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the reports of august are about

- the ACTION NEWS party.
- the RADWAR V.5 party.
- the TRANSCOM party.
- the review about half a year
and more....
let's start with a small report
about the ACTION NEWS party.

this party was held in bocholt
(w.-germany)on the 22.7.
it was promised that a lot of
famous guys would show up,but
in fact only five groups were
present.the demo competition
was won by CRIME.everybody
said that the party was well
organised but this couldn't
change the fact that it was

now a invitation to join the
fifth RADWAR party :

this party without computers is
held from the 31.8. untill the
2.9..all dudes will camp on a
large meadow.the programm looks
like this :
on saturday there will a SOCCER
MATCH be arranged (like on v.4)
again the crackers will play
against some guys of software
companies (we will win).the
winner will get a huge cup.
also on saturday : a funny
survival training and in the
evening BARBECUE.the programm
won't be so much organized that
you don't the time to talk with
all these party-animals or to
do something else(like drinking
a lot of ALCOHOL....hehehe).you
can meet there a lot of famous
guys who promised to come like
for example BOB STEVENSON,a lot
of well known game programmers
like the coders of VENDETTA,
(hehehe) and many guys from the
press.the german tv-station
WDR will be present and for
sure a lot of german computer
magazines (asm...).

what you should bring with you:

a tent for yourself,football-
shoes (or sport-shoes),sport
dress,bathing-drawers and caps,
(after the football match you
have the chance to take a bath
in a pool),a sleeping bag,some
girls,a lot of drinks (but
please don't take glass bottles
with you,just barrels or tins)
and everything you need to
survive a weekend without your
parents (haha).

so dudes join this party and
meet the german ATG guys there.

a completition to the last
months article about the group-
names :

ACTION is also a shower-gel
RCA is also a record-company
now let's have a look back onto
the long history of CORRUPTION.

as 3dk and i (jack daniels)were
still in ORION we already had
the idea to produce a disc-mag.
first we wanted to call it :
'ACTUAL SCENE' but anyway this
was too we had a look
into a fucking old sofware mag
and there was a description of a
game called 'CORRUPTION'.....we
thought...sounds nice....let's
call our mag we
asked scrap/contex (now g*p) to
draw a logo for it and so he
did.slide/orion coded a menue
but it was fucking lame and so
we dropped this project for a
while untill we left orion to
join ATG.first slide wanted to
continue the mag with the lame
coding under the name
corruption,but we forbid him to
use this name.

made a cool main-menue for the
first issue,but the music
stopped after a while and did
not the second issue
einstein had solved this
problem,but the music began
after a while to suck.shit a
in the third issue this lame
problem was finally solved.

in the 4th issue of corruption
we made a SPECIAL ISSUE because
of the soccer-worldcup in italy
the idea was really cool and it
also looked cool,but as our
dutch section wrote this issue
because 3dk and i were still on
holiday,the mag was just a
PROPAGANDA for the dutch team,
although the germans kicked
them out.we got a lot of
negative reactions about this
and had to excuse in the issue

in issue five we had again the
old main-menue from the first 3
issues.we are a bit ashamed of
this issue because we had NO
INTERVIEW.but this was not our
fault,the guy we wanted to do
an interview with,was on

so as you see,in issue six we
have got one more new outfit.
we'll keep this one untill the
10th or 12th issue.

if you don't have one of the
last five issues,then you can
order them at the following
address :


now we give you the possibility
to recognize which issue had
which interview,so that you can
order them easier.

corruption #1 (march 1990) :
corruption #2 (april 1990)
corruotion #3 (may 1990)
corruption #4 (june 1990)
corruption #5 (july 1990)
notes to some RECORDS :

just a small hint to the 2 or 3
month old BEATS INT. album 'LET
THEM EAT BINGO': if you expect
a dance or hip-hop music then
buy any other record.this one
is nearly full of afro-tunes.

what we commend you is the new
maxi-single of GURU JOSH called
cludes three different versions
of this song.they all are very
cool.the fourth song on this cd
is the toasting mix of INFINITY
the three different versions of
whose law are the normal single
version,the maxi version (about
6 minutes long) and a so called
speedball mix.together this cd
has a playing time of about 20
this cd is worth buying it !!!

send us your exact date of
birth because we want to write
in every issue some birthdays
of all of your
contacts will congratulate you
and you will recieve some more
presents (hehe).

so..don't hesitate and send us
your date of birth to one of
the adresses in the editorial !
now a report from send to us by

the party was held in
yugoslavia. well, the whole
disaster started when we
entered our train. the train
started at 00.05, so everybody
at the train was so sleepy. we
(8 guys from CHROMANCE)
reserved our places in the
train, but some lamers were
there. what the fuck. we
searched the conductor and
finally he kicked out the
lamers. and then we started to
booze. until the yugoslavian
border. our trip was funny, but
then those yugoslavian custo-
mers began to make a big chaos.
they searched for illegal
things (drugs etc.), but then
they saw our discs. ohh, those
fucking lamers began to cry:
"what the fuck, do you wanna
sell these discs in yugoslavia"
and then one of our frineds had
100 discs... and guess what
that customer has done! he took
all his discs and said: "you'll
get them back when you come
back to hungary.. ohh, what a
shame. yugoslavian customers
sux! anyway, we arrived to
subotica/yugoslavia about 4 o
clock. markiz/TRANSCOM promised
us that he would pick up
everybody at the station! and
guess what? nobody was there.
and then we went to find his
house. well, after a big chaos
we found it. then we met him
and some other tcom'ers and we
went to the party place by bus.
the party place was nice, but
only a few yugoslavian lamers
were there. time passed so fast
and then shadow from TCOM and a
guy from UBI-SOFT arrived. and
later on we fixed our 1st amiga
demo called"let there be party"
and finally lkj from tcom
arrived too. we started to talk
a lot, and i showed him our
later nothing happened. at the
night we (chromance) started to
drink our hungarian booze. and
then the foreign section of
transcom saw our booze, and
they said "lets swap booze".
and we did it. the guy from ubi
soft joined us too. so chris,
lupus, sangfroid, griff,
armitage and me (mr.wax) of
CHROMANCE started to drink with
shadow, lkj, of TRANSCOM
and the UBI-SOFT guy. then lkj
said that i (mr.wax) could not
drink 0.5 liter of vodka in one
time, and i did it. after the
vodka i drank a lot of more
booze. so me and lkj were the
most dunken guys. well, i can't
remember more. next morning we
went to the shop to buy some
food+drink. we waited for more
guys the whole day, but nobody
arrived. afterwards we decided
to go home. so the only cool
thing was when we boozed with
the TCOM'ers. by the way, i
nearly forgot to mention that
only 25-30 guys showed up at
the party. except us, only 3
foreign guys were there. got
it? anyway, tcom tried to make
a real good party but nobody
showed up. it is not their
fault. the main organizer
markiz/tcom rented lotsa
sleeping places, but only a few
guys used them. i am sure that
the party was a big flop for
everybody. if you wanna read
more details or if you wanna
see some party photo's, then
try to get the next issue of
our paper-mag. the adress is in
this mag. (wanted).

mr.wax of CHROMANCE.
and that were all reports for
this issue.
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