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mine, all mine, all mine

corruption 13                  july 1992
      * MINE, ALL MINE, ALL MINE *      
    extracted from the demo 'justice'   
              by JFK/TRIAD              
        ...for the love of god...       
 - america, the land of the free, is    
burning. black vs white, rich vs poor.  
in an horrifying game of war, crime and 
violence, set afire by the single match 
of MR. RODNEY KING. brutaly beaten by   
four police officers for an minor traf- 
fic vioaltion, he chose to seek justice 
in the courts of law. mr. king is black 
and poor. the four police men are white 
and middle-class citizens. this type of 
happens every day. but the difference in
this case was that a bystander happend  
to record the entire incident on video- 
tape. the video-tape was shown repeated-
ly on major-national tv stations. the   
american public sitting in their easy   
chairs, were all shocked eye-witnesses  
to the crime.                           
                       melanie ann plaza
dear friends and lovers,                
welcome to issue 13 of corruption, re-  
leased with the usual delay, which was  
caused by several reasons, which aren't 
worth being mentioned,as you won't mind 
anyway. well, this time we welcome      
especially our american readers, who had
to wait for twelve issues to be able to 
read corruption. it took pudwerx to do  
it... enjoy this issue, it stole us lots
of our precious time.                   
             INTRO CREDITS:             
 code.............pavarotti/ dominators 
 graphics.....grizzly adams/ dominators 
 music......................drax/ crest 
 ntsc/pal fix.........pudwerx/ illusion 
           CORRUPTION CREDIS:           
 code.............pavarotti/ dominators 
 graphics.....grizzly adams/ dominators 
 ntsc/pal fix.........pudwerx/ illusion 
 depack routine...dogfriend/ dominators 
        very special THANKS to :        
           pudwerx/ illusion            
           prodigy/ illusion            
            hero/  illusion             
             gene/ illusion             
         dogfriend/ dominators          
           twist/ dominators            
           cyborg/ dominators           
     all the couches we've slept on     
          brego/ arcade/ triad          
       sorceress/ genesis project       
      antichrist/ genesis project       
               mom & dad                
         tyger/ genesis project         
       the house of good spirits        
             weasel/ legacy             
           modern bob/ legacy           
            carsten schmitz             
           antitrack/ legend            
       transfer/ dominators amiga       
         frueh koelsch/ cologne         
            silco/ paradize             
             surfer/ active             
              ugly kid joe              
               the police               
             guns n' roses              
              2 live  crew              
         for the inspiration...         
  thanks a lot friends! without you we  
would have released this issue earlier! 
  ...and no thanks to beate & renate!   
  to get in touch with the corruption   
  staff either call the corruption and  
       dominators hq, dream park:       
 or mail us whatever you think is worth 
         being published to  :          
          XXXXXXXX X X X X X X          
          X.-XXXX XXXXXXXX XX           
have fun,                               
                     jack daniels & deff

undercover agents for the news

corruption 13                  july 1992
- mutant-x got kicked out, because he   
  did not do the job he was supposed to 
  do, hacking cards. afterwards he      
  joined TALENT, but was kicked again   
  after 20 hours. now he's going solo   
  again and runs his board for F4CG.    
- duke left dom, because m-x was kicked 
  and he was still living at mutant-x's 
  place. in the meanwhile duke returned 
  to denmark and quit the scene.        
- rooze and zoolook left the scene.     
- bishop left, joined crystal, left     
  again and finally joined brutal.      
- dream park became the new corruption  
  and dominators hq. the sysop, cyborg  
  joined dom.                           
- cyborg/ex.miracle/f4cg joined the     
  dominators as well. two cyborgs in one
  group. strange...hehe.                
- french hawk/ex.armageddon joined as a 
  card hacker, but left again one week  
  later to join NEI.                    
- silent left the scene and sold his    
- ghost joined as a mail-trader.        
- rockstar, drake and janec, who used to
  be in GENESIS joined talent.          
- also majesty/ex.X-RAY joined as a mail
- gene, who used to be in DEADLINE      
  rejoined his former gang.             
- baze of BRUTAL joined them as a       
  mail spreader.                        
- for some weeks runesmaster joined them
  and his board "chaotic illusions" was 
  another ils hq, but that's already    
- cerberus/ex.MIRAGE joined.            
- prime eveal, a canadian card hacker   
  joined ils. so did jazzman.           
- "terminal obsession" turned private   
  and is now also the sh0ck hq.         
- their board "link to perfection" got  
  disconnected and the sysop's voice    
  line as well. therefore they got a new
  hq: holiday inn cambogia.             
- lazyness and hellfire got kicked,     
  because of their lazyness. huch...    
- radar joined them.                    
- they went into cooperation with dead- 
  line, but it splitted up after apx.   
  1.5 months, as the deadline guys      
  joined ILLUSION.                      
- freelancer (zap/sharks) got kicked.   
- kid, mao, carcass and adf left the    
- solar put up a euro board called      
  "the lost paradize".                  
- buddha (alias shocker/success) joined.
- caladan was built up by :             
  skinhead  (ex.HYSTERIC)               
  skid row  (ex.hysteric)               
  rough     (ex.hysteric)               
  secret man(ex.hysteric)               
  golem     (ex.hysteric)               
  newscopy  (ex.VISION)                 
  jucke     (                 
  tronic    (ex.FAIRLIGHT)              
  sodapop   (ex.fairlight)              
  parson    (ex.DCS)                    
  adolf     (ex.VICTIMS)            (ex.victims)                
- after a very short time, the group    
  died again. the members continued     
  on several different tracks,          
  rough and skinhead joined F4CG but    
  were kicked out again very soon.      
  sodapop, newscopy, secret man and     
  tronic joined genesis project. parson 
  joined x-factor.                      
            GENESIS PROJECT             
- antichrist and sorceress rejoined.    
  for more details about all this       
  trouble read the interview of this    
- motley, who used to be in VISION,     
  joined forces.                        
- airwolf rejoined as well.             
- rick, ex.elite, joined.               
- excalibur is dead.                    
- x-factor is moving to california to   
  visit a model school. (ed. have fun,  
  danny)(so will the corruption staff.) 
- massive onslaught joined LEGEND.      
  and so did striker.                   
- tdo, the sysop of "second to none"    
  joined as well. his board is now only 
- drax/ ex.visual reality joined them.  
- fgth/ ex.g*p joined as well.          
- "galaxy high" is now crest hq, they   
  share the board with the american     
  demo group 2nd dimension.             
             SINGLE NEWS :              
- moloch (ex.ARMAGEDDON) joined NEI.    
- equinox joined EMPIRE.                
- silver surfer (ex.HOTLINE) is back in 
- goblin (ex.GP) got busted for selling 
- DEATH SECTOR in announced to be dead. 
- savage joined LIGHT.                  
- blockbuster joind CHROMANCE.          
- weasel joined LEGACY. so did boon, who
  used to be in SUCCESS.                
- "black rain" was down, as prof. plum  
  (the coder of c-base) logged on the   
  board and formatted everything on the 
  hd. the reason for that was that board
  was not registered. but chameleon has 
  already put it back up as LEGEND and  
  NEI hq. only the name of the board    
  changed, it's now "divine ultimatum". 
- "inner sanctum" is down forever.      
  the sysop sold his equipment.         
- "gee spot" is down. someone third     
  party billed on their lines. too      
- "wicked fantasy" is the new CENSOR    
  hq. for more read the board chapter.  
- 20cc is back in business. edwin is    
  calling the boards again. they got a  
  new member, edwin's girl-friend called
- lifestyle of SUCCESS joined LEGEND.   
  so did drakin.                        
- scortia/ ex.STARION rejoined his      
  former group X-FACTOR. vernest/ ex.   
  CHEYENS joined, too.                  
- the not so humble baby/flt-pc got a   
  sentence of 4 years in an american    

