Corruption 08 ch02 News and Rumours

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       news & rumours

  a lot of interesting things
  have happened this month...

- jack daniels and 3dimensional
  king left ATG to join corruption is
  now a [p] mag.
- after leaving PARAMOUNT for a
  short time blitz and tyger
- brego joined ATG but after
  some weeks he was kicked out
- brainkiller left PARAMOUNT to
  join F4CG.
- wild side is now a PARAMOUNT
- twist is back in PARAMOUNT.
- PARAMOUNT got three new
  crackers called : jinx,lloyd
  and fanatic.
- excell and justice of IKARI &
  TALENT stopped mailswapping,
  so they let razy/ex-DDT join
  as a mega-swapper.
- never never land/EXTASY in
  now also IKARI+TALENT euro hq
- a new cool american group was
  built,called RANDOM.members
  are : blue devil and pudwerx
  (ex-ATC),the cure (ex-EXODUS)
  who's the sysop of disinte-
- a new european group was
  found.they had already a good
  start with the first-release
  of amok's game 'turn it'.
  their name is
  one knows the exact member-
  status but the following
  people are SUSPECTED to be in
  pyle/crazy        accu/action
  arrogance/x-ray    rap/sharks
  and antitrack also was asked
  to join.BRAINBOMBS are
  exclusive with DESTINY.we'll
  see about this...
- tsb left EXTASY to rejoin his
  old group BROWBEAT.rumours
  say that he left,because rock
  star cracked all games by him
  self and didn't give any
  originals away to the others.
- kickback left TSM and joined
- nearly the whole swedish
  section left DYNAMIX.
  tracer joined TRIAD.slegde,
  tron and teerax joined FAIR-
- silver surfer left HOTLINE to
  join MANOWAR.and slaine left
  RCA to join 'em aswell !
- a federation against exory of
  HOLOCAUST was formed by
  CHROMANCE.he shall have
  written a note to his lamer
  contact in which he promised
  them new originals if they
  would vote for exory in the
  single-cracker charts and for
  holocaust in the cracker-
  charts in all known magazines
  as gabriel left IDIOTS to
  join CHROMANCE he gave this
  note to mr.wax who formed
  this federation.but because
  we are an objective magazine,
  we have to mention that every
  body could have written this
  note !!!
  but we got a letter from the
  new-cracker of HOLOCAUST,in
  which was written that exory
  left the scene and this new
  member takes over all
  contacts and cracking acti-
  vities from exory.
  strange was that there was no
  address from this new member
  in the letter and that it was
  written with a printer....
  maybe it's just again exory,
  who operates under a new
  handle,in order to have no
  bad image ??? only god knows.
- the FORCE italy except
  gabriel joined TAT.
- the coop between ILLUSION and
  A TOUCH OF CLASS is over.
- after leaving crest,scorpie
  finally joined his first
  group ever,the WARRIORS OF
  after the end of his time at
  the army kid/ex-ORION will do
  (ed.welcome back,johan !!!)
- a-man/ACTION was kicked out
  of the music-group SONICAL
  DREAMS,because he stole the
  preview of X-AMPLES game b-
  bobs and cracked it.
  if x-ample will loose money
  with their game,a-man will
  get into the biggest trouble.
- the mag addy-burger will in
  future be a TRANS-X and
  X-FACTOR coop mag.
- ABASE seems to be dead.
- xentrix left the KNICKERS and
  joined DEATH SECTOR.knickers
  will probably die soon...
- brain was kicked out of DEATH
  therefore delta/ex-PULSAR
  joined them.
  so did jh/ex-CROSS.
- dr.suffi of the WOT left the
  c-64 scene and went over to
  the amiga scene.bah...
- there'll soon be a new group
  in finland with some dudes
- the whole finish PULSAR
  section left them.
- the old TRISTAR is back again
  members are the old thargon,
  madman (ex glenn/GP),design,
  tma,redon mc (ex-LAZER),dense
  ex-HOLOCAUST (but he's lookin
  for a new group either) and
  violator (ex-checkpoint/TAT).
- bullshit joined AKRAK but he
  might join the BLASTERS soon.
  also skorpion joined AKRAK
  after his short time in
  SCIENCE 451.they are now in
  coop with ICS.
- the italian software house SC
  will soon release a new game.
  nothing special you'll say...
  but the protection was ripped
  from a program called
  protector by  sm/ARM.he just
  took the routines and called
  it 'timebomber'.lame....
- make/ex-PARAMOUNT joined
  RUTHLESS.(sure that you were
  in paramount ???)
- viper and twilight of UNITED
  ARTISTS joined OCCULT.viper
  changed his handle into
- a new dutch group was found
  called REVENGE.members are
  for example chris and stealth
  (ex-CULTURE).they already
  have a board in the nether-
  lands called SHADOWLAND.
- lucifer of CENTURY is back
  after 12 months in the army.
  jetblack stopped,therefore
  charly/ex-CRIME joined.the
  first game of the CENTURY ART
  finished now.
- a new music-group was found..
  memberstatus :
  metal / BONZAI
  scortia / X-FACTOR
  zonix / X-FACTOR
  some more might join soon !
  this group should be a compe-
  tition to vibrants.
- the demo of the year/ATG will
  delayed one month because
  some groups have time prob's
  and can't finished their
- paralax of PARAMOUNT stopped
- the original from HELLHOLE
  was stolen from FAIRLIGHT at
  the ces show.
- roger and sky of PARAMOUNT
  changed their name to domino.
- mike and headhunter/PARAMOUNT
  stop for a while because of
  problems with the post.
- airwolf of ACTION was caught
  by the cops.nothing was found
  and he changed his handle
  into xox.
- fox left BONZAI and joined
  the DOMINATORS(???).
- tyger and blitz were not
  kicked out of PARAMOUNT.
- HOLOCAUST got kicked out of
  several mag-charts.
- gabriel and ximox of FORCE
  moved houses and started
- GAX 777 and RULER are in coop
- izor of ZONE 45 changed his
  name into ian,prizma into
  core and elias into fletcher,
  all three joined
  the board endless dream is
  now a TRISTAR board.
- jedi (ex-LEGEND,LIGHT) re-
  built his old crew TRIUMPH.
- NFL is back,they are running
  a vmb system.
- jihad left ACTION.
- some members of TRANSCOM     e
  build up RED OCTOBER but
  after some days they joined
- the CENSOR party shall have
  been a real success.the re-
  sults of the demo-competition

  1) flash
  2) vision
  3) censor design
- MEGASTYLE is programming a
  days in coop.
- nam/EXTASY began again to
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