Corruption 02 ch04 Interview

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today we show you an interview
with ROY/DYNAMIX !!! C stands
for CORRUPTION and R stands
for ROY.

C : what is your age ?
R : i'm 19 years old.
C : do you still go to school ?
R : yes,i go to school.
C : in which class are you ?
R : i'm in the 13th class on a
C : tell us your hobbies expect
R : my hobbies are : car- and
    motorbike driving,girls and
    i often go to a disco.
C : what do your parents think
    about your computer
    activities ?
R : they have nothing to think!
C : what's your favourite film
    in the cinema ?
R : my favourite film in the
    cinema is: war of the roses
C : what's your favourite tv-
    series ?
R : the cooles tv-series is
    happy days on sat 1
C : now let's move to some
    questions about the scene
    and your computer life.
    when did you get your c-64?
R : i think it was in 1985.
C : how did you enter the scene
R : i didn't enter it,suddenly
    i was inside.
C : oh yes....,but what are yar
    former groups ?
R : success,(my greatest fault)
    shape,nfc,weird science and
    now finally  dynamix.
C : how did you become a member
    of dynamix.
R : they just wanted me.
C : what are your jobs ?
R : i am a coder,swapper and i
    am responsible for the
C : tell us something about
    dynamix (memberstatus,jobs)
R : we rule !!about the members
    i think people know enough
    about us !!!
C : your future plans ?
R : we have no future plans,
    because we are the future.
C : ahhh...back to the future.
    tell our readers why you're
    one of leading groups.the
    secret of your success !
R : that's because we have the
    best cracker in germany and
    we have the best
C : are there any legal members
    in the forces of dynamix ?
R : no,no what do you think of
    us !!!
C : you are the main-editor of
    coococ,what do you think
    about the other mags in the
    scene ???
R : in my opinion,people who
    critise other mags are
    stupid.they just look at
    the coding,not at the text,
    but the text is the most
    important thing.
C : strange opinion.generally,
    what do you think about the
    german scene ?
R : it's shit because there
    excist too many lamers,and
    everybody thinks he is the
    number one !!!
C : tell us the best cracker,
    demo and your favourite
    demo creating group !!!
R : cracker : syndicate
    composer: edwin v.z. /20cc
              jch /vibrants
    graphics: bizzmo /g*p
              xaver /trc
              vip /crest
              orc /di-art
    demo    : the last baboons
    demo group: crest
C : describe a typical lamer !
R : you can't recognize them.
C : which group is , in your
    opinion the best group ever
    seen ?
R : dynamic duo.
C : what do you think of
    cooperations like ikari and
    talent or crazy and lotus ?
R : i think ikari+talent is the
    best coop we ever had.
C : what do you think of the
    amiga ?
R : shitty machine.
C : which three things would ya
    take with you onto a lonely
    island ?
R : first girls,second girls
    and third mca/success to
    feed the sharks.
C : would would you like to be?
R : arrogance of success.
C : your best friends in the
    scene ?
R : all dynamix members,tir of
    cosmos,bucaneer of wot,
    solar of f4cg,citizen and
    excell of ikari+talent.
C : thanks for the interview,

if you think you are famous
enough,to be interviewed than
write to :

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