gold and caviar

corruption 13                  july 1992
          * GOLD AND CAVIAR *           
just a new name for an old chapter. gold
and caviar will contain the usual charts
        and the release charts.         
    the voters for this issue were :    
spiderman/x-factor      antitrack/legend
derbyshire ram/deadline      rimtrix/wow
scorpie/f4cg            mr.wax/chromance
cba/trc                     spikes/dunex
daniel/the force            doc/atlantis
warhead/faces               galland/rush
swave/chromance              nsd/success
sham/light              gerwin/fairlight
unifier/flash             riddler/acrise
mikke+johannes/pretzel logic    jity/trc
dr.zzap/helloween          surfer/active
tech/wow                  dr.j/the force
ray/collision            dr.hector/faces
cevin/extasy              dannie/varsity
bizarre/techno                  lazyness
numskull/offence           skater/censor
gene/illusion                      jerki
arrogance/success            dark knight
design/image          starkiller/baboons
gash/legacy           sector-d/fairlight
cybrog/dom                majesty/talent
the mage             alchemist/foe/rmjcc
modern bob/legacy       jack daniels/dom
tyree/arcade           silver foxx/rmjcc
tyger/genesis              jucke/genesis
ratman/miracle      technysis/armageddon
dark rainbow                  solar/f4cg
chameleon                           dude
rockstar/talent               bod/talent
secret man/genesis    antichrist/genesis
carcass/ex-f4cg           snacky/genesis
ratt bones              the war criminal
kidnice/2d                  einstein/wow
gibson                           rainman
parson             blockbuster/chromance
rough/f4cg                   rich/empire
zynox                   cosmo/dominators
rug rat                         hellfire
striker/att/legend             king/f4cg
cyrion/device                    tricket
motley/genesis               narc/legend
code18/thf             romulus/creatures
stephen/triumwyrat    new sensation/bomz
gangstar/bomz                the westbam
  and deff/dominators who had to count  
votes from 93 persons. amazing...hehehe!
 minimum to enter the charts: 20 points 
        pli.=position last issue        
01.) LEGEND                    685  (01)
02.) TALENT                    541  (02)
03.) ILLUSION                  509  (06)
04.) dominators                372  (03)
05.) enigma                    298  (04)
06.) arcade + deadline         175  (--)
07.) genesis project           169  (05)
08.) hysteric                  120  (09)
09.) success                   107  (18)
10.) f4cg                       98  (16)
11.) fairlight                  67  (14)
12.) triad                      62  (15)
13.) active                     51  (--)
14.) image                      38  (--)
15.) brutal                     33  (11)
16.) chromance                  31  (17)
17.) censor design              28  (08)
18.) starion                    24  (--)
19.) vision                     21  (--)
pos. THE BEST DEMO GROUPS      pts. pli.
01.) CREST                     403  (02)
02.) LIGHT                     370  (03)
03.) BLACK MAIL                342  (08)
     FLASH INC.                     (01)
05.) fairlight                 169  (05)
06.) origo                     144  (--)
07.) camelot                   137  (10)
08.) paradize                  136  (09)
09.) censor design             109  (04)
10.) beyond force              108  (16)
11.) cosmos design              77  (07)
12.) faces                      67  (11)
13.) spirit                     65  (18)
14.) pretzel logic              54  (12)
     triad                          (13)
16.) genesis project            52  (18)
17.) arson                      38  (--)
     topaz beerline                 (--)
19.) starion                    37  (--)
20.) padua                      32  (--)
21.) panoramis designs          31  (15)
22.) babygang                   29  (--)
23.) eclipse                    27  (--)
(ed. did starion even release a demo??) 
pos. THE BEST CRACKERS         pts. pli.
01.) POWERPLANT/ legend        443  (01)
02.) DOC/ legend               247  (02)
03.) BOD/ talent               235  (03)
04.) dogfriend/ dominators     219  (08)
05.) antitrack/ legend         182  (04)
06.) sauron/ illusion          148  (05)
07.) rockstar/ talent          128  (12)
08.) chrysagon/ enigma         113  (06)
09.) xxx/ talent                97  (09)
10.) fletch/ legend             45  (10)
11.) ignorance/ enigma          38  (07)
12.) crisp/ arcade              26  (--)
     injun inc./ active             (--)
14.) fist/ illusion             25  (--)
     king fisher/ triad             (--)
16.) mr. president/ hysteric    22  (--)
     snacky/ genesis                (13)
pos. THE BEST CODERS           pts. pli.
01.) CROSSBOW/ crest           385  (02)
02.) ZODIAC/ flash inc.        300  (01)
03.) FLAMINGO/ light           280  (03)
04.) glasnost/ camelot         152  (05)
05.) yabba/ light              103  (13)
06.) hannes sommer/ cosmos      93  (06)
07.) maduplec/ crest            86  (08)
08.) tron/ fairlight            69  (12)
09.) walt/ visual reality       50  (04)
10.) sam/ beyond force          44  (--)
11.) vision/ crest              42  (13)
12.) bob/ censor design         39  (07)
13.) ses/ genesis project       37  (11)
14.) bx/ origo                  31  (--)
15.) ivo herzeg                 29  (--)
16.) alf/ black mail            24  (--)
     delta/ legend                  (--)
     rcc/ spirit                    (--)
     unifier/ flash inc.            (--)
pos. THE BEST ARTISTS          pts. pli.
01.) HEIN DESIGN/ black mail   352  (08)
02.) OGAMI/ fairlight          262  (03)
03.) BIZZMO/ crest             260  (02)
04.) mirage/ censor            255  (04)
05.) dragon/ censor            187  (05)
06.) redstar/ logic             95  (06)
07.) gbf/ crest                 83  (07)
08.) orc/ black mail            78  (15)
09.) hobbit/ miracle design     72  (12)
10.) electric/ extend           60  (14)
11.) creeper/ flash inc.        57  (09)
12.) sarge/ fairlight           46  (--)
13.) ans/ spirit                45  (16)
14.) fox                        41  (17)
15.) thunder                    39  (10)
16.) death/ oxyron              29  (18)
17.) crept/ flash inc.          25  (11)
18.) atte/ extend               24  (--)
19.) goblin/ light              21  (--)
pos. THE BEST MUSICIANS        pts. pli.
01.) JEROEN TEL                257  (05)
02.) REYN OUWEHAND             193  (03)
03.) DRAX/ crest               152  (02)
04.) danko/ censor             137  (06)
05.) jch                       114  (01)
06.) deek/ crest                80  (07)
07.) a-man/ arcade              78  (04)
08.) moon/ flash inc.           58  (12)
09.) guy shavitt/ the force     56  (08)
10.) metal/ starion+sc          44  (10)
11.) geir tjelta/ moz(ic)art    43  (--)
12.) laxity                     38  (13)
13.) griff/ chromance           28  (09)
