burglar, aggressor, action jackson,
communist, deff, d'ram, eddie, drake,   
freestyle, guppie, hi-lite, fen1,       
ice mc, jihad, jrc, maniac, majesty,    
new Sensation, parson, psychobilly,     
lexi, rebel, sting, scat, tyree, booze, 
antichrist, arrogance, blacksilver, cba,
chamelon, cosmo, cruncher, cyrion, effy,
dogfriend, darklord, dr.disk, chrysagon,
elvin, extremist, fist, frankenstein,   
exulans, chipster, hero, jack daniels,  
janec, grim reaper, horizon, king, twc, 
kreator, kid nice, max mix, lazyness,   
newscopy, massive onslaught, moren, nme,
master kracker, pol pot, pushead, tdo,  
powerplant, prodigy, pudwerx, richie,   
prime eveal, nightwriter, ratman, rich, 
rockstar, radar, starkiller, secret man,
ninja, skater, sauron, sorceress, solar,
sodapop, tricket, tronic, weasel,       
zahran fastfire and myself, gene.       
for some people this might have been    
pretty boring, but i take it some people
think it was somewhat informative and   
interesting as well, so i'd say it      
served its purpose..                    
you cannot please'em all, can you?      
GENE says goodnight and maybe, just     
maybe you'll see another guest-article  
from me here in the future!???...       
(ed: we'll discuss that on the next     
     party. this time for real!)        
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