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welcome to the INTERVIEW of
this month. again we've got
another famous person to keep
you all happy.

    (link of the vibrants)

pk = paul kessels (atg)
kg = klaus gr0ngaard (vibrants)

hope you will enjoy it all!
PK - please tell us something
     about yourself!
KG - i am 18 years old, and
     from the second largest
     city in denmark, arhus.
PK - how does your computer-
     history look like? (ex.
     which groups have you been
     in, when did you start
     making music, etc...)
KG - my computer-history is
     very simple. first i was
     in a demo-group called
     CHEYENS, and now i am a
     member of VIBRANTS.
     i started making computer-
     music about 3 years ago,
     but i have played piano
     for 10 years.
PK - how did you get in touch
     with the vibrants, and why
     did you join them?
KG - i did not get in touch
     with the vibrants. JCH and
     i started the group.
PK - have you also made music
     for games. (which?)
KG - i have made music for the
     following games:
        - CHASE HQ 2
PK - how did you get in touch
     with the software-
KG - JCH made some music-demos
     which he gave to software-
     companies at the PC-SHOW
     in london. we did not get
     any response. now we get
     orders through SONIC
PK - who do you think is the
     best music-composer, and
     why do you think that?
KG - i think that JEROEN TEL is
     the best music-composer
     because his tunes are
PK - and the best graphics-
KG - the best graphics-maker is
PK - and the best programmer?
KG - the best programmer is
PK - in almost all disc-
     magazines are the vibrants
     the number 1 in the music-
     charts. what do you think
     about that yourself?
KG - i am glad to see that
     vibrants are number 1 in
     almost all disc-magazines,
     but perhaps it is a bit
note to last question:
klaus means with unfair that he
thinks they are not the
absolute number 1. it's not
that he thinks that the charts a
are cheaten.
note to next question: presets
are the intruments that are
used in musics.
PK - why do you always use the
     same presets in almost
     every music? can't you
     make any new ones?
KG - i do not think that the
     presets are so much the
PK - the 64 scene isn't too
     good anymore. the softw.-
     companies won't release
     that many games anymore.
     isn't it time to start
     making music on another
     computer, to make music
     for games on other
     computers, or do you just
     want to stay on the 64 for
     a while.
KG - i will stay on the c64 for
     a while.
PK - the people who don't like
     the vibrants are saying
     that the music is too
     standard, too disco-ish.
     what is your point of view
     about that?
KG - some like disco and some
     do not.
PK - many people want to have
     vibrants-music in their
     demo's. please tell us if
     that's possible or not, so
     that the groups know what
     to do, or what not to do.
KG - everybody can use vibrants
     music in their demos, but
     if somebody want a special
     tune for a demo, they can
     write to us.
PK - do you have an own music-
     routine, or are you just
     using JCH's routine? in
     which routines did you
     work before.
KG - i am using JCH's routine.
     before i used future
PK - you in the VIBRANTS use
     names like JCH, DRAX and
     LINK. don't you wnat to be
     mentioned with your real
     names to get well known
KG - we also use our real
     names, but those who make
     the music-charts in the
     disc-magazines do not.
PK - how much time is covered
     for you with making 1 good
KG - for a demo: 4-5 hours.
     for a game: 1-2 days.
PK - what do you think is your
     best work?
KG - a tune called GREEK MUSIC.
PK - for how long will you
     continue making music?
KG - i do not know, but i will
     not stay on the c64 scene
PK - what are your plans for
     the future?
KG - i hope to get some more
PK - what do you think about
     this interview?
KG - i like it because it is
     personal, not standard

            THE END
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