14.) tim follin                 25  (--)
15.) link                       23  (15)
16.) rob hubbard                20  (--)
pos. THE BEST DISCMAGS         pts. pli.
01.) SHOCK/ censor             578  (01)
02.) BRUTAL RECALL/ brutal     393  (03)
03.) HOTSHOT/ flash inc.       213  (04)
04.) script/ clique            126  (06)
05.) propaganda/ genesis       115  (07)
06.) bild zeitung/ success      55  (05)
07.) magascene/ hysteric        48  (11)
08.) emanuelle                  47  (10)
09.) internal/ wow              45  (09)
     slow poke/ offence             (--)
11.) bitmania/ abyss connection 41  (17)
12.) independent/ extacy        35  (--)
13.) addy book/ presence        31  (--)
     rock'n'role (last time)        (08)
15.) smooth criminal/ light     29  (14)
16.) are we the best?/chromance 25  (12)
     immortal flash/atlantis        (--)
18.) flashback/ proxyron        22  (--)
     vinews/ hitmen                 (--)
20.) world news/ cross          20  (--)
            RELEASE CHARTS:             
we will continue with the system, which 
mamba used for the releases. we will    
distinguish the list into two seperate  
charts, one for the good games and one  
for the bad ones. we don't mind putting 
releases from fake-lables into the      
normal charts, when they seem good      
enough to us. but we will also count bad
games which were released under the     
normal group lables for the lamer       
previews and utilities will not be      
counted for the list.                   
moreover we will only count the games   
which were uploaded to the corruption hq
DREAM PARK.                             
every release gets two points.          
the american importer group will get one
point for fixing the game and one point 
for importing it.                       
for this issue,we took the releases from
the 29th of march till the 28th of june 
into consideration.                     
               RELEASES :               
quadrant                   arcade/empire
(not sold yet)                          
empius            arcade/rockstar/empire
(logo software)                         
arnie             arcade+deadline/empire
(zeppelin games)                        
international icehockey    arcade+dl/exc
(zeppelin games)                        
tank division     arcade+deadline/empire
(zeppelin games)                        
bod squad         arcade+deadline/empire
(zeppelin games)                        
stryker in troja  arcade+deadline/empire
(code masters)                          
translogic        arcade+deadline/empire
(cp verlag)                             
wonderball                caladan/empire
time puzzle         chromance/armageddon
(magic disc)                            
rebel racer                   enigma/tsm
stop the calippo huncher   enigma/empire
wizerior                   enigma/empire
(ma soft)                               
catalypse                       f4cg/nei
intern. ninja rabbits           f4cg/nei
championships of europe         f4cg/nei
(idea soft)                             
basket playoff                  f4cg/nei
clik-clak         genesis project/empire
(idea soft)                             
turbo the tortoise   genesis project/nei
spirit of adventure   hysteric/excalibur
oskar                hysteric/armageddon
exis                 hysteric/armageddon
chuck rock                       ics/nei
biff                        image/empire
(beyond belief)                         
augie doggie+doggie dad  illusion/empire
black hornet                illusion/nei
creatures 2            illusion/illusion
bugbomber                     legend/tsm
winter supersports '92        legend/nei
(flair soft)                            
die harder                    legend/nei
brubaker                legend/excalibur
(golden disc)                           
addams family                 legend/nei
wintercamp                    legend/nei
amoba                         legend/nei
g loc r360                    legend/nei
project prometheus     pandora/excalibur
reckless rufus         success/excalibur
(alternative software)                  
soccer pinball             talent/empire
(code masters)                          
space crusade                 talent/tsm
(gremlin graphics)                      
yathzee                           wicked
(magic disc)                            
01.) legend                    16 points
03.) f4cg                       8 points
04.) illusion                   6 points
07.) talent                     4 points
     genesis project                    
09.) chromance                  2 points
        FIXER/IMPORTER CHARTS :         
01.) empire                    27 points
02.) nei                       26 points
03.) excalibur                 10 points
04.) tsm                        6 points
07.) talent (rockstar)          1 point 
            LAMER RELEASES :            
geo matrix        arcade+deadline/empire
(alternative software)                  
cruel zone                              
(cream software)  arcade+deadline/empire
xertyn-x                chromance/avatar
overload            chromance/armageddon
xonox               chromance/armageddon
no deeper meaning              csi/afros
(magic disc)                            
space dunk                 garbage/afros
blockrocky                       garbage
bird mother                   gulas/burp
catastrophe                   gulas/burp
kick and kill                gulas/afros
gp f1 nautica                        ics
risicom 64                           ics
pearls of dawn        hysteric/excalibur
(creative crew)              (no import)
t-tris                       troep/afros
world of soccer                   wicked
01.) chromance                  6 points
03.) ics                        4 points
06.) troep                      2 points
01.) afros                      8 points
02.) armageddon                 4 points
05.) avatar                     2 points
06.) excalibur                  1 point 
vioris (success+armageddon) :           
that was no real release, as it was done
by the demo group TDU and was public    
domain. no point...                     
brubaker (legend+excalibur) :           
it was translated by antitrack. good job
spirit of the adventure (hysteric+exc) :
that one was translated as well. the    
translation wasn't that good...         
project prometheus (pandora+excalibur) :
this bomico game was released ages ago, 
it took pandora to translate it.        
arnie (arc+dl/empire) :                 
this nice zeppelin game was released    
long before arcade+deadline got it by   
fairlight. tough luck for flt that they 
didn't give it out to be fixed.         
chuck rock (ics+nei) :                  
the version nei imported was done by    
legend. but in fact they just downloaded
the pal version from ics,recracked it,  
gave it to nei and gave credits to ics  
for the original. recrack=no point, so  
ics gets the point.                     

