Corruption 02 ch05 Reports

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welcome to the reports of this
issue !!! we wanted to present
you a report from the TRC,CREST
BABOONS party,but as we heard
that is was very lame,we
thought that it isn't necessary
to bring one !!!

just something to the orion re-
port from the last issue :

some dudes rejoined ORION ,like
TFD,X-MAN.they will just code a
demo for the MAGIC DISC and
afterwards they will stop under
the orion label.
now a little LAMER-STORY about
a dude called GIZMO of the
group HASH.

in former times gizmo was a
member of COCAINE and later
after cocaine has slitted up he
joined METALLIBASHERS.the first
thing he had to do was to ripp
an old cocaine intro for his
group.he just changed the
sprites,and put another scroll-
routine inside this intro which
was coded by banshee of cocaine

if gizmo had coded this intro
himself,everything would be ok!
but this wasn't the case !!!!

later he joined HASH.and
suddenly they used another old
COCAINE intro.also ripped by
gizmo.he just changed the logo,
kills the sprite and changes
some rasters.

this intro was also not coded
by him,it was coded by lexi of

on this disc you will find the
ripped and the original intro
from cocaine.there is also one
more note to this on the disc,
in which you can find the start
adress,the jmp-routine and so
on !!! everything the same !!!
please have a look at it !!!!!!

also these lamebrains in hash
pretend to be in cooperation
with DYNAMIX,what of course is
not true !!!


so stopp swapping with them,
ignore them,kill them !!!
espceially GIZMO !!!

this report was written by some
ex-cocaine members !!!

if you go to a party or want to
tell our readers something,than
send your report to us !!!

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