Corruption 02 ch06 Sex Story

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welcome to the second SEX-STORY
    this time it's called:

 once upon a time there was a
   cool fellow named "BOON".
  when his lovely girl called
  "MEGGIE" dumped him for an
  ASSHOLE,boon got upset,and
drove with some realy cool guys
to AMSTERDAM where they walked
 along the RED-LIGHTS.a dutch
girl was winking to boon behind
a window,she was undressed and
had some costumers before boons
turn.she was the nicest hooker
of all those.boon nocked on her
  window and asked HOW MUCH!
she said:F50-,and boon agreede
 when he came in,and walked to
another room,where she had put
  her NEST! boon took off his
 shoes,and walked to the bed.
he continued and stopped by his
 BOXER-SHORT! hte girl entered
   and told him she was HOT!
 her name was ANITA!, and she
  took of her panty's! boon's
boxer-short was rizing,and the
 girl's t-shirt too! some BIG
TITS were catched by boon's eye
 and he asked her if she used
a condom! what's that? she said
(strange,i thought she wasn't a
BELGIAN girl).when boon saw her
  WET PUSSY he couldn't stop.
 words were very unnecessary!
  after two minutes they were
laying in the bed,touching each
other. boon's DICK GOT HARD and
 and he asked her if she could
was nearly ANITA'S PUSSY! with
a fast movement they connected
and a big PANTING from both was
heard all over a'dam. boon got
some speed in the game, and she
agreeded. they were both HORNY
and showed that. he pumped and
pumped while she was sitting,
as a proud RIDER ON A HORSE.
aaahh!yess! harder & faster!ehm
 the girl stood up and turned
boon over her! boon was FUCKING
   her and LICKING her TITS!
  after some heavy pumping he
moved his head slowly downwards
 to her WIFE'S PRIDE! he found
  it and she knew it,with her
mouth wide open and panting all
  the time,she knew she would
come soon.boon was still SUCKIN
and LICKING, while his DICK got
shorter! the girl saw this and
reflected immediately, she took
 it and pulled on it with both
 hands, faster and faster! he
was HARD again! boon's face was
covered with her WET PUSSY! he
liked it and licked it! now she
 was SUCKING his DICK and her
  lips didn't go off his DICK!
 delicious,that's what it was!
boon enjoyed it and came a 2,3
  times! his BALLS were quit
 empty when he left!(ha,ha)but
 WHO CARES! the only thing he
 could say after the love-game
was: "BAMI IS GEER".how strange
 (that's the only thing HE can

(c) bbj of atg/corruption!!!
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