got you by the noose

corruption 13                  july 1992
        * GOT YOU BY THE NOOSE *        
this time we present you an interview   
with a boy and a girl, who got to know  
each other with the help of the computer
scene and plan their future together.   
they've been in lots of quarrels lately,
so there was a lot to be said.          
        reporter : jack daniels         
[?]: tell us something about the people 
     behind your handles!               
my real name is oliver,i'm 21 years old,
and i live in aachen/west germany. i got
blue eyes,dark-blond hair and i'm 6 foot
tall. debbie says i have a weird taste  
of music (well,there is a lot of songs  
we both like though,hehe!) and i love   
the colour black...                     
i'm a girl,living in brooklyn,new york. 
i'm 5 foot 7 inches tall,got blue eyes, 
long light-brown hair,weight 125 pounds,
i'm 23 years old and i'm engaged to     
[?]: how does it feel to be one of the  
     very few girls in the scene,       
     surrounded by (too) many boys ?    
what do you look at me for?!?           
i don't like to be a minority. it makes 
things harder,but i try to run the board
the same as a boy would. it has been    
very hard,when you have people like thor
or master kracker and a few others      
pushing themselves where they are not   
wanted. it's also hard when i have to   
read lies and made up rumours about my- 
self. there has been so many,but when   
you put things all in their right per-  
spective it's like watching a tv-show.  
you can turn off the tv and make it all 
go away.                                
[?]: which three things would you take  
     with you onto a lonely island?     
debbie,banana milkshakes,massage oil.   
oliver,our favourite food and drinks,   
and one sleeping bag...                 
[?]: in general,what makes you happy and
i'm happy every minute i can spend with 
debbie,funny situations make me happy...
and friends i can rely on,having NO     
problems for a change,being able to do  
whatever i want (i hate time schedules).
and what makes me angry?! hummm...      
idiots who think they know it all though
they know nothing. wannabes and liars...
people who don't listen.                
happy: private moments with oliver.     
having a good laugh,when things work out
the way i planned them,when a phony is  
being exposed,my future,when the people 
i care for are happy and healthy.       
angry: interfering nosey people,negative
people,when i hurt somebody i don't mean
to,lies and rumours,that oliver is in   
germany and i'm in america,people       
abusing children or animals,friends     
that turn out not to be friends...      
[?]: tell us how you got involved into  
     the scene!                         
oh well,i can only give you the same    
unspectecular answer anyone would give: 
a friend of mine had a computer,i liked 
it,i got one aswell. some other friends 
at my school built groups (one of these 
groups was dynamic systems,later to be  
world of wonders,pretty big on amiga...)
so i decided to build a group,too... i  
asked my friends the nasty ounk and the 
catman cracker to join in. the three of 
us built genesis*project more than seven
years ago. my very first handle was TRON
(before g*p),then i called myself THE   
dozen of intro-makers that even radwar  
and hotline used (when they were biiig!)
g*p started as a graphic/demo group as  
the nasty ounk and me liked drawing...  
(funny how nobody of today's scene even 
knows about these things... i haven't   
drawn any pictures for ages,just some   
private drawings for debbie...) well,   
later i got to know snacky (he was so   
much better in playing bard's tale...)  
and g*p became more and more a cracking 
group. the group grew,people joined in  
and quit during these years... we had a 
lot of good times,some bad times,too... 
i guess the people who gave g*p most of 
it's original profile were snacky,goblin
and me... but there were a lot of other 
very famous members,like deek,bizzmo,   
ses,scrap,tyger,raistlin,alf and spike, 
and last but not least sorceress,hehe!  
god,there were so many of us during the 
past few years. well,originally i was an
artist,then i fooled around as a coder, 
failed to be a decent cracker,became the
most famous mail-spreader,invented the  
disk-magazines and changed the whole    
scene with sex'n'crime,and finally i    
got a modem and became a terribly bad   
phreaker... and,well,here i am!         
my friend sold me a computer and gave   
me a touch-term program with numbers to 
call. he said "check these out!" and i  
did and they were galacticons. these are
ibm-systems that have from 18 up to 50  
modem lines hooked up. these systems    
support any type of computers. you could
go to tele-conferencing and chat with a 
lot of people and a lot of online games.
i got addicted to these games because   
there were at least 30 players at once  
and we set up teams against each other. 
it was like an online-bard's tale but   
you are playing with LIVE people. i meet
some new friends like joe (alias arabian
knight or sorcerer) and destiny... but  
also i got in trouble with a girl named 
judy as she liked destiny,but he didn't 
like her. i didn't know about all this. 
she got mad at me and after a while i   
got weird phonecalls as she spread my   
number as a "hot chat" line... i didn't 
know how to get rid of all these calls  
until joe told me to set up a bbs on my 
line,that would automatically hang up on
them again. then i just went one step   
further,added some drives,reconfigured  
the ivory-program and started running a 
real board called "the source". joe and 
i ran the board,then i switched to      
c-base,changed the name into "the mystic
caverns" and became a contex headquarter
shortly before they split up and i had  
extacy on. then censor came on aswell.  
then there was culture,victims,genesis  
and empire,arcade and now genesis again.
[?]: a lot of things happened to you and
     your board in the last few weeks...
     give our readers some information  
     what happened!                     
about a month ago the group's moral     
started falling as we spend all our time
together on the phone and some members  
didn't like that,they said we wouldn't  
care enough for genesis and nobody could
get in touch with us anymore... we tried
to solve this problem by hooking up a   
three-way to the board and having weekly
group-conferences. the situation was    
putting a big strain on us because it   
seemed no matter what we did,it didn't  
help. i started to resent tyger for     
interfering in a bad way in our         
relationship and it looked to me like   
there was no saving the group. tyger    
said if things wouldn't change,the g*p  
party would be a farewell-party...      
i believed that these problems weren't  
nessecary and the group was doing fine. 
we were all talking to each other and   
we were producing. near to the g*p party
i wanted to take genesis off the board  
because i didn't want to wait until the 
last second when tyger would accounce   
that g*p was dead and i was very frus-  
trated at the time.                     
well,she was sure the group would die   
while i was sure the group could be     
saved without letting it interfere in   
our private life. we got into an argu-  
ment about it and when i called her from
the party and she told me she took g*p  
off the board already,without waiting   
for what would happen with g*p after the
party i got very mad at her because the 
computer hobby is one of the things we  
can share together over the distance... 
to cut a long story short,i love her,   
i wanted to smack her but couldn't      
because of the distance,so i crashed    
the board. if i wasn't stuck here with  
the civil service i would have gotten a 
ticket to fly over and straighten the   
things out. well,finally we talked and  
even though some of the things we did to
each other were pretty drastic we under-
stood each others reasons... to avoid   
any more problems i left genesis. then  
she left arcade and we decided only to  
release propaganda and run the board    
together. whatever we'll do,we'll do it 
together. arcade started complaining as 
we were sharing one account,they said i 
am spying in their private sub (which   
was not true!). finally we were so fed  
up,we decided to rejoin genesis and make
mystic cavern the g*p hq again. we asked
arcade if they would share the board    
with genesis,but they said no,so the    
results were that g*p stayed on the     
board with empire and arcade left.      
[?]: who is in genesis*project now?     
well,rockstar,drake and janec joined    
talent. but everyone else is still in   
genesis: tyger,,snacky,scrap,  
ses,hje,antichrist and me. even murdock 
is back. maybe some more people might   
join in soon. let's see...              
[?]: give us your favourites:           
                 ANTICHRIST   SORCERESS 
best euro group  genesis      genesis   
worst euro group image        none      
best    nei          none      
worst   empire       all of'em!
best phreaker    jihad        tristan   
worst phreaker   tyree        the ones  
                              who get   
best ragger      gene         none      
worst ragger     roydar       thor      
best bbs         mys.cavern   mys.cavern
worst bbs        power surge  coi       
best mag         propaganda   propaganda
worst mag        gossip       gossip    
best book        lord o.rings don't know
worst book       phone book   don't know
best game        bard's tale  ma.mansion
worst game       moonracer    moonracer 
best country     usa          usa       
worst country    china        iraq      
best drink       milkshake    coke      
worst drink      alcohol      alcohol   
coolest person   jihad        rockstar  
biggest nerd     hok          thor      
[?]: how does it feel to live so far    
     away from where things happen,     
     better said how is it for you      
     americans to be in the scene?      
we would like it to be the same way the 
european scene is... just too bad it's  
impossible. i would like to go to one of
these venlo-meetings,i've heard so much 
about them.                             
[?]: would you prefer if it were the    
     americans who cracked all those    
     games and would have the larger    
     scene and the euros would have a   
     small scene,like yours?            
i would like it the way it used to be,  
where both sides were equally active... 
well,even the european groups now have  
to struggle for releases. and too many  
people left the scene. the quality of   
the games has fallen. the competition   
between the groups has dropped and cards
are also a major problem. i wish i had  
better things to say about the scene,as 
i don't like being so depressive.       
[?]: now BRAINSTORMING! i'll give you   
     some words and you tell us what    
     comes to your mind. if possible    
     answer in a sentence or less!      
sorceress:  wooooow!                    
antichrist: having fun                  
antichrist: nice handle,hehe!           
sorceress:  there's sooo many things!!! 
hugs,kisses... and the rest is censored!
sorceress:  it started off good for me, 
and ended in a big disappointment... but
i'm back and i hope the same problems   
won't happen again,else heads will role!
antichrist: home,sweet home...          
sorceress:  complicated person          
antichrist: silly problemchild          
            "new york city"             
sorceress:  home!                       
ANTICHRIST: home! hehe!                 
sorceress:  take drawing lessons!       
antichrist: complete idiot...           
             "rodney king"              
sorceress:  was treated unfairly        
antichrist: who the heck is that?!?     
  "soccer world championship 1994 usa"  
antichrist: soccer sucks!               
sorceress:  i don't know anything       
            about soccer...             
[?]: how do your future plans look like,
     for the scene and for yourself?    
SORCERESS and ANTICHRIST:               
we can answer that together... we will  
probably be the first (maybe the only)  
c64 people that started a serious       
relationship. we love each other,and we 
plan to get married in november/december
when his civil service is over. there   
are a lot of things we planned and a lot
of things we did together already that  
nobody knows about... and sure we will  
stay in the computer scene...           
[?] : it's up to you to have the last   
greetings to all our friends,our mates  
in g*p,rockstar,drake,janec,mr.cbm,rich,
dogfriend and you!                      
thor,master kracker and coldrake,you    
remind me of moe,larry and curly...     
...uuuund tschuess!                     

