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puuuhhh...this was a hard month
for us,we had to sump up a lot
of votes from august we
recieved much more votes than
in the last months (may be be-
cause we were in venlo?).the
leading groups in the charts
have a lot of points and there
are a lot dudes in the charts
this is the result of the lot
votes-papers we got.we hope you
KEEP IT UP !!! you have to vote
or to send news if you want
your advertisement inside here.
   always remember that !!!
(verstehst was ich meine bernd/
 mega power designs ???)

vote for :

- 10 best cracking groups
- 10 best demo groups
-  5 best graphicans
-  5 best musicans (group)
-  5 best single-coders
-  5 best single-crackers
-  5 best importers
-  5 best magazines
-  5 worst lamers
-  3 best demos of the month
-  5 best games
-  5 best games-musics

so here we role with the
cracker charts :

01.(01) IKARI & TALENT  555pts.
02.(04) LEGEND          450pts.
03.(03) ILLUSION & ATC  424pts.
04.(05) dominators      392pts.
05.(02) genesis project 383pts.
06.(08) paramount & afl 179pts.
07.(07) crazy & lotus   139pts.
08.(09) extasy          134pts.
09.(06) fairlight       129pts.
10.(06) censor           86pts.
11.(10) nato             82pts.
12.(--) class            56pts.
13.(10) action           50pts.
14.(--) transcom         40pts.
15.(--) f4cg             39pts.
16 (--) holocaust        34pts
   (--) nec
18.(--) dynamix          22pts.
19.(--) x-ray            20pts.

genesis fall down from 2  to 5.
legend raised from 4 to 2.
highest new entry class on 12.
crazy&lotus and paramount&alpha
flight are for the last time as
coops in the charts.

the best demo-groups of august:

01.(01) CREST           485pts..
02.(04) ORIGO           263pts.
03.(07) FLASH INC.      258pts.
04.(03) blackmail       217pts.
05.(05) censor design   186pts.
06.(--) panoramic design180pts.
07.(08) horizon         152pts.
08.(06) bonzai          143pts..
09.(11) light           131pts.
10.(--) beyond force    121pts
11.(02) cosmos design   115pts.
12.(09) buds             76pts.
13.(10) megastyle inc.   73pts.
14.(--) artline design   62pts.
15.(15) genesis project  58pts.
16.(12) triangle         54pts.
17.(14) ruling company   48pts.
18.(--) mdg              38pts.
19.(--) rizing           36pts.
20.(--) the force        34pts.
21.(--) upfront          33pts.
22.(--) scoop designs    27pts.
23.(--) bones            23pts.
24.(12) tat              22pts.
25.(--) atrix            21pts.
26.(--) pretzel logic    20pts.

crest still the no.1,they won
without any problems.origo came
from the 4th onto the 2nd place
a lot of new entries,the
highest panoramic designs on 6.
cosmos fall from the 2nd onto
the 11th.

the best graphicans :

01.(01) DIART (ORC+HD)  384pts.
02.(03) BIZZMO/GENESIS  201pts.
03.(02) GOTCHA/CRAZY    196pts.
04.(05) sarge /fairlight 95pts.
05.(06) tpa/x-ample      93pts.
06.(04) artline design   87pts.
07.(08) fox/bonzai       79pts.
08.(--) bob stevenson    41pts.
09.(--) vip/crest        40pts.
10.(--) hobbit/transcom  35pts.
   (07) scrap/genesis    34pts.
12.(--) the dj/trc       26pts.
13.(--) hugh reiley      21pts.
14.(--) arthur van jole  20pts.
   (--) redstar/logic

i think it's superfluos to say
who's number one. bizzmo and
gotcha exchanged their places.
bob stevenson is the highest   w
new entry.

best musicians :

01.(01) VIBRANTS        746pts.
02.(02) MANIACS OF NOISE432pts.
03.(03) 20CC            255pts.
04.(--) r.ouwehand/bml   85pts.
05.(08) x-ample          74pts.
06.(05) moz(ic)art       59pts.
07.(04) amok             52pts.
08.(--) deek/gp/amok/vib 46pts.
09.(--) chris huelsbeck  45pts.
10.(07) a-man            42pts.
11.(--) panoramic design 33pts.
   (--) softmaster/union      .
   (--) fame                  .
14.(--) ruling company   30pts.
15.(--) origo            29pts.
16.(06) chromance        26pts.
17.(--) artline design   23pts.
18.(--) tim follin       21pts.
19.(--) matt gray        20pts.

