Corruption 08 ch01 Editorial

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you've reached the 8th issue of
 our #1 mag you
might have noticed there was no
corruption in october,because a
lot has changed in the meantime

we,(jack daniels & 3dk)the main
editors of this mag left ATG to
join first nobody
knew how the future would look
 like for corruption.we wanted
 to continue a mag under this
name,because it was our idea to
 call the mag like,as we were
      still in ORION.
atg wanted to continue the mag,
also under this name but then
they decided to give the rights
  to we didn't want to
  leave you 2 months without
corruption we asked our friends
in atg if we could use this old
   and cool main-menue from
einstein for just one issue,be-
cause we wouldn't manage it in
  time to code a new outfit.

  so you can expect a new and
also cool new style in issue 9.

    we have to thank ATG for
 allowing us to use this menue
for just one more time and for
   all their other help !!!

            mag !!!

   after returning from our
  favourite bar CAROSSELLO,we
feel a bit more inspired now !!

please send your news,reports, t
votes,BIRTH-DATES etc. to the
usual address :


or dial :

after the reunion of germany it
is very important to write a W
infront of the post code of the
  city because otherwise your
letter might end anywhere near
   the polnish frontier !!!

this issue is the longest ever includes for example :

- a PREVIEW of the TAT-party.

- an interview with JCH of the

- an interview with UTE WELTY
  (she's the one who presents
  the german tv-computer-show
  highscore !!!).

- a hell lot of ADDRESSES,again
  we had to write some into the
  mish-mash corner.

- some more interesting & cool
  WORLD-RECORDS,extracted from
  the guiness book of records.

...and much more,enjoy it as
   usual !!!

a great THANK YOU to all of you
who supported us with all kind
of stuff !!! we were really im-
pressed by this amount of votes
news and so on ! again THANX !!

some special greetings to these
persons who really helped us a
lot to edit this issue :

- the whole ATG crew
- the whole PARAMOUNT gang
- vincent / FRESH
- brego / ex-ATG

...and of course all these cool
   guys who've sent in their
   votes,etc. !!!

the official spreading date is
   the 10.NOVEMBER 1990 !!!
new menue-next issue-next venlo
keep up your good work,yours

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