live coverage

corruption 13                  july 1992
           * LIVE COVERAGE *            
reporter : ANTITRACK / LEGEND           
on april 15th, my longest travel to a   
computerparty started! to my fortune i  
was not the only austrian partyfreak    
who badly needed to get wasted...       
ayatollah and alligator of TAT also felt
the urge to go there! so, ayatollah     
picked me up at innsbruck train station 
in the afternoon, and another austrian, 
defjay/pulsar, also got picked up at    
the train station at 11pm in the night. 
the only problem was, where the hell was
alligator/tat? he was also supposed to  
go to the party with us! he didn't show 
up and we went to bed worrying about    
him. next day, we did reach him, but    
his next train would be too late to get 
to the party in time, so i had the brill
idea that alligator should better take  
the train to germany and we'll fetch him
in wuerzburg, where our first stop was  
anyway, because there we met reaper of  
legacy, who hired a bus with place for  
nine people, which we needed badly since
we wanted to pick up more people along  
the way to the party! we also picked up 
a friend from reaper called the flasher,
and at wuerzburg train station we were  
able to pick up alligator at last, so   
the bus was already filled with six     
people. we continued our travel to      
kaarst, where we visited airwolf/g*p in 
order to copy some amiga warez, then we 
drove to duisburg, where two more tat   
members live: warlord/tat and extract/  
tat. we were allowed to sleep at their  
place and continued our travel to the   
party! we took our way through whole    
denmark, picking up a danish friend on  
the way, a starion member, so the bus   
was quite filled now. at fredrikshavn   
we took the ferry to gothenburg/sweden, 
which arrived there around midnight.    
now the party place was supposed to be  
only 40 miles away!                     
as it happened, the party place was     
changed in the last minute, but to our  
good luck the new place was only 500    
meters away. a local dude who happened  
to walk around there showed us the real 
the party place itself consisted of two 
locations, the first place was a big    
hall, as big as an average exhibition   
hall perhaps, thus easily providing     
enough space for hundreds of people. the
second hall was a indoor sports hall    
meant to be used as a sleeping hall,    
also featuring washing facilities       
(toilet, shower etc.) but two groups    
decided to place their computers there, 
those were enigma, an amiga group with  
the same name like the c64 guys, but    
they got nothing to do with each other; 
the other group who used this hall was  
panoramic designs.                      
the first hall featured a small store   
where everyone could buy food, coffee,  
chips, hamburgers, disks and whatever   
else a computer fan might need. there   
was also a very big screen where demos  
and sometimes a few videos were shown,  
but to my utter sadness no utilities,   
since i've brought along a great one... 
anyway, the definitely most impressive  
thing showed on the screen was not an   
amiga demo and neither a c64 one. an    
amiga group, THE SILENTS if i remember  
it correctly, had access to a very      
expensive workstation-style tv computer 
and they brought along a video tape of  
what they were able to do on such a     
computer. yes you guessed it, this      
"little" demo featured 16 million       
colours, realtime-3d-whatsoever-giga-   
mega-effects and looked rather like a   
MICHAEL JACKSON videoclip than a demo!  
however i've been told that everything  
was calculated in realtime.being allowed
to watch just this demo was easily worth
the entrance price!!                    
ofcourse there were a lot of people here
too, althogh the big hall had definitely
provided enough place for a lot more    
people. some groups and dudes who just  
come to my mind when remembering this   
party are: fairlight (strider, viper,   
watchman, danko, ogami, bacchus, aaron  
etc.) , panoramic designs (especially   
henning rokling) , pretzel logic ,      
ofcourse my fellow legenders, razy and  
r.c.s. , censor design, horizon, active 
(injun, surfer) , enigma (e.g.elegance),
hysteric (dense,aslive etc.) , illusion 
(baze), varsity (who went to this party 
all the way from vienna, austria to     
sweden by train! aaaaaaaaaarggghh!!!),  
war deal lamers , ruthless , brutal and 
god-knows-the-complete list!            
ofcourse about at least 35% of the      
people were amiga people, but i'm afraid
i can't remember all the names! (however
i've just tried to remember them all and
correctly anyway...)                    
sadly we had to leave this quite amazing
party much too early, namely on sunday, 
april 19th, at around 5 p.m., because   
ayatollah's work started on april 21st  
again and he would get in big trouble   
if he was late there! thus we missed the
demo competition, but even at this point
it's easy to sum up: if you have not    
been at this party you have surely      
missed a lot! this was definitely almost
as good as ikari-zargon and so far only 
the venlo meeting december 1988 was a   
bit better! if just some more of the old
legends were present at the light and   
phenomena event (markus wiederschwein!! 
where the hell have you and the old guys
been?) this party had been totally over-
whelming! (mzp we miss you!!)           
oh i almost forgot to mention that some 
new papermags were also released there: 
the new issue of bullet proof,featuring 
a lot of nice pictures, and the first   
issue of "in medias res", a new papermag
by a guy called zike (who's that???).   
featuring over two dozen shortinterviews
with old legends, a very cool and       
subjective story from a guy whose main  
hobby is to buy everything with some    
credit cards (also regarded as "carding"
...ehm! i loved it!) and the story of a 
very untalented guy with an awful french
accent who tries to hack someones'      
calling card... (keep up the amazingly  
bad work dude hehehe!)....... and that's
just about it for this little article!  
lets' hope we see each other again next 
year! and hopefully some more of the old
guys too.                               
rating for this party: 87% out of 100%!!
(ed.: we feel like adding the results of
      the competitions :                