yes,you read right...746 points
for the chance this
month for the maniacs of noise.
reyn ouwehand entered the chart
on the 4th position.griff of
chromance fall from the 6th
onto the 16th position.

the coolest single-coders :

01.(01) KJER/HORIZON    219pts.
02.(03) CROSSBOW/CREST  138pts.
03.(02) MR. CURSOR      135pts.
04.(04) maduplec/buds    77pts.
05.(--) clf/origo        49pts.
06.(--) zodiac/flash inc 42pts.
07.(--) hannes sommer/cd 33pts.
08.(--) o. stiller/mdg   30pts.
09.(--) olav/panoramic d.26pts.
10.(--) contiol/beyond f.20pts.

what did kjer and mr.cursor in
the last time to deserve these
positions ? crossbow and mr.
cursor exchanged their places.
six new entries,the highest is
clf of origo.

the best single-crackers:

01.(01) SNACKY/GENESIS  198pts.
02.(02) BOD/I+T         118pts.
03.(03) SAURON/ILLUSION 104pts.
04.(04) powerplant/legend98pts.
05.(06) dogfriend/dom    91pts.
06.(--) doc/i+t          66pts.
07.(05) att/cosmos       56pts.
08.(07) goblin/genesis   37pts.
09.(--) exory/holocaust  28pts.
   (--) sting/paramount

and again snacky...the first 4
are the same as in issue 5.doc
entered...maybe people liked
his vendetta version.att fall
down from 5 to 7.

the best disc-magazines :

01.(02) MAMBA           430pts.
02.(01) SEX'N'CRIME     350pts.
03.(04) RELAX           108pts.
04.(--) immortal flash   91pts.
05.(03) slow poke        79pts.
06.(--) remark           65pts.
07.(06) coococ           53pts.
   (--) trash news
09.(05) rock'n role      45pts.
10.(--) hotshot          31pts.

are you crazy ?? why do you
vote a mag that is not released
for three months on place 3 ???
there are so many mags in the
scnene,that you won't have a
problem to find another one.the
federation against omg seems to
have success !

the best euro-importers :

01.(01) CULTURE         165pts.
02.(02) IKARI & TALENT  126pts.
03.(03) LEGEND           98pts.
04.(06) manowar          76pts.
05.(04) genesis project  74pts.
06.(05) crazy & lotus    73pts
07.(--) illusion         31pts.
08.(--) dominators       27pts.

culture did it again.on the
first 3 places no changes.ils
and dom entered.

the best us-importers :

01.(--) EXODUS           58pts.
02.(--) NEI              50pts.
03.(--) ATC              20pts.
   (--) LAMERS'R US

we extracted the ami importers
from our european ones.

the biggest lamerbrains :

01.(01) MTV=TIM/BB      147pts.
02.(02) OMG/AMOK        120pts.
03.(--) SAGA            113pts.
04.(03) 20cc             83pts.
05.(04) megadeath        66pts.
06.(--) dragon c.service 39pts.
07.(--) syndicate/dynamix36pts.
08.(--) ca               35pts.
09.(--) poison           26pts.
10.(--) chrome           25pts.
11.(--) transit          21pts.
12.(--) granite/foe      20pts.
   (--) cybex/rage

hey tim,what about a coop with
these great rippers in saga ???

the best game musics :

01.(01) FLIMBO'S QUEST  164pts.
02.(03) HOTROD          107pts.
03.(02) TURBO OUTRUN     98pts.
04.(04) myth             91pts.
05.(--) turricane        52pts.
06.(05) vendetta         51pts.
07.(--) x-out            46pts.
08.(--) blood money      20pts.

maniacs of noise (jb, cd, ro)
did it with flimbo. the great
tunes in this magazine are the
loader tune and the demo tune,
both made by reyn when he was
still working for mon.
(ps: press f-7 for other tune).

the best games:

01.(--) FLIMBO'S QUEST    38pts
02.(--) TURRICAN          20pts
03.(--) VENDETTA          15pts
04.(--) shadow warriors   14pts
05.(--) wings of fury     11pts

these charts are new, and only
collected by spc, that's why
there is a low number of votes.
but keep voting for it.

and last but not least the
vhs charts:

       1. DIE HARD 2
       2. DEAD WARRANT
       3. GHOST
       4. total recall
       5. robocop 2

all the vhs charts were done by
petro deriks. we don't know
that much about it.

PS: this month we decided not
    to place the best demo's of
    the month, because not many
    people voted for that, and
    all votes were for the same
    demo's as we had in earlier
    issues. we only want votes
    for new demo's.

that were all charts for this
month. quite a lot, or...
we just hope you enjoyed
reading these chart.
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