 demos :                                
 1.) origo - elysion                    
 2.) beyond force - partytrap           
 3.) antic - lunacy 5                   
 4.) oxyron - coma light 4              
 5.) fairlight - legoland 2             
 1.) tmt/ wrath design                  
 2.) creeper/ flash inc.                
 3.) electric/ extend                   
 4.) ogami/ fairlight)                  
     ENERGY & COSMOS DESIGNS party      
the ultimate computer and videoshow for 
           c=64, amiga and pc!          
start: 3.september 1992 - 10.00 am      
end  : 5.september 1992 - 18.00 pm      
place: pfarrsaal                        
       franz-blodergasse 3              
       8200 gleisdorf                   
       austria (25km far away from graz)
- 56 hours competitions, videos and     
  live music                            
- a cafeteria opened 24 hours a day     
- sleeping rooms                        
for further information and table reser-
vations write to...                     
                XXXX XXXX               
or call... +XX(X)XXXX/XXXXX             
            the ARCADE PARTY            
reporter : BREGO / ARCADE               
on 13.-14.06.1992 we in arcade wanted to
hold a little party in hildesheim, near 
hannover, germany. everything ended in a
mess, but just read on.                 
 on the same day the party started there
was also a big public celebration near  
our party-place. unfortunately 15-20 of 
local dumpheads/skinheads had the idea  
to look what people we were and what we 
did in the old house where the party was
declared to be hold in. so what?! they  
came in and caused a lot of trouble, e.g
they sprayed tear gas into tch/brutal's 
face because he was dutch and so on. af-
ter more from us got trashed we had to  
call the police because it was just too 
hard...remember also the value of the   
computers! unbelievable- we had to fetch
the bobbies to a copy-party, and that   
in germany where we still have the      
hardest copy-right law in the world!    
we, as a matter of fact most of the     
people there left very fast coz they    
were afraid of a) the police and b) of  
the skins who could re-turn in the night
...after only a short time the police   
arrived with three cars and the trouble-
makers run away. luckily no policeman   
took a look into the party-room, good.  
as i wrote above, most of the guys had  
left the place because of the quarrels. 
the rest was a little bundle of party-  
animals called..                        
nce,starkiller/spirit, parson,tch/brutal
design/image,communist/f4cg,arcade fleet
tyree,vogue+bacco+hellfire and me, brego
showed up. so not to many guys stayed   
over the night to make the best out of  
situation, booooze! the puking ones were
communist and vogue/arcade.             
we had only five c 64's at work so we   
had to skip the demo-competition...     
last words: destroy racism!             
            the BRUTAL PARTY            
reporter: BREGO / ARCADE                
this party in tjanebjerg (samsoe)/      
denmark was announced to be the biggest 
ever but it was not, although about 200 
64-guys showed up there on the 26-28.06.
1992. about the party-place : there were
two big halls, one for c64 and one for  
the amiga. inside the halls there were  
lots of tables and also no problems with
electricity and food+drink supply. on   
saturday the most people arrived because
they had to work on friday. but anyway, 
i've missed some groups there e.g the   
swedish sections of triad & fairlight or
da illusion's...a lot of guys came from 
germany. the amiga-hall was a bit more  
filled and it was always very hot inside
maybe also because of the pornos who    
were shown by the 'video prirates'?!    
most of the amiga guys were lamers or   
low-class groups. i only saw the silents
and kefrens as elite. let's come back to
the 64. the crews who were present were:
hysteric (pb/termo/benson/street tuff), 
f4cg (communist), oxyron (tts+some more)
enigma (the elegance), genesis (airwolf)
censor design (dragon/psycho/bob...),   
varsity (charlie...), legacy (reaper),  
fairlight (ayatollah), the ruling com-  
pany (gazza), triad (brego), tat (ayt), 
brutal (tch/bishop), dunex (spikes...), 
legend (r.c.s), horizon, crest (mac...),
chromance (tbb), x-factor (ecco...).    
i am sorry, i can't remember more!      
as a matter of fact that i had to work  
on monday early in the morning i had to 
leave on sunday  b e f o r e  the demo- 
competition started. but the results of 
the demo competition were :             
1) horizon                              
2) censor design                        
3) offence                              
the amiga demos were m e g a l a m e !  
most of the code was also possible on   
c64 and no new ideas at all...suckers!  
some things, which happened there:      
-charlie/varsity fucked a danish girl & 
 the last seconds were banned on video! 
 anyway-he lost the armwrestling against
 me, brego, ha!                         
-ecco/x-factor fell out of a window and 
 broke through a roof...wooow!          
-bob/censor puked when he boozed whiskey
 by playing quarters with termo and pb/ 
 hysteric, psycho/censor and brego/arc  
-psycho/censor design drank a lot of the
 good johnny walker that he couldn't    
 walk at all any longer,some nice puking
 from you pal! it was so funny.         
-a lot of guys smoked hash but the most 
 unlucky fellow was the reaper/legacy:  
 after enjoying the stuff he drove with 
 the inter-rent car into a pit and the  
 front-axle broke! he came from austria 
 with 7 other guys who then had to take 
 the expensive train back home. some of 
 them were lucky: they were at least    
 taken to germany by car by very cool   
 guys. (ehm...let's say by us!)         
-10 guys from us went to the beach to   
 have some fun and it turned quite      
 relaxing after all. f**ckin' hot       
-thanx here 2 communist who let me drive
 his car...vroom, vrooooom, bloep!      
result: this was a simply good one! nice
organisation...hej do denmark, see you  
on the next one!                        
 make sure to contact BREGO/ARCADE for  
            all the wares :             
              XXX XXXXXX X              
            X.-XXXX XXXXX X             
 also for the latest from fairlight on  
               the amiga.               


corruption 13                  july 1992
             * CHAMPIONS *              
the HELGE for the best cracking group of
          the month goes to :           
legend proved once more to be one of the
  best. they had 8 first-releases, for  
  example the two killer games "addams  
family" and "winter camp". moreover they
 released a very high quality crack of  
       the adventure "brubaker".        
the HELGE for the best newcomer group of
          the month goes to :           
tyree spent a long time with organizing 
the group's start and had success. they 
  made a real kick-start with releases  
like "arnie" or "bod squad". all in all 
 they had 8 first-releases as well, but 
 two lamer releases under their normal  
lable, too. they motivated some guys who
 didn't do something for quite a while, 
to celebrate a comeback. e.g. a-man and 
crisp. they prefer putting high-quality 
intros infront of their cracks, and they
     are surely on the right track.     
 the HELGE for the best comeback of the 
            month goes to :             
nobody expected something from them and 
  then they came back with two first-   
    releases at once. "calippo" and     
 "wizerior" were their releases, which  
         were fixed by empire.          
as well as arcade, they use great coded 
  and designed intros, done by the duo  
           trigger & jatagan.           
the HELGE for the best demo of the month
               goes to :                
     for their production "justice"     
  we know that this one filer doesn't   
   include very hard code or stunning   
 graphics, but therefore it is not that 
 superficial as other demos use to be.  
  but infact it is a demo with a real   
 background, a demo which makes sense.  
   it is dedicated to rodney king, a    
 victim of injustice, hate and racism.  
  moreover it looks amazing, when you   
  consider the length of the demo, 23   
 blocks only. more people should follow 
            this example...             
  let us end with some words from the   
   producer of this demo, JFK/TRIAD:    
"seek justice, because justice is our   
 shelter against the evil inside.       
 provide justice because justice is the 
 only thing left to part us from the    
  the HELGE for the best crack of the   
            month goes to :             
  for his great version of "brubaker"   
  antitrack proved once more his great  
 cracking skills. first he cracked the  
hard protection by conan/ex.elite, then 
 he translated the whole game and then  
 even centered the text so that it does 
 look better than the original itself.  
he packed the 324 files of the original 
   down to less than two disc-sides,    
 including the intro and the pictures.  
  he installed an option where you can  
see all pictures of the game in a slide-
  show. the iffl-squeezing and all the  
 other packing and linking took him 14  
        work discs... great job!        

banned in disneyland

corruption 13                  july 1992
        * BANNED IN DISNEYLAND *        
this new chapter will contain the board 
review, the american part of the charts 
     and at least one opinion poll.     
              BOARD REVIEW              
             WICKED FANTASY             
           running on c-base            
          CENSOR and RMJCC hq           
          sysop : silver foxx           
 as usual, an introduction by the sysop 
            himself first...            
well, i have alway ran a board, since   
like 1986 and shit off and on, now i    
figure since the scene is dying out that
i would contribute my services once     
again, since h/p/a was what first       
started in, and well i came up with this
board. the reason of running the board  
is to keep everyone in contact and keep 
codes and everything else flowing with- 
out a problem. since this is getting a  
very high rating on a lot of h/p mags   
this option has been very successful.   
well, i have chosen dark cleric to be my
second sysop. he's local and was in the 
scene about three years before i started
and knows very much what he's doing even
if he don't act it. i have case as a    
RMJCC sysop and skater as a CENSOR      
sysop for their groups. i must say      
skater was quite impressed to have this 
as their censor hq.                     
also a lot of users of arcade like this 
board, but not all the members liked    
c-base to be their hq. lazyness likes to
correct shit and delete people that do  
not call back in a while, if he catches 
it. and the rest just keep the system   
running, got to admit radar keeps a lot 
of shit update if i don't get to it.    
the board gets around on the weekdays   
30 calls a day and gets around 30-40    
posts also.                             
  that's what the sysop says about his  
           board, but now...            
                THE TEST                
          by jack daniels/dom           
+++++ = great                           
++++  = cool                            
+++   = average                         
++    = forget about it                 
+     = lame                            
SUBS: +++                               
there are 8 subs:                       
the phunky pheel                        
stoned is the way                       
new wares/demos/coding                  
little europe                           
voygin cdz/crdz/scnz!                   
them fuckin' pigz                       
censor design                           
there are not too much posts. the amount
of subs is definately too high.         
SYSOPS: +++                             
most of them do a good job to keep the  
board updated and to keep the users     
informed what's going on.               
the staff is :                          
silver foxx, retroperspective, skater,  
radar, alchemist, case,lazyness, bod and
dark cleric.                            
but they should take care of the wares. 
WARES: +                                
it takes too long to get the newest     
releases to this board. the cosysops    
should do something about it...         
the bbs has 5 public drives :           
wicked 0-1                              
10+ wares                               
rmjcc releases                          
shock releases                          
USERS: ++                               
many locals and rmjcc guys. the real    
elite didn't call that board too much   
the judgement says it all : average.    
they were done by silver foxx and gash. 
the mods were done by silver foxx, dog, 
panther, jailbird and electroman.       
it includes two nice options, when you  
press "-", you see the guys who didn't  
post during their calls and after loggin
on, you enter an online lottery where   
you can win some credits.               
all in all it is a nice board, which    
needs some more new users, so go and    
call it and make it a good board.       
         da americano charts :          
pos. BEST IMPORTING GROUPS     pts. pli.
01.) NEI                       428  (01)
02.) TSM                       366  (02)
03.) EMPIRE                    343  (03)
04.) excalibur                 309  (04)
05.) avatar                    143  (06)
06.) armageddon                109  (08)
07.) illusion                   37  (--)
pos. THE BEST FIXERS           pts. pli.
01.) HORIZON                   264  (01)
02.) PUDWERX                   159  (02)
03.) BOOZE                     131  (03)
04.) zaldron                    93  (--)
05.) shadow                     76  (05)
06.) grim reaper                60  (07)
     massive onslaught              (04)
08.) stealth                    49  (--)
     x-factor                       (--)
10.) master kracker             25  (06)
11.) extremist                  22  (--)
pos. THE BEST BOARDS           pts. pli.
01.) SECOND TO NONE/ legend    270  (02)
02.) DREAM PARK/dom+corruption 237  (03)
03.) THE FORUM/ illusion       227  (03)
04.) terminal obsession/ ils   221  (06)
05.) shaolin temple/tsm+talent 199  (05)
06.) mystic cavern/ gp+empire  163  (06)
07.) tunnel of wares/ dom      149  (01)
08.) gee spot (down)           125  (08)
09.) citadel of ils (down)      92  (--)
10.) south of heaven/nei        84  (--)
11.) black rain (down)          57  (--)
12.) edge of midnight           36  (--)
13.) for play/ hysteric         32  (--)
14.) disintegration (down)      31  (--)
15.) galaxy high/ crest+2d      22  (--)
              OPINION POLL              
   opinions collected on dream park.    
           out of 76 voters:            
1.) blue-box             32 votes = 42 %
2.) calling card         23 votes = 30 %
3.) credit card           1 vote  =  1 %
4.) pbx                   6 votes =  7 %
5.) divertor              2 votes =  2 %
6.) direct (bahaha)       4 votes =  5 %
7.) others                8 votes = 10 %

de do do do de da da da

corruption 13                  july 1992
      * DE DO DO DO DE DA DA DA *       
"de do do do de da da da", is there any-
       thing left to say? naah...       
            BIRTHDAY CORNER             
 here we go with the birth-dates which  
are between the release of the previous 
          issue and this one.           
improve the friendship in the scene and 
    send your mates a card or so...     
           HAPPY BIRTHDAY to:           
cyborg/ dominators(belgium)      1.april
sham/ light                      2.april
scotch/ clique                   3.april
audience/ sunrise                5.april
carcass/ ex.f4cg                 6.april
crazy bob/ ex.role                      
romulus/ creatures                      
action jackson/ trc              9.april
tyree/ arcade                   12.april
antitrack/ legend               13.april
narc/ legend                            
bighead/ ex.x-ray               15.april
jity/ trc                       16.april
cyrion/ device                  18.april
frode/ megastyle inc.                   
stephen/ triumwyrat             28.april
beast/ tat                      29.april
lynx/ hitmen                     3.may  
cop/ faces                       4.may  
inxs/ vision                     5.may  
ex-m/ arm                        7.may  
ferry man / sd                   9.may  
transfer/ dominators amiga      11.may  
phoenix/ mystic                 13.may  
blockbuster/ chromance          16.may  
johannes/ pretzel logic         18.may  
dense/ hysteric                 21.may  
hellfire/ ex.arcade                     
snacky/ g*p                     22.may  
steamhammer/ ex.g*p             23.may  
swave/ chromance                        
atis/ cross                     24.may  
extract/ tat                            
gerwin/ flt                             
doc/ atlantis                   27.may  
dr.j/ the force                         
dark angel/ role                28.may  
unifier/ flash inc.             30.may  
remix/ clique                           
silent/ dominators               2.june 
slayer/ dominators               3.june 
jihad/ arcade                    5.june 
3dk/ dominators amiga            6.june 
patriot/ babygang                8.june 
peter/ enigma                 CENSORED! 
trash/ sunrise                  11.june 
pavarotti/ dominators           12.june 
solar/ f4cg                             
STEFFI GRAF                     14.june 
motley/ g*p                     19.june 
gibson                          20.june 
aztec/ wow                              
walker/ light                   26.june 
joe/ radical                    28.june 
skater/ censor                  30.june 
emerald                          1.july 
dash/ ex.f4cg                    4.july 
uncle-x/ ex.hotline              5.july 
WOW the group                    7.july 
per/ abyss                      10.july 
boss/ accuracy                  15.july 
deff/ dominators                16.july 
            DID YOU KNOW...             
...that mario van zeist and hein design 
   are currently working on an amiga    
   game together?                       
...that penthagon/enigma got busted for 
   stamp cheating twice within 2 weeks? 
...that joe/x-factor had no computer for
   two years whilst he was in the group?
   but now he decided to leave them.    
...that tronic/g*p visits deff/dom in   
   germany before he gets back to sweden
   from japan?                          
...that the danish tv broadcasted the   
   bad bad news about duke when he got  
...that deff/dom depacked/packed this   
   chapter 3 times as there was always  
   something wrong? thanks eugene!      
...that dogfriend/dom was of the opinion
   that denmark shouldn't even compete  
   in the euro soccer cup, as he was    
   convinced they would lose all matches
...that antitrack and narc of legend    
   were born on the same day?           
...that gene/illusion and ses/g*p built 
   up a group called GENESES?           
...that freestyle/illusion is currently 
   visiting parson/x-factor for 1 and a 
   half weeks?                          
...that derbyshire ram/illusion cracked 
   175 games between march '90 and      
   november '91 while he was in dom?    
...that a bunch of articles were        
   published in the major danish news-  
   papers about hulkster/ex-dom being   
...that stingray/ex-genesis visited     
   cyborg/dom, the sysop of dream park? 
...that tristan/ex-empire claimed to be 
   in jail for murder? c'mon babe...    
...that the line of the former arcade hq
   "link to perfection" got disconnected
   and the sysop's voice line, too?     
...that ladies have got balls? huh?     
...that x-factor/ex.excalibur is moving 
   to california to visit a model school
...that there will be a legend + f4cg   
   party in december? it will take place
   in belgium.                          
...that cyborg/dom (usa) is pregnant and
   the little brother of bod/talent?    
...that dom actually has two cyborgs in 
   the group? if there is any cyborg    
   left in the scene who wants to join, 
   let us know. we plan to rename us all
   into cyborg...                       
...that skinhead joined f4cg, got kicked
   and was only allowed to join again   
   to get kicked again?                 
...that the childrn are in the bath and 
   it's their bedtime, so i've to stop  
  for everything concerning CORRUPTION  
    and for swapping with either DEFF   
        or JACK DANIELS write to:       
             XXXXXXXX XXXXXX            
           X.-XXXX XXXXXXXX XX          
     also for vhs & techno trading!     
 for buying the very latest originals,  
   contact the following address for    
         further information :          
              X.X. XXX XXX              
             XXXX XXXXXXXXX             
you'll get them directly after the first
       for elite swapping contact       
               XXXXX XXXXX              
              XXXXXXX XXXX              
             XXXX XX XXXXXX             
        (no handles on envelope)        
            try the laziest:            
             XXXXXXXXXXXX X             
             XXXXX XXXXXXXXX            
           !only elite wanted!          
   for the latest force & scs wares...  
      also locking for new members!     
          DANIEL/SCS/THE FORCE          
              X.X. XXX XXXX             
             XXXXX XXXXXXXXX            
              XXXXXX XXXXXX             
              XXXXXXX X.XX.             
              XXXX XXXXXXXX             
   ...also for awtb stuff, music-trade  
(hip hop/house/techno/rap) and orginals!
     do you need a video digitizer?     
 with this v.d. you can copy every color
 picture through video or video camera! 
    for examples send a disc+note to:   
                GENERAL X               
              X.X. XXX XXX              
             XXXXX XXXXXXXX             
                 XXXXXX X                
    for friendship swapping contact:    
               XXXXX XXXXX              
            XXX XXX XXXXXXXX            
             XXXXXXX XXXXXXX            
             XXX XXXXX XXXXX            
             XXXXXXXXX XXXX             
      for the latest vision wares,      
     originals and joining write to:    
             XXXX XXXXXXXXX             
            XXXXXXXXXXX. X X            
              XXXXX XXXXXXX             
   for tape swapping (uk indie-pop) :   
              XXX XXXXXX X              
          X.-XXXX XXXXXXXX XX           
   especially traders from manchester   
 contact DEFJAM/PULSAR for hip-hop/rap  
  swapping under this address as well.  
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
XXXX XXXXX                  XXXXXX XXXXX
XXXX XXXX                    XXXXXXXXXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
RATMAN/TGA                    SHAM/LIGHT
XXXXXXX                           XXXXXX
XXXXXX XXXX                  XXXXXXXXXX 
XXXXX                    XXXXXXX XXX XXX
XXXXXXXX. XX                       XXX X
XXXXXX                            XXXXXX
XXXXXX                            XXXXXX
XXXXXXXXX XX                   XXXX XXXX
XXXXXX                           XXXXXXX
XXX XXXX                   XXX. XXXXXX-X
XXXXXX                           XXXXXXX
XXXXXX                           XXXXXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
DANNIE/VARSITY                  JITY/TRC
XXXXXXX                           XXXXXX
WARHEAD/FACES                CODE 18/THF
XX/X XXX/XX                 X.-XXXX XXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX
XXXXXXX                          XXXXXXX

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